Zomaris:Khanate Rising/Chapter 19

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #19: Mallus A-Fore-thought

<Iethloc> As we return to our (cough) heroes (cough), they're faced with someone who's almost certainly a rakshasa impersonating the heir-elect of Deladar! The captain of the Wall-Guard was sent away, leaving the party to face the impersonator and possibly the two confused-looking bodyguards accompanying her. Before anyone else did anything, however, Magwitch laid one of those hex-things on her. Sucks to be her, I guess.

  • Magwitch continues Chanting to maintain the Misfortune hex on the potential imposter (who is under arrest, by the way).

<Iethloc> It does, indeed, suck to be "Ilki" right now!

<Iethloc> Gerel immediately regains her composure, sword sheathed and standing next to "Ilki", hand hovering at the hilt

<Iethloc> The two bodyguards look scared and confused, looking to Ilki and back to the group repeatedly and indecisively

<Emilia> Emilia, blade in hand, steps up and goes for a full-on slice-up-the-evil rakshasa! "I'm not sure how you thought you were getting away with this, your plan was doomed from the start!"

<Emilia> Emilia slashes largely at air.

<Iethloc> Yet, Ilki still flinches away, obviously unnerved at Emilia's display

<Magwitch> Twinkle lets loose two Magic Missiles (lethal damage) at Ilki and repositions to somewhere where she's out of direct line of sight from "Ilke". Magwitch blesses Mercy with Fortune and continues Chanting, raising and lowering its pitch like a juvenile mimicking an emergency services Siren.

<Iethloc> The magic missiles plink against Ilki, clearly frustrating her, but not accomplishing too much.

  • Fir mutters "buz" and breathes across the palm of her hand towards Ilke.

<Iethloc> A layer of frigid ice appears under Ilki's and Gerel's feet. Neither immediately stumbles, Ilki gritting her teeth and Gerel reacting not at all.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy wedges herself into what little space there is between herself, Emilia, and Ilki. (Given her proportions, certain parts of her may or may not be intruding into Emilia's personal space.) "What are you two just standing around for?" She takes a swing even as she snaps at the bodyguards. "What part of 'evil impersonator' didn't you hear? Give us a hand here!"

<Iethloc> The hammer thuds mightily against the evil impersonator! However, there's no satisfying crunch of bone. Just bruising, and a scowl.

<Iethloc> She pulls out a kukri, and lets out an arcane syllable, but then Gerel blurs into action!

<Iethloc> Gerel immediately buries her blade in Ilki's back, then pulls it out with a gut-wrenching sound, bringing it around to the kukri and sending it flying! Then she sheathes her sword. Whatever arcane shenanigans Ilki wanted to pull off, it did not survive that blur of violence

<Iethloc> Gerel then just...stands there, as if she had done nothing at all

<Iethloc> Ilki's wound bleeds profusely

  • Emilia pauses for a brief instant, letting Magwitch work magic on her first.

<Magwitch> Twinkle moves so she can see "Ilke" and lets loose two Magic Missiles (lethal damage). Magwitch blesses Emilia with Fortune and continues Chanting, raising and lowering its pitch like a juvenile mimicking an emergency services Siren.

<Emilia> Emilia goes for the double-slice again. "There is no mercy in Mercy, so be grateful for mine."

<Iethloc> The missiles slam into Ilki, as she flinches and stifles a gasp! The bodyguards start looking alarmed, hands going to their weapons, but still not fast enough...

<Iethloc> The expert slices throw Ilki for a loop. "Wait!" she cries out, but then Gerel goes into a blur of violence again, this time not even drawing her sword as she attempts to slam it into the back of Ilki's head!

<Iethloc> She just barely manages to duck it

  • Fir mutters some more magic words, and a snowball appears in her hand. She throws it at Ilki.

<Fir> The snowball falls at Ilki's feet, melting harmlessly.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy holds her hammer poised overhead, ready to strike. "Wait for what, exactly?"

<Iethloc> "Um..." Ilki hesitates

<Iethloc> She flashes a somewhat unnerving grin. "What loyalty have you to the dwarves? My associates and I could make you rich..."

  • Magwitch has heard such an offer before from the catfolk about a banner.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy pauses...frowns, then resumes her swing.

<Iethloc> The hammer slams down onto Ilki's head, but she barely even flinches! "Fine! You'll have a powerful enemy, instead!" she says, then begins uttering more weird arcane syllables

<Emilia> "We already have powerful enemies. Or at least, the Khan does," Emilia points out dryly.

<Iethloc> Ilki doesn't respond, and instead turns invisible...for about half a second.

<Iethloc> She utters a curse in some infernal tongue

<Iethloc> Her wounds bleed more, a look of panic evident in her eyes

<Emilia> Emilia shudders slightly about hearing that vile speech.

<Magwitch> Magwitch spends a Standard Action admonishing "Ilke". "You can't say, 'Wait!' (in order to trigger a readied action pre-emptively) when it isn't your turn. You must wait until after Fir and Mercy have acted. Even if you want to protest your surrender, it needs to be done on your turn unless you have a special ability that allows you to surrender as an Immediate Action. I'm adding 'jeopardising the action economy' to your list of offences. You have the right to remain silent for the rest of this encounter, but anything you say out of turn will be used against you. And don't imagine for six seconds, or one round, that I'll overlook your attempt to bribe the authorities." Magwitch then finds it doesn't have time to Chant this round and takes a deep breath instead. Twinkle shakes her head, shrugs, and fires off 2 Magic Missiles.

<Iethloc> The missiles slam yet again into Ilki, as the panic in her eyes is joined by confusion at Mag's rant

<Emilia> Emilia goes for the old 'slice and slice again' plan.

<Emilia> *sliceslice*

<Iethloc> The rapier lands a bit of a telling blow the first time, but the second time it does little more than tickle

<Fir> Since throwing ice didn't work, this time Fir tries throwing fire.

<Iethloc> A tiny little flame puffs forth, lightly grazing Ilki's face. She immediately and dramatically falls over, arms flailing and grabbing uselessly at the useless bodyguards beside her, before she hits the floor with a THUD!

<Iethloc> The wound on her back is still bleeding

<Capn_Mercy> "Hey! I call killstealing!"

<Iethloc> Gerel puts her sheathed sword back on her belt. "Evil has been, like, vanquished."

  • Fir tries to wave the giant people away from the body. "Well, if you just let me in, I can stablize her, and she won't be dead, so there will be no killstealing."

<Capn_Mercy> "Yeah, I guess that's a good idea. They'll undoubtedly want to question her."

<Iethloc> The bodyguards immediately look even more confused. "Wha..." one of them begins

<Iethloc> "The bodyguards aren't evil. Should they still be vanquished?" Gerel asks

<Emilia> "She's not likely to die anyway. My strikes weren't lethal."

  • Fir manages to squeeze between some legs, whispers, "sabitdir", and lays her hand on the creature.

<Capn_Mercy> "Mine were."

<Fir> "There. Now someone should tie her up."

<Emilia> "I know."

  • Emilia nods. "Who's rope?" she asks.

<Emilia> Whose*

<Magwitch> Twinkle swoops over to hover over the body faceplanted between guards' boots. "Well, what does it look like? Does it still look like Ilke or is it like a Rakshasa now?"

<Iethloc> Ilki continues to look like a dwarf

<Iethloc> "If that really was Ilki...we're going to have a problem," one of the bodyguards says.

<Iethloc> "We have a problem no matter what!" the other bodyguard says

<Iethloc> "If it's not Ilki...then where is our heir?" the second bodyguard adds

  • Emilia starts applying rope. "She basically admitted to working against her people, rakshasa or not."

<Fir> "If she really is Izzy, I have some healing drinks she can have."

<Iethloc> "Also she's evil, so there!" Gerel says, sticking out her tongue

  • Emilia looks at her rope job. "Uh, little help here, someone, please?"

<Iethloc> "Here, let me show you how to tie someone up," Gerel says, doing a...really weirdly good job of tying up the evil imposter.

<Magwitch> "This 'Ilke' person said aloud in your presence, "What loyalty have you to the dwarves? My associates and I" and that doesn't sound /to me/ like something the authentic heir to the dwarven throne would say."

<Iethloc> "Yeah, yeah, I realize that," the second bodyguard says. The first continues to look confused and frustrated

  • Magwitch stops Chanting.

<Fir> "If you know someone who can do the Locate Creature spell, maybe you can find the real one that way."

<Iethloc> After a few minutes, Hognem finally comes running in as fast as dwarvenly possible (which is not very fast, by the way), huffing and puffing and carrying a bright green gem in one hand.

<Iethloc> Without wasting any time, he peers at the tied-up Ilki through the gem in one eye. "...yep. Rakshasa."

<Magwitch> "What do you want done with it?"

<Iethloc> Hognem sighs. "We have never successfully interrogated a rakshasa, and they're way too dangerous to hold for long. Kill it. You all can have any goods it had."

<Magwitch> "Don't you want to ask it what it did with Ilke?"

<Iethloc> "As for you two," he says, gesturing at the bodyguards, "I'm having a talk with you after overseeing this execution."

<Iethloc> Hognem shakes his head. "We have NEVER successfully interrogated a rakshasa."

<Magwitch> "Don't you want to ask it what it did to the king's partner?"

<Emilia> "Hmmm. I'd say we got this one tied up pretty good. Got any dimensionally anchored rooms, or... cells? I would have little issue running this myself."

<Capn_Mercy> "Why not?"

<Magwitch> "Maybe the king wants to ask it what it did with Ilke or what it did to his partner?"

<Iethloc> "Look, I'm not authorized to talk about how we've tried to interrogate these things. But I can say it's never worked. It's not going to tell us anything, and it'll be able to read the thoughts of anyone who tries to get stuff out of it."

<Iethloc> "So keeping it alive is risky, and with no proven rewards."

<Magwitch> "Well, it's an Outsider rather than a person, so (a) those spells like Charm Person and Dominate Person won't help, but more importantly, (b) it told us it had never met any Outsiders before, and clearly it must have. So I'm adding lying to its list of transgressions."

<Fir> "I might be able to turn it into a frog, and then Twinkle could read its mind for us?"

<Iethloc> Emilia, Fir: You get the sense Hognem is speaking from experience in these matters, as well as from his position as a captain of the guard (presumably given to him or at least approved by the King). He's clearly dealt with rakshasa before, and he is definitely against keeping them alive. He seems earnest about this, though not necessarily the wisest about everything.

<Emilia> "If anyone has a plan that they are sure will work, speak up now. If not, might as well give it the hammer, Mercy."

<Magwitch> "She could, Fir, but only what it wants to communicate. The thing is with this imposter that whatever sensitive information it has already been privy to, it has no doubt already passed on to its superiors. Perhaps the same sinister mistress we encountered ourselves. Killing it won't protect the information. It will only protect the rakshasa from its superior's wrath for having forfeited its cover."

<Capn_Mercy> "I have to admit, I'm thinking killing it is the smart move. I don't want it reading my thoughts. I have things I'd rather not get out into the open."

<Magwitch> "If Fir turns it into a frog, it won't be able to read anyone's thoughts but its own."

<Fir> "What kinds of torture did you try, when you were questioning it?" Fir asks Hognem.

<Iethloc> "The last person who read my mind started crying," Gerel says, and beams

<Magwitch> "If Fir turns it into a frog, it won't be able to teleport either."

<Emilia> "Not sure it's much use to anyone as a frog."

<Emilia> "That includes us."

<Fir> "It can still think, as a frog. And maybe if it really, really doesn't like being a frog, it will tell us where the princess is, in exchange for letting it stop being a frog."

<Magwitch> "Well, even if we wanted to kill it and reincarnate it into a form that's a lot more manageable, in order to question it, it wouldn't be willing to return."

<Iethloc> Hognem grits his teeth. "Baleful Polymorph doesn't work well on shapechangers."

<Fir> "Darn. Or I could make it magically thirsty? And we could offer it water in exchange for the princess's location."

<Capn_Mercy> "Or we could kill it."

<Emilia> "Not sure magical being is going to care that much about magical thirst, either."

<Fir> "If Mag makes me lucky, I might get past its magic defenses."

<Emilia> "Seems sketchy."

<Magwitch> "I'm willing to grant you Fortune, Fir. Sorry I didn't earlier - I just got carried away with being Marshal."

<Magwitch> "But all I can do is stop it from casting spells and spell like abilities. Nothing I can do about its polymorphism and telepathy. Looks like we squish this one and see if Speak With Dead can get us any answers."

  • Fir sits down in a corner near one of the potted plants that mysteriously grow underground and begins prepping a thirst curse.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy stands there, listening to the others debate about potential solutions while being more or less ignored. She waits...waits some more...then, finally growing irritated, she sighs, shrugs, and hauls back with her hammer. "FORE!" She lets fly with a perfect-form golf swing, taking the imposter's head off in one clean shot and launching it into a nearby wall hanging, where it falls to the floor more-or-less intact.

<Iethloc> The bodyguards' jaws drop

<Emilia> "Well, that solves that," Emilia comments dryly.

  • Fir looks up. "Oh. Well, never mind then."

<Iethloc> The room, already splattered with blood from Gerel's earlier strike, is now even more crimson

<Capn_Mercy> There's a brief pause...then, blood begins to fountain from the gaping neck wound like a severed garden hose that just got run over by a lawnmower.

<Emilia> Emilia grimaces and takes a few steps back. "Ewww."

<Capn_Mercy> "There, problem solved. That's what we call 'leadership'."

<Magwitch> Twinkle says, "I have just lost contact with its consciousness."

<Iethloc> Gerel does not move, or even acknowledge that the blood is happening in any way, other than closing her eyes

  • Fir uses prestidigitation to begin cleaning the room, a foot at a time.
  • Emilia helps with her own prestidigitation.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy then proceeds to pull out a small knife and roughly hack off an ear from the head. "I want proof of this one."

  • Magwitch flies over to the head and, once Mercy has taken an ear, rolls the head into its Bag Of Holding. "You are under arrest!" the Kval asserts. "You have the right to remain silent. And not much option about it."

<Iethloc> The ear turned into a bestial, vaguely tiger-like one after it hit the wall (along with the rest of the head turning tiger-y), but it still eventually yields to the knife

<Iethloc> The rest of the body becomes taller and follows suit with the head, the hands turning into backwards ones

<Iethloc> Hognem sighs. "Necromancy is highly restricted in Deladar...but oh look! I have been away from my post for too long! You two, come with me for debriefing. The rest of you...stay out of...trouble..." Hognem says, then walks away with the bodyguards

<Magwitch> To Twinkle, Mag mumbles "I'm surprised Hognem can mention necromancy since he couldn't mention interrogation."

  • Emilia carefully closes the door. "Well, you got free reign. Let's just be careful about it."