Zomaris:Khanate Rising/Chapter 11

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #11: A Lack of Recognition

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN GAME---

<mainstreet> Specifically, the list of names Dardim’s corpse indicated: “Milton. Elena. Kelria. Jake.”

<mainstreet> Maria elaborates, "The first three, along with Dardim, are half of the Resistance's leadership. No idea who this 'Jake' guy is."

<Fir> "New mission, find Joe!" Fir says enthusiastically.

  • Magwitch 's mouth has gone dry with all the chanting, and it abruptly stops. There's a sudden silence.

<Capn_Mercy> "I dunno who this 'Jake' is, but from the name alone, he sounds like an ass."

<mainstreet> "In any case," Maria notes. "While the Resistance has been torn apart over this, I'm not sure who 'Mistress' is anyway, nor am I sure their own cells will turn on them without proof of... what, corruption? I don't really get it."

  • Magwitch slumps against a wall, slightly breathless and dizzy. Twinkle looks at it with a mixture of pity and contempt.
  • Fir looks at the cleric dude. "Do you know where to find this John fellow, by any chance?"

<Capn_Mercy> "You okay, Mag?"

<mainstreet> Jimmy frowns. "Can't say I do. Never heard of him."

<Magwitch> "I haven't chanted that long since practicing for my Shamanic exams!"

<Fir> "Ouch, you poor thing, you had to take exams?!"

  • Magwitch nods.

<Capn_Mercy> Raging Leaper might be fun. Bonus to jump checks when pissed off.

  • Capn_Mercy could leap around like a small The Hulk.
  • Fir pats Magwitch on the head. "Sorry, I don't have a concoction to take away painful memories."

<Magwitch> Twinkle suggests, "If we locate and coerce Milton, Elena or Kelria, they might be persuaded to reveal who Jake is. Is that actually important though?"

  • mainstreet erases the Mercy lines

<Fir> "Oh, that sounds like a good idea."

<Nergui> "The Mistress sounds more like a long-term problem."

<Fir> "What's our short-term problem?" Fir asks.

<Magwitch> "But a Mistress bereft of lieutenants might be less capable. Short term." Twinkle continues.

<Nergui> "Yes, chances are we'll have to kill them eventually. But for now, we should prioritize taking over the city."

<Magwitch> "So, tour the riots then?"

<Fir> "Or head straight to the palace for the takeover?"

<Nergui> "A lot of the guards are probably tied up by the riots. Going straight for the palace is still risky, however."

<mainstreet> "Well sitting around here won't help much. We should do *something* about this," Maria points out.

<Magwitch> Twinkle eyes up Jimmy curiously, wondering his allegiances.

<Capn_Mercy> "What's your game plan, Nergui?"

<Fir> "Hey guys, if the cell leaders that we know are compromised can be discredited because of this issue, then we can also stop the riot that way and get *both* groups to follow Nergui."

<Nergui> "Hmm. A good idea."

  • Magwitch is totally confused.

<Capn_Mercy> "You mean...we tell their followers that their leaders are full of crap, and get them on our side?"

<Nergui> "Proof that we could present would be useful, here."

<Capn_Mercy> "The only proof we have is a dead guy's claims."

<Nergui> "...they don't have to know he's dead."

<Capn_Mercy> "Ooh, are we gonna puppet him? We can get some twine, and..."

  • Nergui facepalms. "No...we have a shapeshifter, of sorts."

<Capn_Mercy> "Oh. Aww, my way is more fun."

<Nergui> "Possibly, but it is less practical."

<mainstreet> "Shapeshifter? Go on." Maria comments.

<Nergui> "Kiyomi here is a kitsune, with an extra tail and everything."

<Nergui> Kiyomi nods wordlessly

<Capn_Mercy> "A what?"

<Nergui> "She's a shapeshifting fox lady," Nergui says

  • Magwitch hasn't encountered such a thing before.

<Fir> "Can you shapeshift into a Japanese maple?"

<Magwitch> "Extra tail? One isn't enough?"

<Capn_Mercy> "Who ever heard of a fox with two tails?"

<Nergui> "I have honestly never tried to shapeshift into a tree," Kiyomi says

<Capn_Mercy> "Ooh, do it now, I wanna see."

<Fir> "Try it!"

<Capn_Mercy> "C'moooooon"

<Nergui> Kiyomi facepalms

  • Magwitch tweaks its Hat of Disguise to be a short Halfling who is wearing a shirt decorated with the design of a tree.

<Nergui> "So, does anyone have any problems with the plan where the fox lady impersonates the dead lizard to twist a rebellion to our own ends?" Nergui asks

  • Fir gets distracted by Magwitch's tweak. "Oh, can YOU make yourself look like a tree?"

<Magwitch> "No, not really. Not more than this."

<mainstreet> Maria shakes her head. "It works. The other leaders that were trying to kill you are all themselves at riots, I believe. I can take you to them and we can try it."

  • Fir looks a little disappointed at the lack of other tree-looking figures. "Alright, let's do that," she says to Nergui.

<Nergui> "I will only be able to maintain the disguise for about two hours," Kiyomi says

<mainstreet> "We'll have to move fast, then."

<Magwitch> "I can give you some boost to your Fortune while you attempt to Disguise and Bluff them, if you keep me within 30 feet of you. In a pocket, if you don't want to be seen with me. And I'd understand that if you don't. I mean, you wouldn't be the first."

<Nergui> "It should be easy to get the rebellion to follow me instead of people who were in thrall to a drow," Nergui says

<Magwitch> "A drow? They're Evil, right?"

<Nergui> "Yes."

  • Magwitch punches a fist into its other palm. "Ready to move out!"

<Capn_Mercy> "That's racist, you know. Maybe there are some good drow out there."

<Magwitch> "They shall be spared, if they make themselves known."

<Nergui> "Maybe, but we're probably not going to be dealing with them."

  • Magwitch looks disappointed.

<Nergui> "The non-evil ones, I mean. And hopefully, we won't run into the 'True Queen', either."

<mainstreet> Maria blanches. "Yeah, I don't think any supposed 'True Queen' Drow is likely to be one of the not-evil ones. Let's go."

<mainstreet> Maria stares at Jimmy. "No one else knows this corpse is here. Not today."

<mainstreet> Jimmy nods. "Yes, ma'am."

<Capn_Mercy> "Maybe we should destroy it."

<Fir> "I could throw some fire at it?"

<mainstreet> "So, I believe there are three major riots going on, with one of the leaders wanting to kill you present, and for that matter, one that doesn't as well, not counting the one at the inn. There's one near the courthose, I expect Milton to be there, one near the marketplace, Elena should be there, and one in, well, a back alley slum, Kelria should be there."

<Magwitch> "That leaves the mysterious Jake."

<Fir> "He's not one of the rebels, remember?" Fir asks, remembering a detail for a change.

<Capn_Mercy> "We don't really know enough to go looking for him, either."

<Nergui> "Hm. We'll want to waste as little time traveling as possible, but ending near the palace would also be good."

<mainstreet> "We're pretty much in the backstreets now," Maria points out helpfully.

<Fir> "Err...Kelly first, then?"

<Nergui> "Let's get moving. Kiyomi can put on the disguise on the way."

  • Fir follows Nergui out.
  • Magwitch hops onto Meep Meep and trots after Fir. Twinkle takes to the skies and maintains an aerial perspective.
  • Nergui leads while Kiyomi tags along
  • Fir holds a one-sided conversation with Molly as they walk.

<mainstreet> You make your way to the slum riot after a good few minutes of walking. Curiously, while there's a single Priest of Baldar observing, she seems to have little interest in intervening here. A smattering of humans, catfolk, and elves are beating each others' heads in, while a goblin is cackling as she seems to be targeting people from a safe distance while firing flaming arrows all over the place. Your presence hasn't been noticed

<mainstreet> yet, as you stop just short of getting into range, so you can prepare.

<Capn_Mercy> "Now this is a party!"

<Nergui> "Who is that goblin?"

<mainstreet> Maria points at the goblin. "That's Kelria. Wow, she seems to have gone off the deep end." She then indicates a Catfolk on the other side of the riot. "And there's Teresa, she's one of the leadership group, and as far as I know, is honest."

  • Magwitch bestows Kiyomi with some Fortune.
  • Magwitch then gets into the groove of Chanting again.

<Nergui> "Showtime, Kiyomi. Knock 'em dead."

<Nergui> Suddenly, Kiyomi starts bearing an uncanny resemblance to a living version of Dardim, and starts walking towards the riot

<mainstreet> Teresa spots "Dardim" first. "What's the matter, Kelria?" she taunts, seeing "Dardim". "Need reinforcements for your crazy plan?" Nonetheless, you can tell she's starting to feel a bit nervous.

<mainstreet> Kelria looks over. "Dardim! Here to help us do what we must?"

<Nergui> "People!" Kiyomi begins, imitating Dardim's voice. "Part of your leadership, including Kelria, have been manipulating you! Manipulating all of us! She serves another, putting the insidious ambitions of a drow 'Mistress' above your needs! We must fight against her as surely as any other minion of a tyrant! Fight for Teresa, and not this deceiver!"

<mainstreet> "Um, above our needs? What are you talking about, Dardim? The drow lady just gave us a bunch of gold to do some stuff. Really helped our funding. You know this, you've gotten a lot of the funding! What's the problem?"

<mainstreet> Kelria demands, seemingly irritated and uncaring.

<Nergui> "The problem is I put gold before the good of our people, and I'm here to fix that!"

<mainstreet> Her cell, however, looks around at themselves and darkens. "You... you were gonna sell us out to the Drow?" one of the elves growls angrily.

<mainstreet> "Hardly 'sell out'," Kelria protested. "We just got funding and did stuff. No big deal."

<mainstreet> "You. Sold. Us. Out. To. The. Drow."

<mainstreet> Kelria realizes she has suddenly lost all support, as her own former supporters glare at her angrily. "Uhhh... sorry and I promise not to do it again?"

<mainstreet> "No," one of the humans growls, making a grab for her. A brief scuffle ensues, but Kelria is quickly overwhelmed with absolutely no support whatsoever and having to fight two formerly mobbing groups, now united with purpose.

  • Fir keeps an eye on the priest of Baldar while all this happens.

<mainstreet> Teresa, however, does not participate in this, and looks over at "Dardim". "Pretty sure you ALSO sold us out to the Drow, Dardim," Teresa growls. "Why shouldn't we kill you too? Telling us now about it helps, but it's still the ****ing Drow."

<Nergui> "I am sorry I had to lie here," Nergui says, "but that is not Dardim. We only had her borrow his appearance to make Kelria admit her part of it."

<mainstreet> "And you are?" Teresa asks coldly. "I don't remember... I see one of our Agents," she indicates Maria, "but I don't remember seeing you at any Resistance operation before now..."

<Nergui> "How about a dramatic reveal?" Nergui says as she takes off her helmet.

<mainstreet> "...Okay?" Teresa is confused.

<Nergui> "...why does no one recognize ever recognize me?!"

  • Nergui gets so frustrated she cannot even speak straight, and lets loose a string of curses

<Fir> "Yeah, why don't y'all know your own princess?"

<mainstreet> Maria sighs. "This is Princess Abril. I told the Council about her."

  • Nergui starts taking deep breaths, slowly calming down

<mainstreet> "Oh, riiiight," Teresa twitches, resisting the urge to facepalm. "Yeah, great. Glad to have you. So... it's the Drow that want you killed?" Teresa muses. "That makes a disturbing amount of sense. Where's the real Dardim? We've got to stop him, and Elena and Milton too! ...but once we do that, we'll probably need to move on that palace or we'll get crushed."

<Fir> "That's the plan!"

<Fir> "Not the getting crushed part, the other guys and the palace part," Fir clarifies.

<mainstreet> "Are you sure your ready for this, Your Highness? I do believe you'll be a better ruler, but if you're not ready... your 'family' in Metros will not take this well, and Xalrin will suffer further."

  • Magwitch noticed that Teresa didn't mention Jake at all. Maybe she doesn't know?

<Nergui> "The real Dardim has been stopped."

<mainstreet> "...Of course. I heard he was heading straight for you," Teresa acknowledged. "Very well. Let's go take out the others. Citizens!" Teresa turns to the crowd. "We go on! Follow the Princess!"

<mainstreet> "Now, wait a second here," a voice interjects. "I'm not sure any of this is acceptable conduct here in Xalrin," the Priestess that had previously been observing sneers. "Do I need to call for a squad to arrest the lot of you, filth, for crimes against Baldar Himself?"

<Fir> "If you want me to Entangle that one long enough for us to run away, let me know," Fir whispers to Nergui.

<mainstreet> The crowd, having tied Kelria up and relieved her of her bow, seems restless at this proclamation.

<Nergui> "Tell me, what is acceptable conduct when the people wish to change who rules them?"

<mainstreet> "The rulership of Xalrin is that of House Xalrin, under Baldar's Decree. There is no change. The Count provides order to all, in Baldar's glorious name."

<Nergui> "How's your 'order' today?"

<mainstreet> "We will suppress this rabble. There were just higher priorities than this one. But I can still call for backup."

<Nergui> "How was your order when a catfolk was arrested for brushing his tail against a guard's boot? How was your order when you chose to stand by and do nothing while people died in front of you?"

<Nergui> "How is your order when you threaten to arrest someone who rightfully outranks you?"

<mainstreet> "Crime is crime. We will stamp it out... and you..." the Priestess sighs. "You do not hold rank anymore, by the Emperor's decree, and yet... you still have a claim, Lady of Metros. I... I find I cannot oppose you directly, Your Highness. Very well, proceed. But know that a ruler imposes order. Encouraging this rabble will only cause you to fail," the Priestess turns and beings to walk away.

  • Nergui turns to the others. "Let us move on."
  • Magwitch stops Chanting.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy blinks, amazed by Nergui's sheer charisma. "Oh, c'mon! At this rate, I won't get to kill *anything*!"

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---