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Rodrigo's Roll20 Token

Rodrigo Del Oso is a Bear Warrior from the wildlands of Belcadar. His primary goal is to win the heart of Princess Marilyn Kiradan. Because of the social constraints, in order to formalize their arrangement he will need to earn some sort of title of nobility within Belcadar. He spends a lot of time with Marilyn when he can, trying to help her out (and make sure no one else gets in on her, heheh).

Character Information

Character of Trinsic Tales: Hell's Bells played July 18, 2014 to --

Name Player Race Height/Weight Hair/Eyes Class
Rodrigo Del Oso mainstreet Human 6'05"/275 lbs. Black/Brown

(0 / 12,000) - 00.00%

Size Gender Age Skin Alignment/Allegiance Deity
Medium Male 20 yrs. Olive Neutral None
Stats Saves Attacks Misc. Languages
STR 18 +4 INT 14 +2
DEX 14 +2 WIS 10 +0
CON 16 +3 CHA 12 +1
Fort +13
Ref +5
Will +5
Melee +17/+12/+7
Missile +15/+10/+5
Grapple +17
Speed 30ft.
Initiative +2
Armor Class 21
Hit Points 134/134
  • Common
  • Giant
  • Gnoll
  • Gnomish
  • Goblin
  • Sylvan
  • Orcish
Feats Class Features Racial Features

Skill Tricks

  • Fast Movement
  • Rage (4/5)
  • Uncanny Dodge
  • Trap Sense +2
  • Improved Uncanny Dodge
  • Damage Reduction

  • Bear Form (black)
  • Scent
  • Bear form (brown)
  • Medium size
  • Base speed: 30ft.
  • 1 extra feat at first level
  • 4 extra skill points at first level
  • 1 extra skill point per level

Active Abilities:

  • DR 1/-


Skill Name Bonus Skill Name Bonus Skill Name Bonus
Appraise +2 Hide -1 Open Lock +2
Balance -1 Intimidate +17 Perform +1
Bluff +1 Jump +17 Profession +0
Climb +17 Know (Arcana) +2 Ride +2
Concentration +3 Know (Arch. & Eng.) +2 Search +2
Craft +2 Know (Dungeoneering) +2 Sense Motive +0
Decipher Script +2 Know (Geography) +2 Sleight Of Hand -1
Diplomacy +1 Know (History) +2 Spellcraft +2
Disable Device +2 Know (Local) +2 Spot +0
Disguise +1 Know (Nature) +2 Survival +16
Escape Artist -1 Know (Nob. & Royal.) +2 Swim +19
Forgery +2 Know (The Planes) +2 Tumble -1
Gather Information +1 Know (Religion) +2 Use Magic Device +1
Handle Animal +1 Listen +16 Use Rope +2
Heal +0 Move Silently -1    

Spells Known

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2



Wand Spells

  • Save DC = 10 + spell level + CHA (2)

Item Abilities

Item Location Ability Daily Charges
Mask of Blood Face +1 round rage (each rage). Spit Stream of Blood as Ranged Touch Attack for 4d6 Acid Damage 2/2
Winged Boots Feet Fly for up to 5 mintues 3/3
Brute Gauntlets Hands (Inactive) Morale boost to STR, related skill checks, and melee weapon damage for 1 round. 1 charge: +2, 2 charges: +3, 3 charges: +4. 3/3
Bear Helm Head While raging, you can halve the damage dealt by a single sneak attack or critical hit scored against you. You can activate this item after the damage from the attack has been determined. 1/1
Heartseeking Amulet Throat Next Melee Attack is a Touch Attack 3/3
Ring of Four Winds Ring (Left) +2 AC or Feather Fall 4/4
Cloak of Predatory Vigor Shoulders While in a rage or frenzy, you can activate this cloak to heal damage to yourself equal to your Hit Dice. 2/2
Belt of Battle Waist +2 initiative (constant). Extra actions: move (1 charge), standard (2 charges), full-round (3 charges) 3/3


  • 4823 GP, 2 SP, 5 CP
  • Wands are listed in section above, as are slot items with charges (thus, not included here)
Item Location Qty
(+1) Berserker Brash Steel Greataxe Primary Weapon 1

Berserker: Deals an extra 1d8 points of damage on any successful attack while you are raging (Accounted for above)
Brash: Rage lasts for an extra 3 rounds and immune to fear effects while raging

Crystal of Acid Assault, Greater Weapon 1

1d6 acid damage on hit. (accounted for above.) Target takes –1 penalty to AC for 1 round (multiple hits on the same creature don’t stack).

(+1) Mithril Called+Quick Escape Full Plate Body 1

Called: Provided that you and your called armor or shield are on the same plane, you can call it to you by speaking the proper command word, regardless of the intervening distance. If you aren’t wearing armor at the time, a suit of called armor appears on your body, as though you had donned it in the normal fashion. If you are wearing other armor when you speak the command word, the called armor appears in your space or in an adjacent space you designate that is capable of holding it. If any other creature has worn your called armor or shield since you last wore it, you can no longer call it until you wear it again.
Quick Escape: Ingeniously crafted, this armor uses special buckles, straps, and releases so it can be removed in mere moments. It is a favorite of wealthy sailors and adventurers who anticipate going near bodies of water. As a standard action, the wearer pulls and twists on a special lock, located on the shield-side hip, which causes the armor to fall away. Each lock is unique in operation, making it difficult for anyone other than the owner to undo, especially in the middle of battle. A Disable Device check (DC 30) is required for someone other than the wearer to release the armor in combat. If the Disable Device attempt is made while the wearer is not in combat (a rogue sneaking up on a sleeping guard, for example), then the DC is reduced to 15. It takes twice as long as normal to put on quick-escape armor.

Crystal of Mind Cloaking, Least Armor 1

This augment crystal grants you a +1 competence bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting spells and abilities.

Armbands of Might Wrists 1

These bronze armbands grant their wearer a +2 bonus on Strength checks and Strength based skill checks. If the wearer has the Power Attack feat, he gains a +2 bonus on melee damage rolls on any attack on which he uses the Power Attack feat and takes a penalty of at least –2 on his attack roll. (Not already accounted for in data above)

Shiftweave Torso 1

Mimics five specific outfits, but does not affect magical effects of clothing, or active armor in any way.

Ring of Swimming Ring (Right) 1

+5 to Swim

Brute Gauntlets Hands 1

+2 to STR (enhancement boost) while worn (Not accounted for above)

Handy Haversack Back 1

Stores up to 120 lbs. of items for 5 lbs, item fetched is always on top

Elixir of Sneaking Haversack 3

+10 competence bonus on Move Silently checks for 1 hour.

Liquid Sunlight Haversack 3

Shining with the light of a torch, a pellet of liquid sunlight is a half-inch-diameter sphere of glass that contains a gold-colored liquid. The pellet can be thrown as a ranged attack with a range increment of 5 feet. Alternatively, it can be loaded into a sling and used as a sling bullet. When it strikes a firm surface, it bursts and sprays out the liquid within. The liquid continues to glow with the light of a torch for 1 round after exposure to the air. Creatures with light sensitivity are dazzled for 1 round if struck by a liquid sunlight pellet. The pellet deals 1d6 points of damage to a vampire, vampire spawn, or any other creature similarly harmed by daylight.

Bedroll Haversack 1
Blanket, Winter Haversack 1
Blessed Bandage Haversack 3
Chain, 10 ft Haversack 1
Chalk Haversack 5
Crowbar Haversack 1
Earplugs Ears 1
Flour Pouch Haversack 5
Grappling Hook Haversack 1
Ink Vial + Inkpen Haversack 1
Manacles Haversack 1
Parchment Haversack 10
Pole, 10 ft Haversack 1
Rope, Silk 50 ft Haversack 1
Sling Haversack 1
Soap Haversack 1
Tent, one-person Haversack 1
Trail Rations Haversack 7
Waterskin Haversack 1
Greataxe Haversack 1