Trinsic Tales:Ships Ahoy!/Chapter 13

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Thirteen: Trolling LOL!


<Capn_Ascii> As we join our heroes, we find them between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Or, rather, between some thugs and some deadly floor traps. ...actually, the traps are between them and the thugs, know what? Let's just do this already.

<Capn_Ascii> Ash: You whip out your arm and fling your shield like a patriotic superhero; it immediately takes up a defensive position just in front of you, hoving in mid-air. All who choose to opposite it will have to make a difficult decision as to whether or not to yield.

Ashling, still flying forward, claps her hand as she finishes casting her spell, causing everyone to change positions suddently.

Marilyn waits for the position switch, checks the results, then flies as fast as she can to the elevator platform.

<Capn_Ascii> *pop!*

<Capn_Ascii> There's a brief moment where everyone seems to freeze in place...then, time starts again. Except...wait, what?

<Capn_Ascii> Everyone seems to be in different places now! The thugs and troll blink and look around, caught off-guard as they try to figure out why everything around them has suddenly jumped around.

<Capn_Ascii> The one troll left in place suddenly realizes that the lot of you are standing next to him. He slowly turns toward you, as the displaces guys in robes yell at him. However, it's the other troll who suddenly yowls loudly, silencing his comrades.

<Capn_Ascii> The floor beneath him shifts as he lands from the teleport. There's a brief, ominous silence...and then, the horrifying sound of glass cracking. Fractures begin to form in the glass walls and ceiling of the tunnel...

Vathgani takes the opportunity to fly to the elevator platform in the confusion

Ashling flees

Marilyn follows

<Capn_Ascii> Blue squeaks at the sudden cracking noise, and quickly flies after you. The lot of you alight on the elevator platform, which starts to move upward...

<Capn_Ascii> The thugs and trolls start yelling at each other in a panic, the ground shaking as the trolls charge down the corridor to try and catch up to you!

<Capn_Ascii> The closest troll is just fast enough to grab the rim of the circular platform as it passes his head height! He ends up hanging from the rim by both hands as the platform ascends upward toward the vaulted ceiling of the elevator chamber.

Marilyn pulls out her blades, realizing she's got at least one opponent.

Vathgani readies his guisarme and fancy psychoactive armor

<Capn_Ascii> The troll struggles to haul himself up onto the platform!

<Capn_Ascii> He's doing it! If you don't want him sharing your ride, best do something only have a few moments before you reach the overhead shaft!

Marilyn slams her blades into the trolls hands, trying to force them off the platform.

<Vathgani> "No, no more room! No guests!" Vathgani says and begins stomping on the troll's fingers.

<Capn_Ascii> The both of you assault the troll's oversized mauling hands, but he stands (grabs?) firm, digging his fingers into the stone slab, slowly hauling himself up even as you continue to kick and slash him in the face. Soon, he's up on the platform with you.

<Capn_Ascii> Just as the elevator begins to ascend into the shaft...

<Capn_Ascii> *CRASH!*

<Capn_Ascii> Somewhere below you, you hear several terrified screams, as the glass walls of the tunnel finally shatter. Thousands of gallons of deep sea water come rushing into the underground area, crushing the thugs and the other troll as you rise up and out of sight.

<Capn_Ascii> You idly wonder if the elevator shaft is watertight...

<Marilyn> "The guys that were gonna pay you are probably dead now," Marilyn informs the troll. "Is it really worth the fight anymore?"

<Capn_Ascii> The troll glares at you. "YOU KILL BROTHER!" Oops.

Marilyn sighs. "Okay, it's the hard way. Very well, let's do this."

<Vathgani> "Thought water killed brother."

<Capn_Ascii> "SEMANTICS!" He roars angrily, brandishing his claws.

Ashling blinks "Impressive word. No offense. Girls, plan Alpha." she says s she begins casting spells.

<Capn_Ascii> The three Stoo--er, your three companions begin casting their spells.

<Capn_Ascii> You join them, and the lot of you let off your spells at once. The troll is blasted with a quartet of magic missiles, as you summon forth a cloud of mist to blind him. Even as you do so, the last of your little friends paints him with a glowing light, allowing you to see him through the mist.

Marilyn uses her Cloak of Deception, then steps forward into the adjacent square, and ATTACKS with her blades! And again!

<Capn_Ascii> Marilyn: You...miss! And again, and again! Indeed, only one blow hits the mark, though it does at least cut rather deep.

<Capn_Ascii> ...oh, wait! Your other blade suddenly swings back around and clips him again, all by itself.

<Marilyn> "Thank you my dear," Marilyn croons at her most reliable blade.

Vathgani takes a step back from the troll and takes a couple swings. "Cut more! Do something!"

<Capn_Ascii> Vath: You viciously hack away at the troll's fat cankles, and while you do deal a good amount of damage, he remains annoyingly vertical.

<Marilyn> Marilyn decides to press the advantage, and engage in a very special sort of manuever. She waves her finger very specifically. Shadow Garrote!

<Capn_Ascii> The troll, angry at Vath's attempt to deny it its rightful turn, raises its fist in preperation to smash! ...but then suddenly finds itself being throttled by an almost-invisible strand of shadow.

<Capn_Ascii> "*GACK!*"

<Marilyn> "I find your lack of faith in my abilities... disturbing," Marilyn smirks, engaging the choke.

<Capn_Ascii> Growling,the troll rips the cord away, tearing it into shreds! Then...he attacks!

<Capn_Ascii> --END SESSION--