Zomaris:Khanate Rising/Chapter 12

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #12: Being a Side Character May Cause Death

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

<mainstreet> You now have a miniature army, as Teresa’s and Kelria’s cells have joined up with you. There are still riots going on at the marketplace and outside the courthouse.

<Nergui> "I'm thinking marketplace, courthouse, then the palace."

<Fir> "Sounds good. Let's go!"

<mainstreet> You wind your way to the marketplace. A few people from your army trail off, and somehow a few more find themselves joining in.

<mainstreet> The marketplace is a disaster scene. Carts overturned, stalls on fire, Priests of Baldar attacking citizens, and two groups of citizens, one led by a human in a dark black robe, the other by a nagaji in a classical breastplate armor attempting to shoot the aforementioned wizard with her bow.

<Nergui> "All right, who's who here?"

<mainstreet> Maria frowns. "Elena is the wizard over there. She's the one who always seems to have plenty of gold, and is one of those who wanted to kill you. Sellaweti should be true to the ideals of the Resistance, but you may have some work to do to persuade her to be on your side, as she tends to be distrustful of humanoids in general."

<Nergui> "Think we'll need our...'lizardman' again?"

<mainstreet> Teresa shakes her head. "I can accuse Elena myself. I'm not a fake. We have the 'proof' from Dardim and Kelria already, after all."

<mainstreet> "Just tell me what you think is best here. I'll defer to Your Highness's judgment on this matter."

<Nergui> "You using your words would be the most genuine path, suitable if enough people here know and trust you. Regardless, 'Dardim' and I will be here to back you up."

<Capn_Mercy> "Blah blah blah words blah. When do we get to crack some skulls already?"

<mainstreet> Teresa bites her lip, uncomfortable with this deception, but then nods. "Okay," she takes a few steps forward. "Hey ELENA! Why are you selling us out to the Drow?!"

<mainstreet> Elena snickers. "I have no idea what you're talking about, Teresa. Perhaps you've gone a bit crazy. Working with some traitor to the Empire? Loyal citizens, take Teresa and that traitor out of action!"

<mainstreet> The crowd starts to surge a bit. Teresa mrrrowls back. "Loyal citizens of Xalrin, Elena is a traitor! She sold us out to the Drow! Dardim and Kelria have confirmed this along with me!"

<mainstreet> The crowd surge dies down a bit, but Elena and Teresa continue to shout at each other, trying to sway the crowd, until Elena decides she has, essentially, had enough talking.

<Nergui> Nergui's eye twitches, and she takes her helmet from her head. "We are no traitors to the empire! Do you not recognize me, heir to my father?! I am Princess Abril, and I do not fear you or your drow 'Mistress'! There is no 'True Queen' save who the people believe in! Guards, my people, join me in restoring order!"

<mainstreet> The Warpriest reaction in the group seems to be confused. "Who?" "What?" "Abril? Who's that?" "Beats me, dude."

<mainstreet> Elena, on the other hand, has already committed to her course of action and response.


<mainstreet> A massive fireball erupts in the middle of your group!

<Capn_Mercy> "AUGHLF"

<Magwitch> Meep-meep stumbles unsteadily from the smoking guano remnants of the fireball ground zero, scales and feathers singed and steaming. Once within 25 from Elena, Magwitch's booming baritone sounds the ritualistic, "Sucks to be you!" somewhat uncertainly.

<mainstreet> Sellaweti aims a pair of arrows straight at Elena's throat.

  • Magwitch then begins chanting to retain its focus on the Misfortune Hex.

<mainstreet> One hits into Elena's shoulder, and she appears to be a little damaged.

<mainstreet> Elena serves up another Fireball in the general area of the Party.

<mainstreet> Teresa screams and is thrown to the ground. She's clearly starting to bleed out.

<mainstreet> She's unconscious, and in very bad shape.

<mainstreet> However, this very violence starts to get the crowd murmuring again. "Dude, she just blew up *Teresa*..."

  • Fir whimpers a little and tries to smother the flames on her leaves.
  • Fir looks around quickly. "Molly! Find a vial with the little plus and give it to Kiyomi!" she shouts. Then she quickly walks over to Teresa and makes a little heart shape with her fingers, whispering "mualice daha".

<mainstreet> Teresa feels it, and her wounds start to clean up. She blinks and slowly starts to get up. "Bleh..."

  • Fir hopes another fireball doesn't kill them all before she gets a chance to do more.

<Nergui> 'Dardim' simply vanishes in the wake of the flames washing over what feels like the entire world

<mainstreet> Teresa slowly gets up. The catfolk look at each other, and in sync, fire their weapons at Elena.

<mainstreet> Teresa's arrow misses, but a pair of arrows from Maria find their way into Elena's body.

<mainstreet> Maria's 3rd arrow, however, manages to hit into a fruit stand, causing it to collapse even further into disarray.

<mainstreet> The average people around look around at each other and slowly start disengaging from this fight. They get the sense that this one is too difficult for them.

<Capn_Mercy> Slowly, an arm emerges from the smoking blast crater. Mercy drags herself up and out - her skin reddened, charred in places. Tiny flames dance along the lower edges of her hair - but they pale in comparison to the flames burning in her eyes. "SHEEEAAARRRGH!" She launches herself out of the crater, lands on all fours, and sprints at the offending...MAGE like a cheetah - drawing her hammer at the last second and perfor

<Capn_Mercy> ming a leaping downward smash, fully intent on ending Elena's life with a single, murderous blow.

<mainstreet> *SMASH* Elena crumples a bit from the mighty blow, but manages to stay on her feet, barely. Her reply is not fit to print.

<Capn_Mercy> Neither is Mercy's.

<Nergui> It seems that Nergui has lot her mind, throwing her arms about and marching around. Scales overtake skin, claws grow from fingers, a bestial draconic visage replacing her own. She begins shaking more and more, almost as if she was about to seize, and then her mouth opens wide as if forced. A dense cloud of scalding steam pours forth from it as Nergui screams in wordless fury and agony, vapors spiraling forth to consume Elena.

<mainstreet> Elena? What Elena? All I see here is a pile of ash.

<mainstreet> Nergui: You do, however, spot a couple of glints in the pile. Looks like a couple of objects survived your blast.

<Magwitch> Meep-meep crashes to the dirt, no longer a Compsognathus. Magwitch finds itself standing on so much roasted reptileburger, with only the bare minimum health viable for /not/ falling to the same fate. It thinks about maintaining the Chant, but the Misfortune still has 2 rounds duration left - so instead Magwitch flees the scene as fast as its stubby little "Halfling" legs can carry it.

<mainstreet> The Priests all look around nervously at each other. They slowly kneel. "Please spare us, Your Highness."

<Capn_Mercy> But will they survive Mercy? "YEEEAAARRRGH!" The amazon warrior continues to violently smash her hammer into the pile of ash, over and over, seemingly unable to mentally parse that Elena is, in fact, an ex-wizard. Fortunately, the baubles skitter off to the side from her initial blows - it would be a dick move to destroy loot, after all.

<mainstreet> One of the objects flips up into the air and you can see it clearly -- it's a Necklace of Fireballs. You know realize that Elena's first fireball actually came from this, as the large fireball that should be in the middle of this thing is missing.

  • Fir looks around, wondering why no floating bottle went chasing after Kiyomi. In horror, the truth dawns on her. "You. KILLED. MOLLLLLYYYY!" she shouts. She yells this angstily at the sky, since the the real perpetrator is no longer available to be screamed at.

<Nergui> The scales and claws recede as Nergui returns to her old self, steam still trailing from her mouth. "...hot! HOT HOT HOT!" she yelps, grabbing her waterskin and downing a good portion of the contents.

<Fir> Then Fir sighs, takes a moment to recall Molly back again, wraps her arms around an empty space, and says, "Never leave me again."

<mainstreet> Molly just hovers silently.

  • Fir eventually digs around in her bags and hands out vials with little plus signs on them to Magwitch and whoever else wants one. "Does your ride need healing too?"

<Nergui> Eventually, Nergui regains her composure. "Oh...I lost my temper in front of everyone, didn't I?"

<Capn_Mercy> "Yes, you did." Mercy steps over, having apparantly calmed down. She...appears to have smeared some of the Elena-ash across her cheeks, arms, and abs as some sort of war paint. "It was embarassing."

<mainstreet> "You're one to talk," Maria points out.

<mainstreet> Sellaweti sighs. "Well that was... fascinating. What now?"

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy crosses her arms. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

<Nergui> "You and I talk, Sellaweti. As for the priests...I would recommend they move with me, but I would not blame them for walking away."

  • Fir hands Mercy a fruity-smelling concoction.
  • Fir hands another one to Nergui. "This might help," she says, pointing at a few wisps of steam.

<Magwitch> Hiding behind upturned fruit salad carts, Magwitch cures some serious wounds. Twinkle's stern instruction is to return to the party's exposed location, and as the avatar of shamanic Spirit, Magwitch has no choice but to obey. A charbaked halfling hobbles back to the group.

<Fir> "Umm...if some people contribute gold, I can reincarnate your steed," Fir tells Magwitch. "But it might come back as something not so useful to ride on."

  • Nergui downs the concoction

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy eyes it warily, the way a child would a bottle of cough syrup. Then she shrugs, chugs it in one fell swoop, then crushes the glass container against her forehead like one would a beer can before throwing the pieces over her shoulder. A thin trickle of blood dribbles down the bridge of her nose, which she ignores. "Good to go."

<mainstreet> Sellaweti nods. "Yes, let's talk. I assume you're going to free us from the tyrant Count, Your Highness?" she asks. "Something that Your Highness have every right to do, I might point out," she adds loudly, for the benefit of the Priests.

  • Fir takes a moment to whisper some more words of magic and wave her hands...over herself this time.
  • Fir offers Magwitch one of the fruity-smelling concoctions.

<mainstreet> Maria and Teresa approach Fir. "Can we get some of those too?"

<Magwitch> "Thankyou Fir. I too have that ability to reincarnate allies. I also have . . ." Twinkle lands beside the shaman to check it's OK ". . . a companion one size category larger than myself." Twinkle looks uncertainly at the Kval, "Are you thinking what I think you're thinking? Scratch that - I've got telepathy!"

<Fir> "Sure. Small or Medium?" She holds up two vials. One has a small red plus on it, and the other has a somewhat larger red plus.

<mainstreet> They both take a medium each.

<Nergui> "Yes, I intend to get rid of the current Count. Most likely, others will oppose me after, so it will not be an easy road."

<mainstreet> Sellaweti nods. "Teresa?" she calls and gets a quick nod. "We should organize the city to get ready for this, and to prepare for your final attack." Teresa nods in agreement.

  • Fir looks at Twinkle. "You...you had a creature larger than you living inside your belly?!"

<Magwitch> "Thankyou for your nectar Fir. Sorry for your loss of Molly!"

<Fir> "Oh, it's alright, Molly's back again." Fir pats the air next to herself, where Molly happens not to be.

<Nergui> "There is still one more riot to take care of."

<mainstreet> Teresa nods. "There is. However, since these Priests seem quite submissive to you, you could have them organize that riot and help out Halothir, eliminating Milton with extreme prejudice. It's clear to me that he has also sold out to the Drow. That would free you up to attack now. But you can go ahead and get over there, as well. Your call, Highness."

  • Fir walks around the battlefield, snapping her fingers and "su"-ing water into existence here and there, putting out any remaining flames.
  • Magwitch watches the highly responsible plant clean up the battlefield.

<Nergui> "That first one sounds like a good idea," Nergui says and glances over at the priests

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy, who still has smoldering embers in her hair, gets doused by Fir. "....."

  • Magwitch slurps Fir's nectar and belches loudly. The smell of brimstone blends right in with the current setting. Then Magwitch gobbles six Goodberries and feels good as new once more. It tweaks its Hat Of Disguise and /looks/ good as new, too.

<Fir> Since no one else is drinking her small-plus concoctions, and since Fir is still feeling like burnt black bark, she drinks a few of her little concoctions.

<Nergui> "You priests...go to the last riot and help out Halothir, then meet me at the palace. I'll organize my forces here and head out soon."

<mainstreet> The priests look at each other and gulp. They slowly stand up. "Yes, Your Highness." one of them salutes and begins leading the troops in the direction of the courthouse.

<Magwitch> "Do they seem intimidated by their chances?"

<Fir> "Can we take a short break somewhere quiet before we get to the palace? Or do we not have time?" Fir asks.

<Nergui> "We most likely have little time."

<Magwitch> "Did Cinder-ella there drop anything good?"

<Magwitch> "Anything we can use in the palace to force our cause?"

<Magwitch> "I don't fancy dancing that close with death again in the immediate future."

<Magwitch> "It's not good for my Spirit."

  • Magwitch trots over to stare into the ash and kick it about direspectfully.
  • Fir follows after, making sure the pile is well-drenched.

<Magwitch> "Yeah, Cinderella, sucks to be you after all." it mutters.

<mainstreet> Magwitch: You find a Necklace of Fireballs, Type III, with is main center gem missing, as well as a set of Eyes of Keen Sight

  • Magwitch shows Fir.
  • Fir tries the glasses on. "Wow, you can really see with these!" She watches a gnat fly off of a leaf, meters away.

<Magwitch> Twinkle pounces and swallows the fly.

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---