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Expedition is the third campaign set in the World of Zomaris, a Pathfinder campaign setting created by mainstreet.


This campaign began June 18, 2021, with an introductory session on May 7. It began with 5 Player Characters, played by Capn_Ascii, Iethloc, BLusk, annafirtree, and MeatDog.


Overworld: The World of Zomaris

Pre-Game Instructions

Level: 15

Stats: High Fantasy, Automatic Bonus Progression (but weapons and armor with special abilities do not reduce attunement bonuses)

Gold: 1/2 standard (120k), plus a Hat of Disguise and a free mount (horse for Medium PCs, riding dog for Small PCs). Additionally, the team has been issued a Portable Hole, a Bottle of Air, and an Eastern Star Ioun Stone.

Current Experience Status

Current Level: 15

Experience Points are not awarded using the traditional system; the DM(s) declare when the characters level up.


Chapter Title Played
Chapter 01 Prologue: Decisions to be Made May 7, 2021
Chapter 02 A Lot of Bull June 18, 2021
Chapter 03 Monsters, Signs, and Snakes June 25, 2021
Chapter 04 Exposition the Size of a Giant Snake July 2, 2021
Chapter 05 Little Troubles and Big Problems July 9, 2021
Chapter 06 She Sells Scrolls July 16, 2021
Chapter 07 A Time to Dig July 23, 2021
Chapter 08 Be Like Bob August 6, 2021
Chapter 09 Home Invasion, Part I August 13, 2021
Chapter 10 Home Invasion, Part II August 20, 2021
Chapter 11 How To Murder A Family August 27, 2021
*Chapter 12 The Big Z September 3, 2021
Chapter 13 What's Up, Dock? September 10, 2021
Chapter 14 To Bee or Not To Bee September 17, 2021
Chapter 15 Escape the Dungeon! September 24, 2021
Chapter 16 Tower Crashers October 1, 2021
Chapter 17 Violence Is The Key October 8, 2021
Chapter 18 Drow White and the Seven Dwarves October 15, 2021
Chapter 19 March on the Vault October 22, 2021
Chapter 20 Battle for the Vault October 29, 2021
Chapter 21 We Have the Vault November 5, 2021

A * indicates a chapter before which there was a Level Up


Player Characters

Character Level Class Race Player
Mercy 16 Barbarian Human Capn_Ascii
Fir 16 Druid Vine Leshy annafirtree
Jasmine 16 Sacred Necromancer Halfling MeatDog
Rsifi 16 Bard (Dragon Herald) Kobold Iethloc
Kerith Nightwater 16 Rogue Aquatic Elf BLusk