Zomaris:Khanate Rising/Chapter 15

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.


<Iethloc> It's a calm day on the river, the boat drifting not-quite-lazily in the direction of Mylgate. The wind blows gently when it moves at all, and people take shelter from the sun under canvas and roof. At the moment, there's little for the party to do but enjoy their time in their luxurious quarters.

  • Fir stands in the sun, spreading her leaves to soak it up.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy may or may not be sunbathing on the deck.

  • Emilia may or may not be sunbathing right next to Mercy

<Iethloc> But then there is a shout. “A rider on shore is waving us down! They bear the emblem of Mylgate!”

<Capn_Mercy> "Ugh. There goes the mini-cation."

<Emilia> Emilia stretches, gets up, and takes a look.

<Iethloc> Those who choose to poke their heads out see a camel rider on shore, vigorously waving Mylgate's flag about. They wear armor embedded with arrows, the camel beneath fortunate enough to bear none. The boat slowly makes its way to the shore, coming to a halt.

<Iethloc> The rider hops off the camel, rushing onto the boat. “We're under siege! Orcs and...other things from the wastes! We've tried contacting Countess-Princess Victoria and Count Ivan by magic, but we've had no response!” she yells, almost in a panic.

<Emilia> Emilia snickers. "Yeah, you'll be waiting for a long time for that response."

<Fir> "Are you hurt?" Fir asks, looking at the arrows. She digs around in her bag and produces a genuine Cure Light potion, which has a more magic-y smell than her own concoctions.

<Iethloc> "I'll be okay, but I don't know about Mylgate. You're from Xalrin, right? Did the messages get through?" she replies

<Iethloc> The captain of the boat looks at the rider awkwardly

<Fir> "Princess Albie took over Xinchin," Fir says helpfully.

<Emilia> Emilia looks at Fir strangely.

<Iethloc> "...who?" she asks

<Fir> "I'm pretty sure Princess Dragon would still want us to help you fight off the orcs and things so that she can be in charge."

<Iethloc> "I think I met a 'Xinchin' once," Gerel muses

<Iethloc> Somehow, the rider's eyes manage to bug out even more. "Princess...Dragon?!"

  • Fir looks around for orcs, wondering why everyone seems to be reacting a little strangely.

<Iethloc> You see Gerel, the half-orc who's usually only half-there

<Capn_Mercy> "It's a long story. The short version: power's changed hands, but the new boss would probably still help you out."

<Iethloc> The rider begins stuttering. "I-I, uh well, okay. I'll g-go ride to Xalrin and...meet them? Please, do what you can at Mylgate!"

<Emilia> "Um, okay."

<Emilia> Emilia looks at the boat's captain. "Might as well press on."

<Iethloc> "Just..." she turns to the captain, "...take this! There's no time to waste!" She hands a missive of some sort over to the captain, and then rushes back to her camel to ride off in the direction of Xalrin

<Iethloc> The captain waves for the boat to continue on its way, glancing over the missive. "Huh," he says.

<Emilia> "Well?"

<Iethloc> "Yeah, it says Mylgate's under siege. The sieging force isn't all that large, but they're bringing...disease and undead. Mylgate's morale is very poor."

<Emilia> "Ewww, undead!"

<Capn_Mercy> "Sweet, undead!"

<Iethloc> "The force was apparently ordered to siege by one 'Grolthish the Unspeakable', but it's not known whether he's there personally."

<Iethloc> The captain rubs his chin. "I don't know much about orcs and their lives in the waste, so I don't know if that name means anything."

<Fir> "I wonder what happens to an undead if I pour a Cure concoction on it," Fir speculates, leaning against the side of the boat to watch the way ahead of them.

<Capn_Mercy> "I would expect it hurts them. That's how these things usually work."


<Iethloc> As the boat draws nearer Mylgate, billowing plumes of smoke begin to rise from the horizon. Enormous pyres for the dead, perhaps, or the burning of the city itself. It takes time for the boat to get close enough to the scene for more to be revealed.

<Iethloc> When it does, it becomes clear Mylgate is in trouble. Most sides of the walled city itself are surrounded by forces of green, ambling orcs, and gray, shambling corpses, dotted by tents and banners of dark cloth. Every once in a while, there is an exchange of arrows, some shouts and howls, but neither side is really accomplishing anything quickly. Mostly, the orcs and undead are sitting there waiting for enough people to die of

<Iethloc> disease and starvation. Man, this sounded exciting at first, but it turns out sieges are mostly boring!

  • Fir looks to see if there is a safe way into the city.

<Capn_Mercy> "Hoo, boy."

<Iethloc> The most noticeable thing is at the edge of the sieging force, some ways away from the river. It's an enormous effigy of some heavily armored orc, covered in glowing purple talismans. A masked orc is chanting and dancing in a frenzy around the effigy, and with his every motion the glowing lights of the talismans curl and dance like flames.

<Emilia> "Well that's not good. None of this looks good..."

<Iethloc> Emilia, Fir: Most of the orcs' crude fortifications are facing Mylgate, so it wouldn't be as hard to attack them as it first looked. That's assuming you had a force with you. However, most of the orcs are avoiding the dancing guy, so that angle is surprisingly vulnerable.

<Iethloc> There are still zombies and orcs between the group and the dancer, though

<Emilia> "Should we attack something?"

<Fir> "If we want in the city, looks like we might have to."

<Iethloc> A crude blockade of stolen boats and barges float where city meets river. A single barge departs from the blockade towards the party's riverboat, but it doesn't seem immediately hostile.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy points. "Looks like they're coming to meet us.

<Emilia> "Do you think we can talk them down? I somehow doubt it," Emilia comments morosely.

<Iethloc> The orc barge approaches, and some big-mouth orc begins shouting from it. “WE GIVE YOU ONE CHANCE TO BACK OFF! NO CLOSER! WE TAKE CITY FOR GROLTHISH!” he shouts in broken Common, with his big mouth. Jeez, he's loud.

<Iethloc> The captain sighs, turning to the party. “Orders?” he asks, clearly reluctant.

  • Fir looks to see how many boats are in the blockade.

<Emilia> Emilia shrugs and looks at Mercy and Fir. "Your call, I guess?"

<Iethloc> Fir, Mercy: The orc boats have fire, so boat-to-boat combat would be very dangerous. Land is another matter. Plain ol' humanoid zombies aren't always dangerous to experienced adventurers such as yourselves, though they are almost certainly carriers for the disease mentioned. Also, the orcs can't all leave their fortifications, lest the forces of Mylgate sally forth. A land attack is surprisingly possible, if you do it from the right angle.

<Fir> "Land," Fir replies to Emilia.

<Iethloc> Fir: Your brilliant (is it, really?) mind has deduced that the motions of the zombies correlate vaguely to the motions of the weird flames on the effigy! You've heard about this stuff. If the talismans on the effigy were damaged in any way, such as exposure to some good ol' real flames, the zombies might stop doing zombie things.

<Fir> "If we kill the purple flames, the zombies will die."

<Emilia> "Sounds like a plan."

<Magwitch> "I detect some Evil that needs demolishing. Fir's got a plan. Let's get on it!"

<Fir> "Go back up the river a bit, to get the Bad Boat off our case," Fir directs the boat captain. "We'll get off and come at the city from the right angle."

<Iethloc> The captain goes "Hmmm", but follows the directions given. Soon enough, the boat is a somewhat away from the city, parked at the edge of the river

<Fir> "Thanks for the ride!" Fir says as she jumps off.

<Iethloc> "I'd prefer to keep what troops we have here on the boat, in case of stray savages. Anything else, just ask," the captain says

<Iethloc> Gerel does not give the captain any attention as she eagerly tags along after Fir

<Emilia> "We got this. I hope," Emilia mutters. She pulls out her blade.

  • Magwitch leaps ashore after Fir and begins handing out the Fortune cookies, then chanting to keep them warm.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy hops over the railing, hammer in hand. "We'd better got this. If I get bitten and turn into a zombie, I'm gonna be pissed."

<Fir> "If you turn into a zombie, I wonder if I can reincarnate you, since you're technically dead."

<Iethloc> (join our "heroes" next time...on KHANATE RISING Z! END SESSION)