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Chromatic Philosopher Variant


Name Campaign Level Class
Miriam Maranis Trinsic Modern: Relief Squad 5 Charismatic Hero
Marissa Maranis Trinsic: State of the Union
Trinsic: Chaos Reigns
9 Cleric
Merilac Space Quest: Convergence 9 Fast Hero
Eralia t'Khellian Trinsic: Blind Justice 13 Fighter
Eralia t'Khellian Trinsic Tales: Afterlife in the Fast Lane 15 Fighter
Lak Kril Trinsic Tales: The Tower 11 Rouge
Leticia Gray Trinsic Tales: Planescapes 10 Ranger
Wulfric Stormcloak Trinsic Tales: Planescapes 10 Marshal
Marilyn Kiradan Trinsic Tales: Ships Ahoy! 12 Rogue/Swashbuckler/Swordsage
Marilyn Kiradan Trinsic Tales: Hell's Bells 12 Rogue/Swashbuckler/Swordsage
Rodrigo Del Oso Trinsic Tales: Hell's Bells 12 Barbarian/Bear Warrior
Valmyra Shadowrun:Project Reclamation
Shadowrun:Triple Play
- Face/Spellcaster
Miranor Trinsic Tales: Metagame 8 Factotum
Andrea Martinez Princess the Hopeful: Amazon Brigade - Seeker of Diamonds
Emilia Zomaris: Khanate Rising 9 Swashbuckler

Campaigns as Dungeon Master