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Group Function

I used to serve as the group's de facto secretary: keeping track of the logs, remembering the NPCs names and various other little niggly details, and generally serving as a human database. The others also like to claim I'm the sane one in the group - though considering the general sanity level of the group in general, that should be considered a very relative claim.

Player Characters

Name Campaign Level Class
Jeysie the Bard Trinsic: The Search For Symphony 3 Bard
Loralove Shortcloak Trinsic: Mission of Mercy 6 Beguiler
Mallory Ruiz Trinsic: State of the Union 5 Fighter
Loralove Shortcloak Trinsic: Chaos Reigns 9 Beguiler
Ronnie Armitage Trinsic Modern: Relief Squad 3/2 Smart Hero/Techie
Reginar Dunstonn Chaotic Crew 5 Rogue
Ah'Choo Space Quest: Exodus 4 Scout
Ada Babbage Space Quest: Convergence 7 Scout
Runalka Knight Family Knight 2 Cleric
Sophia Ayudant Valiant Ventures 5 Bardic Sage

Campaigns Run