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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #10: Dead Men Do Tell Tales

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

<mainstreet> There are two Priests of Baldar attempting to corral a rabble of rioters. There are half a dozen on each "side" of the riot. Nergui has just enlarged herself, shielded herself, and called out the lizardfolk on one side of the conflict as the primary target. But will the Priests listen?

  • Magwitch Hexes Nergui with Fortune as she is pointing out the lizardfolk, then begins chanting to maintain the effect.

<mainstreet> The Priests look at each other and nod. They engage!

  • Magwitch attempts to Hex the Lizardman with Misfortune (Will DC 20) and Twinkle fires off a Magic Missile.
  • Magwitch stays within the doorway of the Blue Inn while Twinkle is over with Nergui.

<mainstreet> The lizard appears to have a feeling of misfortune indeed.

  • Magwitch continues Chanting.

<mainstreet> The lizard looks around and growls at the Party standing there. He starts murmuring...

<mainstreet> black tentacles sprout up all around most of the party! (Fir, Mercy, Nergui, Kiyomi)

<mainstreet> The priests pull out their scimitars and attempt to slice up the lizard.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy emerges from the inn, yawning and rubbing her eyes. She looks up to see an ongoing riot and a mass of overly affectionate tentacles, the latter of which is attempting to wrap one around her ankle. "Oh, goddammit! Not again!" She yanks her foot free. "I turn my back for five minutes, and you guys are starting civel unrest without me! Not cool."

<mainstreet> *slicesliceslice* The lizardfolk mage looks sliced up pretty bad.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy, furious at having almost missed a good street brawl, almost charges into the fray, but the tentacle is trying to grab her ankle again. "Not now, okay? Fight first, kinky stuff later." She carefully wades out of grasping range and circles around the crowd, waiting for an opportunity to get in close.

<mainstreet> The fighters rabble at each other and beat each other up a bit.

<Nergui> Kiyomi just barely slips out of the grasp of the tentacles. Deciding discretion is the better part of valor, she makes her way into the inn, away from the riots and the tentacled madness.

<Fir> "Let me go!" the small tree says, in plantspeech. When the tentacles don't respond, she suddenly morphs...into a not-at-all-plant-looking Cave Bear. Roaring, she tries to escape the tentacles.

<Fir> Escaped, she quickly dashes out of the tentacles range.

<mainstreet> The lizard grumbles when he realizes the tentacles did quite little.

  • Nergui raises her cleaver up high as she wades through the tentacles. "GET STYLED UPON!" she shouts, then brings down the cleaver like the blade of a guillotine onto the lizard.

<mainstreet> The cleaver cleaves right through the lizardfolk. He is now in two halves, and all the fighters in the area gape.

<mainstreet> All the fighters look at themselves... the ones that were supporting the lizard promptly run away.

<mainstreet> Maria grins. "Nice job."

<Capn_Mercy> "No, wait, come back! I didn't get to kill anyone yet!"

  • Nergui raises her blooded cleaver victoriously. "YOU CAN'T STOP WHAT I'VE BECOME!"

<Fir> "Urg, I had a spell I really wanted to try," Fir complains. However, no one understands her, because she's speaking in bear.

<mainstreet> "We appreciate your assistance in stopping the rabble. However, this is not appropriate conduct in Xalrin. Please desist immediately," one of the Priests commands. Or, tries to command. It sounds quite whiny and scared.

<Fir> "It feels very odd to be an animal," still un-understandably. Fir keeps lifting her paws to look at them, and turning around to look at her body.

<Magwitch> Twinkle is thinking, "It feels very odd to be a dragon", but nobody knows that either :-)

  • Fir finally turns back into herself, saying, "That's better."
  • Nergui slowly goes back to her normal size, still covered in blood, and puts away her cleaver. "Pardon. I have a tendency to get carried away."
  • Capn_Mercy grumbles something about kill-stealing.

<Fir> "Anyone hurt?"

<Nergui> Kiyomi peeks out from the inn. "I am."

  • Fir instructs Molly to dig around in the bag to find a concoction with the plus sign on it, then hands that to Kiyomi.

<mainstreet> The Priests still look uncomfortable, unsure of themselves.

<Nergui> Kiyomi hesitantly takes the concoction and drinks it

<Nergui> "You two," Nergui says to the priests. "Do you why this happened?"

  • Fir pulls out an identical vial and chugs it herself. She pulls out a third vial. "Anyone else?"

<mainstreet> The Priests look at each other uncomfortably. "We don't. We suspect that known rebel elements within the city became upset about... something, and have flared up. Fortunately, with the assistance of those such as yourself, they are no match for the might of Baldar!" The Priest finishes with a more confident flourish.

  • Magwitch continues chanting to itself.

<Nergui> "Without hard working people like yourselves, I'm sure the city would have descended into chaos long ago. But something has flared up, like you said. The problem is clearly not with you two, so perhaps it's...something to do with someone up higher."

<Nergui> "Something to think about, but for now most of our focus should be on quelling the riots."

<Magwitch> Meep meep says "Meep meep!"

<mainstreet> "Perhaps. This is our patrol sector, and we're clear here. For now. If you want to stop the riots in other parts of the city, coordinate with the clergy in the relevant sector."

  • Nergui turns to the remaining rabble. "The rest of you lot...do you want to go home, or do you want to come with me and make something of this day?"
  • Fir raises her hand. "Ooooh, oooh, pick me!"

<mainstreet> "Hey, wait a second!" the Priest objects. "I was willing to let those people go, but if you're going to intensify another riot with them, that's not allowed!"

<Nergui> "Intensify the riots? No, I am going to restore order," Nergui says as she takes off her helmet dramatically. "It is my right."

<Nergui> "...as princess."

<mainstreet> The Priests look at each other. "Uh, look, lady, I have... no idea what you're talking about."

  • Nergui facepalms. "I'm princess Abril."

<mainstreet> More frowning. "Uh... wasn't she exiled? And uh, can you even prove that?"

<Fir> "The baron of ...um...Canton... recognized her as the princess," Fir speaks up.

  • Nergui gestures uselessly. "How many otherwise human-looking people with scales are there? Never mind. Just go back to your business, and we'll go coordinate with the clergy in other sectors." Nergui puts her helmet back on, clearly frustrated.

<mainstreet> The Priests look at each other and wander off.

  • Fir pats Nergui on the back of her leg. "It's ok, WE'RE impressed that you're the princess," she says consolingly.

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy shrugs. "Meh."

<Nergui> "Check the bisected lizard for any surviving loot, then let's move."

  • Fir helps search the lizard body.

<mainstreet> Fir: A lot of his belongings are destroyed, but you can find a Grease Grease, a pair of Cure Light Wounds Potions, and a Dust of Darkness.

<Fir> "Who wants?" Fir asks.

  • Nergui turns to Maria. "What are your plans?"
  • Fir shrugs and adds all the loot to her bag.

<mainstreet> Maria frowns. "My plan was to make sure you got out of here safely. I don't think any of the other riots will have leadership members among them, they more or less know where you are. This riot is on general principles of support."

<mainstreet> Maria looks around carefully. "The way I see it, you can either attempt to force a conclusion with haste, or get out of here while you still can. Whether that conclusion is by confronting the leadership of the Resistance, or confronting the Count and Countess, I cannot say. I don't believe there is much to be gained by quelling riots ourselves -- it'll just give people to take shots at you -- unless you are seriously going to

<mainstreet> attempt to use that as a device to curry favor."

<Nergui> "Hm. I am not sure we are ready to just go to the Count and Countess without considerable support."

<Nergui> "But if that lizard was typical for the leadership of the resistance, perhaps we can confront them."

<mainstreet> "Dardim was... a fairly typical leader, yes, but I don't know the skill sets of everyone. While I am one of the Resistance's top agents, there are security limitations on what I know."

<Nergui> "Had I not gotten...carried away, we may have learned about what motivated him to do this."

<mainstreet> Maria bites her lip. "I know someone that might be able to help."

<Fir> "Do you want me to reincarnate him?"

<mainstreet> "Can anyone here cast Mending on his corpse?" Maria asks.

  • mainstreet erases that

<mainstreet> "We'll need to get the corpse back together somehow, though. But I know someone that I can probably get to Speak with Dead him."

<Capn_Mercy> "Can't we just speak to...you know, one half or the other?"

<Nergui> "I am sadly lacking in the realm of corpse restoration."

<mainstreet> "It doesn't have an intact mouth, so no," Maria points out.

  • Fir holds the corpse pieces together and instructs Molly to begin sewing the pieces together.

<Fir> Molly finds some twine, but no needles. Fir eventually notices that the twine is not moving, and puts down the corpseieces to see what the problem is. "Err...anyone have needles?"

<mainstreet> Maria produces a pair of needles out of... somewhere. "Don't ask."

  • Fir takes the needles, doesn't ask, and begins sewing.

<Fir> After taking some time, she uses Prestidigitation to clean all the animal gunk off herself and put a nice clean dirt back on her bark (skin).

<Capn_Mercy> "Wow, it's been less than an hour since I woke up, and laready we've started a riot and desecrated a corpse. This is rapidly turning out to be the best day ever."

<Nergui> "We've barely begun."

  • Fir digs around in her bag again for a vial until she finds one that she marked with a humanoid-looking nose. She pours the contents over the body. "That will keep him from stinking for awhile."
  • Fir pulls out yet another vial, this one marked with an ant. "If he's too heavy for you, whoever is carrying him can drink this to help."

<Capn_Mercy> "Pfft." Mercy slings the dead lizardman over her shoulder like a duffel bag. "The question is, where am I taking him?"

<mainstreet> Maria starts to lead you on a windy path through the backstreets of the city. "I'm trying to avoid the riot zones," she comments, as you wind through.

<mainstreet> Eventually you end up at a fairly seedy home that overall looks quite nondescript. The symbol of Baldar is painted on the door, but otherwise it looks quite rundown and boring. Maria bangs on the door. "Hey Jimmy, you in there?"

<mainstreet> A groan, then... "Maria? Wha..." the door opens, and what appears to be a Cleric of Baldar steps out. "What happened to low profile?" he demands.

<mainstreet> "Sorry Jimmy, it's an emergency. I need a Speak with Dead on this corpse here," Maria explains. "I'll let my companion here," she points at Nergui, "set the questions, though."

<mainstreet> "Uh... isn't that Dardim? ...what happened?!"

<mainstreet> "He tried to have us killed. We need to know why."

<mainstreet> "Ugh... fine... come on in, why do I even... ugh." Jimmy trots inside, and you all follow. The hovel inside is your fairly basic hovel. A long table is present in the center of the room, and Maria gestures for Mercy to place the body there.

<Nergui> "Would've asked him while he was alive, but it turns out he is vulnerable to ten-foot cleavers."

<Capn_Mercy> "Nergui has some impressive cleavage."

<Nergui> "You know it."

<Capn_Mercy> Mercy unceremoniously flops the body onto the table. *whump*

<mainstreet> "Alright, here's the deal," Jimmy informs the Party, "I am a Cleric of Baldar. Sort of. I have my own reasons for joining the Resistance. Overall point, though, is I'm not particularly high-ranking. You get three questions. That's it."

<Nergui> "The first question should be...'Why did you and certain other Resistance leaders want Princess Abril to be killed?' Our following questions will probably depend on the response."

<mainstreet> Jimmy nods slowly and begins chanting the spell.

<mainstreet> Ten minutes later, Jimmy asks: "Why did you and certain other Resistance leaders want Princess Abril to be killed?"

<mainstreet> The corpse slowly processes the question, then replies "The Mistress commanded that all members of the noble families of the Empire be eliminated."

<mainstreet> Maria blinks. "Mistress? The ****? Dardim is one of our leaders, there shouldn't be anyone above him? Who the hell is this Mistress and why can she control him? ...That's what I'm interested to know, anyway. I still defer to your questioning, ma'am," she nods at Nergui.

<Magwitch_> While Magwitch continues chanting feverishly, like a record getting its groove on, Twinkle the Faerie Dragon asks the question to Dardim, "Using full title, name, and qualifications if known, who do you serve?"

  • Nergui nods approvingly at that question

<mainstreet> Jimmy repeats the question.

<mainstreet> The corpse's reply: "The Mistress, the Supreme Wizard and True Queen of All Almara, commands me in all things."

<mainstreet> Nergui, Kiyomi: You shudder as soon as you hear the title. You know exactly what this is referencing, and your heart grows a little cold. The 'True Queen of Almara' is referencing one of the daughters of the Eternal Empress of Almara, the ruler of the Galmoroth Empire at its peak when it did, in fact, control just about all of the continent. The Meterrian Empire itself arose, among many other kingdoms, out of its ashes when it

<mainstreet> finally fell. One of your ancestors (Nergui) was directly responsible for driving the forces of at least one of the supposed True Queens out of the east of Almara, helped by the infighting amongst the sisters. But none of the sisters were known to have died like their mother has. They may not have been seen for 422 years, but there is no reason to presume their death, as they were all quite young Drow indeed, at the time of

<mainstreet> their forced removal.

<Nergui> "Well..." Nergui says, "...things just got interesting."

<mainstreet> "They did? That sounded like a bunch of pointless mumbo-jumbo. I don't see how we learned much. Well, this 'Mistress' being a wizard is interesting, but I mean, half the Resistance leadership is wizards, and half is female, so this is not saying much," Maria 'helpfully' points out.

<Capn_Mercy> "I take it you know something the rest of us don't?"

<Fir> "Hmm. Do you ask where this Mistress lady is, or what her biggest weakness is?" Fir speculates quietly.

<Nergui> "It would be useful to know who all is compromised. Maria might not know all of them. Someone be ready to take notes...'what are the names of all the people you know who also serve the one you call the Mistress'?"

<mainstreet> Jimmy repeats the question, and the corpse answers, rattling off a list of names. "Except for one, which is a name I don't recognize, that's exactly the half of the leadership group that wanted you killed. I guess we now know why they wanted it," Maria shakes her head.

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---