Zomaris:Khanate Rising/Chapter 17

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #17: Hobgoblins Being Morons

<mainstreet> After much careful deliberation, House Mylgate, the People of the Hand and Eye, and the Meterrian Khanate itself manage to hammer out a mutually agreeable accord. Mylgate will remain part of the Khanate, rather than the Empire, and Urozol will cease his attacks and help rebuild. Kiyomi sends off a note to the Khan about these events, including the potential expansion opportunity here. After four days, Kiyomi firmly reminds you that your real quest lies with her in Deladar, not in Mylgate. This was an unexpected delay, and now that things seem stable here, they really need to get a move on. You all get back on the fancy riverboat and continue up the Mylen. It’s not long before the desert starts to give way to more rugged, mountainous terrain.

  • Fir uses the time to replenish her concoctions.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy uses the time to replenish her tan.

  • Gerel stands up on deck, staring off into the distance. Rather than looking all mysterious and brooding, she really just looks confused

<mainstreet> You coast up the river, but eventually, after another day or so, it starts to steepen, and you ultimately find a series of impassable rapids, the river above clearly at a generally higher elevation. “Well, that’s the end of the ride, ladies, and… uh, the rest of you,” the captain comments. “We’ll pull ashore here. Certainly no point in going farther up. You’ll have to walk from here.”

<mainstreet> Emilia nods and hops off the boat as it docks. "Thank you Captain. I assume you'll be waiting here for us?"

<mainstreet> "Assuming it doesn't get dangerous, yes."

<mainstreet> "Okay, thank you."

  • Fir waves goodbye to the boat and looks around for a path to follow.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy sighs. "I kind of like getting to ride around everywhere."

<Gerel> "Off to adventure!" Gerel shouts as she practically sprints off of the boat

<Gerel> "Wait...which way was it to the place?"

<mainstreet> Emilia frowns. "We're headed for the biggest of the mountains. I hear Deladar has an interlocking network of tunnels between the peaks though, so we might find an earlier entrance."

<mainstreet> There is a trail winding further southwest, and up the mountains, that seems to be the obvious path to follow.

  • Fir heads down the obvious path.

<Gerel> "Ooooh okay...off to adventure!" Gerel says and charges down the path

<Fir> "That path less followed deal is overrated anyway."

<Magwitch> Twinkle rises, hovers and then tracks through the sky above the party.

<mainstreet> Emilia follows Fir.

  • Magwitch enjoys the view.

<Capn_Mercy> I prefer the path that actually goes to the place I'm trying to get to."

<mainstreet> "Hopefully this does."

<Fir> "If it doesn't go there, I'm sure it will go somewhere interesting," Fir says cheerfully.

<Magwitch> "Let me check it out for a bit."

<mainstreet> Magwitch: You scout ahead for a while and quickly realize you have no idea if this path is good or not.

<mainstreet> You crest over a small hill...

<mainstreet> Emilia, Gerel, Mercy: You get the distinct sense you are being watched. You nervously check the rocks to the sides and detect the sudden small indications of movement.

  • Fir tries to see if wooden lips can whistle, but fails.

<Gerel> "I think adventure is about to happen!"

  • Fir looks at Gerel. "Why is that?"

<Capn_Mercy> "If by 'adventure' you mean 'ambush', then yeah, I agree."

  • Fir looks around for the ambush.

<Fir> "Is that like a rhododendron bush?"

<Capn_Mercy> "No. We're being watched."

<mainstreet> Emilia pulls out her blade. "I had hoped I was just seeing things."

<Gerel> "But, like, who watches the watchers?"

<Fir> "We do?" Fir says, looking for the watchers.

<mainstreet> Fir: Now that you know what you're looking for, you see the subtle signs of movement.

<mainstreet> Then you hear...

<mainstreet> "Attack!"

<mainstreet> A pack of hobgoblins charge over the rocks onto the path in front of and to the side of you. Accompanying them is a pair of bugbears.

<mainstreet> Magwitch casts Misfortune at one of the bugbears.

<mainstreet> Gerel: The two bugbears are in front of you, as are four of the hobgoblins, one on each side of a bugbear. There are five hobgoblins along the side, and there's another in that corner. The ones in front of you are about 10 feet in front of you and you're in the middle of the front line. The corner one seems to have some sort of headband that the others do not.

  • Gerel places a single hand on the hilt of her sword, but doesn't draw it. Her eyes close, but after a moment open with an unnatural golden glow that quickly spreads to all of the eye tattooed on her face, as the tattooed flames begin to writhe. "Lay hands upon me and die."
  • Gerel takes a couple confident strides to get herself between the ambushers and the party

<mainstreet> Emilia looks to the side and decides to take out the one on the far left. She strides up to him and slashes at him. She goes for the nonlethal, but still quite painful, option.

<mainstreet> She grins at the hobgoblin. "I really advise you surrender now. You won't survive the next hit."

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy launches towards the bugbear on the left, hammer raised. However, at the last moment, she instead takes a sideways swing at one of his escorts.

<Capn_Mercy> The feint works - the hobgoblin barely has enough time to turn his head before Mercy takes it clean off his shoulders. He has a very surprised look on his face, which his bugbear friend gets a close-up look at as the still-swinging hammer drives the severed head face-first into his own mug. The hobgoblin on the right doesn't even get that courtesy, failing to spot the onrushing, hammer-driven train of body parts as it seperates his noggin from his spine.

<mainstreet> Emilia laughs. "That. Was. Awesome!"

<mainstreet> The goblins and bugbear left in front, enraged, attempt to crowd Mercy! Unfortunately for one of them, that takes them right into Gerel's path...

<Capn_Mercy> All three now-headless corpses hit the ground as Mercy recovers from her single, massive swing. "...and *that* is why I love my job."

<Gerel> With barely a glance, Gerel draws her sword and snaps it with enviable speed in the direction of the unfortunate hobgoblin

<mainstreet> The hobgoblin splats to the floor.

<mainstreet> Er, ground.

<mainstreet> The bugbear and hobgoblin that survive both fail to get past Mercy's armor.

<mainstreet> Three more of the hobgoblins run in and attempt to hit her.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy feels the blade of a longsword bounce harmlessly off of her Buns of Steel(tm). "I'm sorry, did a mosquito bite me just now?"

<mainstreet> The two normal hobs fail miserably once more, but the hob with the headband manages to actually get in a slice on her leg.

<mainstreet> The remaining three hobs attempt to slice up Emilia!

<Capn_Mercy> "Argh! My perfectly-sculpted-but-not-quite-steely-enough thigh!"

<mainstreet> Emilia laughs at their pathetic slices.

<Fir> "buz nize" Fir whispers and points a shivering finger at two of the hobgoblins surrounding Mercy. Ice spears shoot up from the ground underneath them.

<mainstreet> Two goblins find themselves faceplanting into the dirt, and iced all over. They're still concious, but they're not pleased.

<mainstreet> Magwitch starts chanting at the remaining bugbear, giving it Misfortune.

<Gerel> "Your foolishness for having attacked us is exceeded only by the pain you are about to feel," Gerel rambles. Then she brings her sword around and steps forward over the fresh hobgoblin corpse and into a huge SLASH at the remaining bugbear!

<mainstreet> Bugbear? What are you talking about? I just see a smashed mess of insectoid parts on the ground.

<Capn_Mercy> "I'm not sure he had time to feel anything at all."

<Gerel> "Consider that my brand of mercy," Gerel says, wiping her brow, oddly composed. She then sheathes her sword, as if the remaining enemies weren't even worth considering

<mainstreet> Emilia goes after the hobgoblin she's already hit with a nice slice, then follows it up with a slice to the one on the other side.

<mainstreet> She knocks out the first one, then manages to give a serious braining to the other.

<mainstreet> "Yes. I'm this good," Emilia crows, and the hob is quite shaken indeed.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy hauls back and once again goes for the grand slam, decapitating three hobgoblins. She's quite pleased with herse--hey, wait! That last one is still standing! "No fair, I call hax!"

<mainstreet> Well, 'standing' is a loose term, given prone.

<mainstreet> The 'still standing' hobgoblin with the headband attempts to actually stand up.

<mainstreet> Meanwhile, the two attacking Emilia continue to do so.

<mainstreet> 'Attack' being a very loose term more like 'swinging a sword wildly hoping it hits'. It doesn't.

<mainstreet> The hobgoblin that was prone manages to stand up without incident, as Mercy barely avoids slicing her toe off with her wild strike.

<mainstreet> The hobgoblin makes an attack! As does his companion!

  • Fir heads over to one of the hobgoblins and whacks it with her staff.

<mainstreet> Magwitch casts Misfortune on the one with the headband.

<Gerel> With a few unnecessarily fancy combat flips, Gerel moves past Mercy and the headband-clad hobgoblin, then turns to face the latter and just...stares menacingly. With all those glowing eyes...not a single one blinking.

<mainstreet> Emilia strikes the one she's already struck, trying to finish it off.

<mainstreet> She manages to do so, as it sinks to the ground with a well-placed strike.

<mainstreet> Emilia then turns her attention to her final opponent, attempting to stab it too!

<mainstreet> She manages to cause that hob to sink to the ground as well. No problems!

<mainstreet> Emilia laughs. "That's how you do it!'

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy's hammer swings left, the spiked head slamming into the gut of the be-headband-ed hobgoblin, causing it to double over in pain. She then immediately swings the hammer to the right, the claw on the back of the hammer-head tearing into the abdomen of its buddy, disembowling it for a (admittedly not very clean) kill. The first hobgoblin slips off of the spikes and collapses to the ground, bleeding.

<mainstreet> Emilia smiles. "Well, that's all of 'em. Guess we proved to be tougher than they thought. Ha!"

<Gerel> "What do we do with the survivors?"

<Capn_Mercy> "Kill them?"

<Fir> "Do we wanna save one in case we wanna ask if someone sent them?"

  • Fir prepares to stabilize Headband if anyone says yes.

<Gerel> "Hm. They may just be bandits."

  • Fir shrugs. "Might, yeah."

<Capn_Mercy> "I suppose we should at least *try* to question them. ...*then* we kill them."

<mainstreet> Emilia cleans her blade off with Prestidigiation. "I'm not sure it's really sporting to kill a helpless opponent."

<Gerel> "Sporting? They tried to kill us, and may yet try to kill again if left alive," Gerel says, scowling

<Fir> "I agree with Gerel."

<mainstreet> "Ah, with fools like these, that's just business. Of course they were going to try something. It's not like they actually hurt us much, did they?"

<Fir> "But they'll hurt the next folk to come this way."

<Gerel> "Well, whatever decision you make, make it quickly. I have mere minutes until I...revert."

<Capn_Mercy> "Fir, wake the leader up."

<mainstreet> Emilia rolls her eyes. "Just how many people 'come this way'?"

  • Fir whispers "sabitdir" and lays a hand flat on Mr. Headband, then shakes him.
  • Gerel hesitantly waves some smelling salts under Mr. Headband's nose during the shaking

<mainstreet> "Uh... buh..." As the headband guy comes to, he looks around and realizes his situation. His next word is not fit to print.

<Capn_Mercy> "Yeah. Any reason we shouldn't kill you and your friends and be done with it?"

<mainstreet> "Buh... do you really wanna fight the whole tribe? They'll come looking if we don't come back."

<Fir> "We probably won't be here by then."

<mainstreet> "What, you heading into the mountain? You expect a warm welcome there?"

  • Fir waves her leaves noncommittally. "So what if we don't? That doesn't have anything to do with whether we kill you."

<Gerel> "Indeed."

<mainstreet> "'s all I got, really... this is our territory, more or less... you get kicked out of the mountains, we'll find you eventually."

<mainstreet> "You let me go, I'll tell my people you're not to be messed with. You don't, they'll try to get revenge."

<Gerel> "If the wicked would choose to die at our hands, why stop them?"

<Fir> "Well, his answer is good enough for me."

<Gerel> "I had my few minutes of lucidity. I am fine with whatever decision the rest of you make here."

<Capn_Mercy> "May as well let 'em go. They'll either attack us again or not - no sense second-guessing ourselves."

<mainstreet> Emilia shrugs, unconcerned. "That one over there is going to bleed out really soon if you don't heal him though. These three," she indicates the ones she handled "will be fine in time, assuming no animals get to them."

  • Fir stabilizes the bleeding hobgoblin. "You all know what will happen if you follow us."
  • Fir looks at the still-bleeding hobgoblin, sighs, and forces a foul-smelling concoction down his throat, then holds his nose to make his body swallow it.

<mainstreet> The hob does swallow it, and slowly comes to.

<mainstreet> Emilia makes a point of confiscating all the longswords and morningstars, just so they can't be turned on her again. She puts them in her pack for now. "I'll sell these in Deladar, perhaps. We'll split the profits."

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---