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Open For Business

Whistling as he walks down a fairly average street in the fairly average city of Yeu Nork, a man watches the buildings go by. Stately red brick houses with neatly trimmed lawns and stairs leading up to the doors, an even sidewalk for avoiding those riding by in wagons and horses... and then, looking down at the scrap of paper held in his palm, he sighs.

His eyes go back up to the building in front of him: a tall, rickety three-story wood and brick affair, with a shingled roof, a couple broken windows... he figures it probably should have been condemned. But, they were "renovating", so... He reads the huge sign over the door for a moment: "Adventurers Anonymous... Weston Enterprises... Investigators Incorporated... Some Place... Umm... Valiant Ventures!" and sighs. "This must be the place."



Status: Cancelled


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