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Here is a map of the Meterrian Empire immediately before the events of Khanate Rising.

The Meterrian Empire covers the eastern portion of Almara.


A single Mountain Range lies along the plate boundary. The rest of the Empire is largely desert, with fertile valleys along the river basins. There are two main rivers that run through the Meterrian Empire: the Mylen and the Valren, which also forks off into the Tarben. Two irrigation canals can also be found, (simply called the Northern Canal and the Southern Canal) providing fresh water to a pair of cities. River Giants can be found along the rivers and near cities, and can transport individuals quickly along the rivers. Thus, their appearance in any riverside location can be presumed unremarkable. All 8 of the Empire’s major cities can be found along the banks of a river.

Cities, Towns, and People

The capital, Metros, serves as the seat of the Imperial Throne. Each other city (circle on the map) is run by a Count(ess), who also controls the surrounding lands. Towns (triangles on the map) will often have someone that holds the title of Baron(ess). (By tradition, the Crown Prince(ss) serves as the Count(ess) of the capital city with regards to city-specific issues.) (Any town not along the river has an oasis as its water source.) The ruling family's name typically matches that of the city or town they rule.

It is extremely common for nobles to also serve as Clerics of various churches, and is effectively mandatory for the imperial family. By definition, the Emperor is the High Priest of Ra within the Empire as well. Similarly, each city has its own patron deity, and the Count of that city is also the High Priest of the city’s patron deity (with the exception of Metros). As such, almost all mature nobles will have at least one level in Cleric, Inquisitor, or Warpriest, and whenever possible will continue along that path. A recent change in the Empire has meant that titles are not necessarily passed down to the eldest child, but rather, who is the most favored of their deity, though the eldest is often this purely through experience. This is not always clear and thus can be a point of contention, and indeed was set up largely as a way of justifying the non-inheritance and exile of Princess Abril.

There are exactly 8 cities precisely because there are 8 “Lawful” deities. Other towns might grow to similar status but they are unlikely to get City status because of the religious implications. Towns can share a patron deity with a city, but their Baron(ess) does not necessarily have to have a priestly role as the higher nobility is expected to. (Nonetheless, they often still do.) (Unlike in a feudal system, Barons here do not answer to Counts per se, all noble family heads answer primarily to the Emperor, but they still maintain a necessary relationship for defense and such, and Counts still have a feeling of responsibility for a town in their region.)

Small encampments dot the land all along the rivers. These encampments are generally overlooked, but are officially part of the nearest city (not town) – if crimes are committed there, the city is expected to respond. Away from the rivers, monsters are likely.

All of the Lawful deities are popular, and almost all active religious practice is of some Lawful deity. Worshippers of Neutral and Chaotic deities are tolerated, but they are not granted the social privileges that being a cleric of a Lawful deity grants. It is a fineable offense to disrespect a Cleric, Inquisitor, Warpriest, or Holy Vindicator of a Lawful religion, the fine variant depending on the disrespect and rank involved.

Table of Cities and Towns (422 MA)

Any blank information is the result of the DM not deciding it yet, or not wishing to declare it.


Location (See map) Name Patron Deity Known Leadership (422 MA)
Star Metros Ra Emperor Pedro, Count Pro Tempore Miguel
Circle 1 Kandar Maat Count Gerard IV
Circle 2 ??? Wadjet ???
Circle 3 ??? Osiris ???
Circle 4 Quillgate Anubis ???
Circle 5 Xalrin Baldar Count Ivan III, Countess-Princess Victoria
Circle 6 Elkor Thoth ???
Circle 7 Alharia Horus ???


Location (See map) Name Part of County Known Leadership (422 MA)
Triangle along Mylen Mylgate Xalrin Baron Alex, Baroness Sofia
Triangle along Valren near border Valgate Kandar Baron Eric
Triangle in desert Oasis Quillgate ???
Triangle along Valren, near coast Riverside (Circle 2 City) ???