Zomaris:Khanate Rising/Chapter 13

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #13: The True Queen's Patience

<mainstreet> You find yourselves on the street, having just vanquished a third riot.

<Nergui> "Before we move, has anyone seen where Kiyomi went?" Nergui asks

  • Fir looks around for Kiyomi.

<Nergui> A familiar masked lady peeks out from behind a nearby building. "I'm over here..."

<Nergui> "I almost died there, Nergui. Again. I'm starting to think...this adventuring stuff isn't for me."

<Fir> "I see her! I see her!" Fir exclaims, pointing.

<Nergui> "Yes, I can see her, too," Nergui says

<Nergui> "And I hear her," she says, rubbing her neck. "Well, you helped me out because you wanted to. If you no longer want to, I guess we'll help you find a way home after we're done here today."

<Magwitch> "I can see a Familiar-looking lady but I'm unsure whose Familiar she is now."

<Nergui> Kiyomi wrings her hands nervously. "Also, while I was...strategically relocating...I ran into someone..."

<Magwitch> As as sign of its appreciation for all the wisdom its shamanic Spirit has bestowed via the gorgeous faerie dragon, Magwitch fastens the Necklace of Fireballs around Twinkle's neck and adjusts it centre-stage. "You're now our stealth bomber." it announces proudly.

<Nergui> Another familiar looking lady steps out from behind Kiyomi, this one clad in blue. "Your little army there made you pretty easy to find, Nergui. I'm not sure that's a good idea, but whatever's happening here, I'm sure you'll need me," Amirith says and smirks a bit.

<Fir> "Just keep that fire away from me," Fir says, using her new glasses to look very closely at the nearest leaf.

<Capn_Mercy> "Did we just trade up sidekicks?"

<Nergui> "Hmm. I don't have time to scrutinize this. Just follow," Nergui says.

  • Fir looks closer at the blue lady. "It's the d..." she cuts herself off, and replaces talking with gazing admiringly.
  • Magwitch thought when Kiyomi ran into someone fleeing, it might have been Magwitch. After all, Magwitch was also fleeing for its life. But it wasn't!

<Nergui> Amirith glares for a fraction of a second, then strides over and takes a place next to Nergui

<Nergui> "I'll stick around...at the periphery. Maybe I'll stick to the less dangerous stuff for a while," Kiyomi says

<mainstreet> Maria frowns. "Who's this?"

<Nergui> "This is Amirith. I convinced her to join forces with me not too long ago," Nergui says

<mainstreet> "Uh, okay. Fine, whatever." Maria doesn't seem particularly interested at the moment. "Where to now, Highness?"

<Nergui> "The palace!"

<mainstreet> Maria nods. "Let's go."

<Magwitch> Twinkle keeps quiet, watching the big dragons talking.

  • Nergui tags along - er, leads the way!

<mainstreet> You weave your way through the crowd and the city. The army swells with you, and by the time you get to the palace, you have a massive force. There are several Warpriests standing guard at the massive iron gates that are the main entryway. The guard appears to have been increased from normal conditions, but you can also tell you dramatically outnumber them with those behind you.

<Nergui> "You stand in my way," Nergui says

<mainstreet> "That is sort of our job. To keep the rabble out, such as yourselves," one of the Warpriests solemnly announces. "You are hereby ordered to disperse, by the Holy Writ of Baldar in the voice of the Count of Xalrin, Ivan III. Failure to immediately comply will result in severe consequences!"

<Fir> "Well, in the name of Princess Abbie, I order YOU to disperse!" Fir shouts back at them.

<mainstreet> "Huh? What are you talking about?" "No idea who that is." "Someone shut that crazy plant up!"

<Nergui> "...Abril," Nergui corrects.

<mainstreet> "Wait, why is a plant talking, anyway?" "...dude, a talking PLANT!" "...that *is* impressive."

<mainstreet> "...Still have no idea." "Yeah, that makes no sense."

<Magwitch> "Hey boss, should I bless them with some Fortune to get a clue?"

<mainstreet> "To hell with this," Sellaweti hisses. "CHARGE!" The mob charges in one go and with the sudden declaration, through sheer numbers quickly overwhelms the guards and topples the gate. "We'll handle the guards, Highness! Take Maria and get to the throne room!" she yells.

<mainstreet> The inexorable tide starts pushing you through the gates, and quickly, into the palace proper.

<Capn_Mercy> "Woooo!" Mercy is crowd-surfing atop the angry mob. "Now it's a PARTY!"

<Nergui> "With me, my min - fellows!"

  • Fir tries not to get trampled over by all the big people.

<mainstreet> The palace seems to be going for the whole "dark and evil" theme. Every wall is painted a deep black, quite foreboding. You get an eerie feeling just being in here. Fortunately, the throne room is straight ahead, you can make it out from here.

<Fir> "Needs more green," Fir comments as she follows Nergui.

<Nergui> "Any color at all, really," Nergui says as she cautiously makes her way towards the throne room

<Nergui> Amirith casts a protective spell on herself along the way

<Magwitch> Twinkle starts painting the walls with sparkling rainbow breaths.

  • Fir makes sure she put her ice armor back on.

<mainstreet> You make your way into the throne room, as the rebels around you handle most of the guards. A single throne, theoretically large enough to hold two individuals, in a luxurious plush, with the symbol of House Xalrin in the middle, is the room’s primary feature. A desk is on either side of the throne, clearly able to be easily moved. The main doors, which you arrived through, are one of five exits from the room. None of the other doors are marked. Almost immediately, a servant opens one of the doors on the side…

  • Magwitch stops for a moment and digs around in a pouch for a snack.

<mainstreet> *CLIP*CLOP* Her heels clanking quite loudly and obnoxiously, Her Imperial Highness, the Princess-Countess Victoria Metros-Xalrin strides into the throne room. She stands a full six feet tall, wearing the robes and symbols of the High Inquisitor of Baldar, and also has a tiara framing her jet black hair. You can also see bracelets, necklaces, and rings practically bursting off her. A pair of pure crystal glasses rest over her

<mainstreet> face. If it weren’t for the expression of malice and cruelty permanently fixed on her face, you might find her beautiful. As it is, you can’t help but feel a little disturbed. She stands in front of the throne. At her side is a man dressed in full battle armor, that of the High Warpriest of Baldar. He looks almost as obnoxious, with the same crystals over his eyes, and while he has fewer accessories, his rings glow angrily, and his expression appears to be permanently fixed in a cruel sneer. Under the circumstances, you realize that this must be Count Ivan Xalrin III.

<Nergui> "You really married down, eh, auntie?"

<mainstreet> Victoria looks at the Party and recognizes Nergui immediately. She sneers. “Well, well, if it isn’t my niece Abril. You’ve got a lot of nerve, showing up here, trying to steal my city. When I heard the report, I was trying to find a reason to allow you to leave this room alive. I admit, I have failed in such a simple thought exercise. Treason of such a degree cannot be tolerated. I suppose Father was right about you and my idiot brother. His mistake, if anything, was not killing you immediately. As a student of history, I won’t have House Metros make the same mistake twice,” Victoria announces, pulling out a mace. “Let’s kill the traitor and all her friends together. Preferably, painfully and slowly, dearest,” she encourages her husband.

<mainstreet> “With great pleasure, my love,” the Count replies huskily, pulling out a scimitar. “This should be fun. A great day of fun.”

<mainstreet> Victoria turns to Nergui contemptuously. "I've done far better than... you. Enough talk. Let's end this."

<Capn_Mercy> "Blah blah blah." Mercy hefts her own hammer at the two of them. "Less talking, more bleeding."

<mainstreet> Victoria points her mace at Nergui. "I pronounce the Judgment of Justice upon thee!" She then walks up to Nergui and attempt to pulverize her!

<Nergui> At the last moment, Nergui thrusts a beefy, steel-clad arm in the way, deflecting the mace with a loud CLANG! "There is no Justice, auntie. There is just us."

<mainstreet> Ivan looks around and then leers at Mercy. "A useful pet you might make, dear, it's a shame you've decided to commit treason." He attempts to slash her with his scimitar.

<mainstreet> The scimitar slices through Mercy a bit, leaving some sparks in its wake.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy takes a slash across the thigh, grinning even as she winces in pain. "Is that all you've got?" She seems to be indicating his sword. "Kind of small, isn't it?"

<mainstreet> Maria loads up and fires a pair of arrows at Victoria. "For reference, people, if we can flank, that will really help the situation."

<mainstreet> The arrows miss. "Sorry, I'm not very good at this," she mutters.

<Nergui> Amirith laughs wickedly. "You fools have no idea what you're in for!" And suddenly she's a dragon, reaching past Nergui to bite at Victoria

<mainstreet> *CHOMP* Victoria feels the bite. She mutters something inaudible.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy goes full on Super Sai--er, rage mode. In her mind's eye, she now sees a suit of battle armor with a person-sized nail sticking up out of the neckhole. The hammer swings...

<mainstreet> Swiiiiiing and a miss. Strike one. And two.

<Capn_Mercy> "&*#!"

<Magwitch> Twinkle lets rip with one of the 5d6 Fireballs from her new Necklace of Fireballs, delivering it where it will do its worst to the worst in the room and no harm to friendlies. She then darts away through the milieu, attempting to slip out of sight.

<Magwitch> At the same time, Magwitch attempts to bestow a Misfortune on Ivan, and likewise sidesteps behind obscuring cover, drifting out of view. It then begins chanting to maintain the misfortune.

<Nergui> A wicked grin splits open on Nergui's face. "Not even just us, auntie. I have a dragon. I'm even part dragon! What chance do you have against that...and THIS?!" she says, suddenly shouting near the end as she swings her cleaver about in Victoria's direction

<mainstreet> The fireball *booms* and Victoria and Ivan look a little scorched.

<mainstreet> Nergui's first strike slashes into Victoria quite heavily, but her second misses.

<Fir> "You felt the fire, now feel the ice!" Fir says, getting caught up in the pithy statements flying everywhere. She whispers a word of magic and holds out her hand. A snowball appears in it, which she then flings at Victoria.

<Fir> The snowball falls to the floor only a couple feet from Fir and begins to slowly melt on the tile.

<mainstreet> Victoria takes a breath, then realizes she's been attacked from... somewhere, and isn't sure how. She starts casting a spell on herself.

<mainstreet> However, her defensive casting slips up, and her spell fails.

<mainstreet> Ivan decides to go for an all-out full Power Attack at Mercy.

<mainstreet> The scimitar slices Mercy up. *sparkspark*

<mainstreet> Maria fires 2 shots at Victoria.

<Capn_Mercy> "Ow! Knock it off!"

<mainstreet> They still don't hit her, however.

<Nergui> The dragon Amirith bears down upon Victoria once more, this time with both tooth and claw

<mainstreet> Amirith manages to poke herself in the nose with one of her claws, while her other claw and her mouth both catch nothing but air.

<mainstreet> "Can you stop picking your nose and actually fight?" Maria calls out, exasperated. "Sheesh, I thought you were a dragon, not a little girl."

  • Fir looks disappointed in her dragon idol.

<Nergui> Amirith fumes, just barely managing to remain silent. For now.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy finally succeeds in smacking Ivan upside the head with her hammer. "Sheesh! Tough bastard, ain'tcha?"

<mainstreet> *SLAM* Ivan looks dinged up. And ticked off.

<Magwitch> Magwitch attempts to bestow a Misfortune on Victoria, and sidesteps behind obscuring cover, drifting out of view. It then begins chanting to maintain the misfortune.

<Magwitch> At the same time, Twinkle lets rip with one of the 5d6 Fireballs from her new Necklace of Fireballs, delivering it where it will do its worst to the worst in the room and no harm to friendlies. She then darts away through the milieu, attempting to slip out of sight likewise.

<mainstreet> *BOOOM* the fireball scorches both Victoria and Ivan

<mainstreet> "Enough of this," an icy feminine voice announces, seemingly from nowhere. You all feel... stopped, for a brief moment, as though you can't move. A dark figure appears behind Victoria and Ivan.

<mainstreet> "Your defeat is inevitable here, 'Countess'," the figure mocks. "But the True Queen may have a use for you yet."

<mainstreet> The figure grabs a hold of Ivan and Victoria. "Know this, Princess Abril. Your victory here will be short. Take Xalrin, and Kandar, and Metros. The True Queen is patient. Your guard will slip eventually. And when it does, you will find all that you have built turn to ash and you will beg for..." the figure hesitates and smirks, "Mercy... from the pain of your defeat."

<mainstreet> The figure vanishes, taking Ivan and Victoria with her.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy blinks. There's a long pause. ".....on the bright side, at least they recognized you."

  • Nergui lowers her weapon slowly, as she takes calming breaths. "...yeah, there's that."

<mainstreet> Maria lets out a breath. "Well I was useless... But Xalrin is ours, or... yours... Countess?" Maria asks, unsure of herself.

  • Nergui grits her teeth. "Yes, yes it is ours. And we are going to have a lot of work to do."

<Magwitch> "We don't get to loot any Evil bodies." Magwitch sighs with disappointment.

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---