Zomaris:The Bloodkey of Hamley

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The Bloodkey of Hamley is the first campaign set in the World of Zomaris, a Pathfinder campaign setting created by mainstreet.


This campaign began September 11, 2020. It began with 5 Player Characters, played by Capn_Ascii, Iethloc, BLusk, annafirtree, and MeatDog.


Overworld: The World of Zomaris

Pre-Game Instructions

Level: 11

Stats: High Fantasy, Automatic Bonus Progression (but weapons and armor with special abilities do not reduce attunement bonuses)

Gold: 1/2 standard (41k)

Current Experience Status

Current Level: 11
Experience Points are not awarded using the traditional system; the DM(s) declare when the characters level up.


You can find the Introduction here.

Chapter Title Played
Chapter 01 Save the Baby, Save the World September 11, 2020
Chapter 02 Town and Family September 18, 2020
Chapter 03 A Tale of Two Johns September 25, 2020
Chapter 04 THE STARE October 2, 2020
Chapter 05 A Song of Tea and Caltrops October 9, 2020
Chapter 06 Smooth Criminal October 16, 2020
Chapter 07 Battle of the Tent October 23, 2020
Chapter 08 Not Played Yet October 30, 2020


Player Characters

As the campaign has not started yet, these characters may be inaccurate. Characters from the previous campaign are serving as placeholders until sheets are submitted.

Character Level Class Race Player
Mercy 11 Barbarian Human Capn_Ascii
Fir 11 Druid Vine Leshy annafirtree
Jasmine 11 Sacred Necromancer Halfling MeatDog
Zyanya 11 Armorist Takua Iethloc
Artur Havenold 11 Rogue Human BLusk