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Chapter 2: "Glug Glug Glug Glug Glug"

BLusk: What'd you guys think of the Bar and Grill?

Vizz: Great, but lack the violent death.

BLusk: Well... I don't know how you could die violently in a bar and grill short of a nasty bar fight!

Vizz: *looks at the bottle of wine*

BLusk: You see a bottle of wine.

BLusk: Can you read, Vizz?

Vizz: No.

BLusk: Then, that's all.

Ascii: I don't need a check to facepalm, do I?

BLusk: No check required, Ascii!

Ascii: *facepalms*

Vizz: (as Barbarian) "Why are we here anyway?"

Tiki: (as random OOC Party member) "To save the princess, Vizz!"

Ascii: Second lesson... always say who you're talking to/acting towards.

Vizz: People with 7 of INT do not need to direct their message at specific person.

Ascii: Smartass. Or, DUMBass, rather.

BLusk: Out of context: Does anyone remember WHY they came to the bar?

SIdent: Info over some dude.

Ascii: To look for some guy whose name escapes me.

BLusk: Kennardo. Keep notes.

Ascii: Just remember "Ken + Leonardo". Sierra CEO and a Ninja Turtle. It's easy.

Ascii: I meant, how did you plan to get info from [the bar keep]? Ask him, torture him, rob him blind, what?

BLusk: I just had this sudden thought of your group trying to torture the bar keep while drunks try to pull you off him.

BLusk: The bartender leans forward. His eyes are bright. "He lives in the sewers, that's about all I know. As for the criminal element... I'll tell you, there are some nasty gangs around here. The nastiest is..."

Ascii: Uh oh, ellipses! He'll be dead before he finishes the sentence.

BLusk: You hear a soft "pfft". The bartender slaps his neck, then smacks hard into the desk, falls off the chair and hits the floor.

Ascii: Did I call it or what?

BLusk: Ascii kicks the door open, charges forward, leaping over a table and attacks his target! His mace smashes into the chair next to him.

Ascii: Wow, I'm more athletic that I thought.

Vizz: Vizz's half-orc is thinking about the possibility to become a professional wrestler.

Vizz: (as Barbarian) "Understood Ascii!"

Ascii: Since when does a moron Barbarian say "Understood"? And a *raged* one at that? A good hearty "RAAARH!" would suffice.

BLusk: You all notice the man at the doorway has stopped groaning. The pool of blood around his body is larger.

BLusk: Also, the bar is on fire.


Vizz: *is on the floor, laughing*

BLusk: Vizz knocked a lamp into the bartending area. It caught fire back there, and finally started really going this round.


BLusk: It wasn't visible until just now.

Ascii: *looks up to see the apparently STEALTHED inferno raging* "Ah, crap."

Ascii: Will SI recover from his near-fatal knifing? Will Vizz get to bust some more heads? Will Ascii manage to put out the deadly fire? Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion! Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

BLusk: Tune in next week for another exciting episode of "As the Dagger Twirls".

SIdent: BTW... Did the wounded basterd died or is about to?

BLusk: He is presently at -1 HP. At -10, he's dead beyond recovery.

Vizz: Note to self: Dismembering my enemies with my sword is the best way to keep 'em alive so far.

Ascii: He's still alive. Now, if we can just keep Vizz from eating HIM too...

BLusk: (as OOC Vizz) "Vizz barbecue guy! Yum!"

SIdent: Yeah, there's fire around.

BLusk: (as OOC Vizz) "Got great fire right here at bar!"

BLusk: *chucks copy 1 of Generic_Bad_Guy character sheet into trash can*

Vizz: Dang... No more drunken fight.

BLusk: Don't worry... I've got copy 2, 3 and 4. And, I can always print more.

SIdent: He's dead... what's the point, BLusk?

BLusk: Probably because he's a generic bad guy that I can use repeatedly.

Ascii: Yeah, BLusk, way to fire up the cookie-cutter NPC presses.

BLusk: You have nothing to worry about the city guards at this point. I'm just saying don't wander off doing random muggings or whatever.