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Her Royal Highness, the Beautiful Princess, Meredith Ariadne Rachel Isabelle Lucille Yolanda Natalie Kiradan, commonly known as Princess Marilyn Kiradan is the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Belcadar, located on the southern coast of Kevlo's Farallon continent. Despite her obvious heritage and wealth, which she enjoys showing off and playing with, she spends a lot of time in the shadows, obtaining what she wants by any means she pleases, regardless of legality. After all, she can hardly be accused of stealing something she so obviously could simply have by being royalty, could she? At worst, consider it a little extra taxation, my citizens...

Marilyn's Roll20 Token

Character Information

Character of Trinsic Tales: Ships Ahoy! played August 9, 2013 to January 17, 2014
Character of Trinsic Tales: Hell's Bells played July 18, 2014 to December 2014

Name Player Race Height/Weight Hair/Eyes Class
Marilyn Mainstreet Human 5' 10"/140 lbs. Auburn/Green

Size Gender Age Skin Alignment/Allegiance Deity
Medium Female 22 yrs. Fair Neutral
Stats Saves Attacks Misc. Languages
STR 12 +1 INT 16 +3
DEX 16 +3 WIS 14 +2
CON 16 +3 CHA 14 +2
Fort +10
Ref +15
Will +10
Melee +12/+6
Missile +14/+8
Grapple +12
Speed 30ft.
Initiative +4
Armor Class 22 (23 vs. one)
Hit Points 99/99
  • Common
  • Draconic
  • Dwarven
  • Elven
Feats Class Features Racial Features
  • Simple Weapon Proficiency
  • Martial Weapon Proficiency
  • Light Armor Proficiency
  • Combat Expertise
  • Daring Outlaw
  • Improved Feint
  • Two-Weapon Fighting
  • Vital Recovery
  • Weapon Finesse(Rapier)

Skill Tricks:

  • Sneak attack +5d6/7d6
  • Trapfinding
  • Evasion
  • Trap sense +2
  • Uncanny Dodge
  • Insightful Strike (see Swashbuckler page)
  • Add WIS bonus to AC if no shield+light armor/load
  • Discipline Focus: Weapon Focus (Diamond Mind)
    • list of weapons includes Rapier (Tome of Battle Ch4)
  • Discipline Focus: Insightful Strike (Shadow Hand)
    • Add WIS bonus on damage rolls to Shadow Hand strikes
  • Medium size
  • Base speed: 30ft.
  • 1 extra feat at first level
  • 4 extra skill points at first level
  • 1 extra skill point per level

  • Iron Ward (0/10)


Skill Name Bonus Skill Name Bonus Skill Name Bonus
Appraise +3 Hide +18 Open Lock +19
Balance +3 Intimidate +19 Perform +2
Bluff +18 Jump +1 Profession +1
Climb +1 Know (Arcana) +3 Ride +3
Concentration +3 Know (Arch. & Eng.) +3 Search +19
Craft +3 Know (Dungeoneering) +3 Sense Motive +18
Decipher Script +3 Know (Geography) +3 Sleight Of Hand +6
Diplomacy +2 Know (History) +3 Spellcraft +3
Disable Device +19 Know (Local) +3 Spot +20
Disguise +2 Know (Nature) +3 Survival +1
Escape Artist +3 Know (Nob. & Royal.) +3 Swim +1
Forgery +3 Know (The Planes) +3 Tumble +3
Gather Information +2 Know (Religion) +3 Use Magic Device +2
Handle Animal +2 Listen +18 Use Rope +3
Heal +1 Move Silently +29    

Stances and Maneuvers

X = prepared under normal circumstances

Spells Known

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2

Wand Spells

Wand Spells

Wand Spells

  • Save DC = 10 + spell level + CHA (2)

Item Abilities

Item Location Ability Daily Charges
Belt of Growth Waist Enlarge Person up to 10 Minutes 1/1
Bracers of Quick Strike Arms Make one additional attack after a full attack action 1/1
Corsair's Eyepatch Face Left: See Invisibility 1 Round. Right: Blind-Fight 1 Minute. 3/3
Heartseeking Amulet Throat Next Melee Attack is a Touch Attack 3/3
Ring of Four Winds Ring (Left) +2 AC or Feather Fall 4/4
Lockpicking Ring Ring (Right) +5 Open Lock (Constant). Knock (1 charge). 1/1
Scout's Headband Head +2 Spot (Constant). 60 ft. Darkvision 1 Hour (1 charge). See Invisibility 10 Minutes (2 charges). True Seeing 1 Minute (3 charges). 3/3
Transposer's Cloak (+1 to saves) Shoulders Switch positions with another creature within 30 feet 3/3


  • 4430 GP
  • Wands are listed in section above, as are slot items with charges (thus, not included here)
Item Location Qty
Shock Everbright Rapier +1 Main-Hand Weapon 1

Everbright: An everbright weapon can flash with a brilliant light twice per day at your command. When it is activated, all creatures within 20 feet of you are blinded for 1 round (Reflex DC 14 negates). An everbright weapon is also immune to acid damage and rusting effects.
Shock: 1d6 electricity damage (already accounted for in damage totals)

Crystal of Life Drinking, Lesser Rapier 1

Each time you deal damage to a living creature with the weapon to which this crystal is attached, you heal 3 points of damage. When the crystal has healed a total of 10 points of damage, it becomes inert until the following day. Damage dealt must be lethal.

Rapier Off-Hand Weapon 1

Unenchanted weapon

Silent Moves Mithral Chain Shirt +3 Haversack 1

Silent Moves: +5 to Move Silently

Crystal of Screening, Greater Armor 1

This augment crystal imposes a –10 penalty on touch attacks made against you by incorporeal creatures.

Gloves of the Balanced Hand Hands 1

While wearing these gloves, you fight as though you possess the Two-Weapon Fighting feat. If you already have Two-Weapon Fighting, you can make an additional attack with your off hand as if using the Improved Two-Weapon Fighting feat.

Boots of Elvenkind Feet 1

+5 to Move Silently

Shiftweave Torso 1

Mimics five specific outfits, but does not affect magical effects of clothing, or active armor in any way.

Handy Haversack Back 1

Stores up to 120 lbs. of items for 5 lbs, item fetched is always on top

Arrows Haversack 60
Bedroll Haversack 1
Blessed Bandage Haversack 3
Caltrops Haversack 5
Chain - 10 Feet Haversack 1
Crowbar Haversack 1
Dagger Haversack 1
Earplugs Haversack 1
Flour Pouch Haversack 5
Grappling Hook Haversack 1
Hammer Haversack 1
Inkpen + Ink Vial Haversack 1
Longbow Haversack 1
Manacles Haversack 1
Parchment Haversack 10
Pole - 10 Feet Haversack 1
Rapier Haversack 1
Shovel Haversack 1
Signal Whistle Neck 1
Signet Ring Haversack 1
Silk Rope Haversack 1
Soap Haversack 1
Tent Haversack 1
Thieves Tools, Masterwork Haversack 1
Trail Rations Haversack 7
Waterskin Haversack 1
Traveler's Outfit Haversack 1
Blanket Haversack 1
Trail Rations Haversack 7
Mirror, small steel Haversack 1

Character Background

The Kiradan Clan/Family

The Kiradan family is an exclusively female name (in the main branches, at least) that has ruled the Kingdom of Belcadar as its royal family for approximately three centuries. Kiradan women rarely make marriages official, preferring personal, private commitments that allow both individuals to keep their own names. In children, the practice is similar: sons of Kiradan women take their father’s family name, and daughters take the Kiradan name. This is a policy socially enforced by the family on itself at least for those who are Royal Kiradans or closely related – the family is very vast by now and hundreds of women throughout Belcadar, especially the nobility, bear the Kiradan name. Although there are men bearing the name in distant branches for various reasons, they are typically met with scorn by the women whose names they share, as they are seen as pretenders to the name.

Conversely, all noble titles within Belcadar are male-exclusive. This is generally not a huge issue, though, as most nobles prefer Kiradan arrangements to marriage due to the honor of the arrangement (not to mention the sheer beauty of most Kiradan women, and the fact that noblewomen are very small in number), and as such, do not add daughters to their family in any case (hence the rarity of noblewomen).

(A/N: For simplicity, only the “first” first name of Kiradan females are mentioned.) The current Queen of Belcadar is Evelyn Kiradan (44), who has a commitment with Count Lucas Zamara (47), and three children: Meredith Kiradan (22), Travis Zamara (19), and Clarissa Kiradan (17). Evelyn, her two daughters, her aunt Barbara Kiradan (68), and her two sisters Jennifer Kiradan (38) and Gretchen Kiradan (36) make up the official Royal Family of Belcadar, defined as a Queen or daughter of a Queen.

In general, the Kiradan women influence society gradually, and prefer to avoid making sweeping changes, or making overt interference into how the Kingdom is operated, they merely oversee their inferiors and rarely interact with them. At the same time, they do not tolerate others interfering in their business. Most non-royal Kiradan women tend to act as liaisons between the common individuals and the Royal Kiradans, but ultimately, a Kiradan does as she wishes in Belcadar, personally, and it is the responsibility of the rest of Belcadar to see that their wishes are met, especially if she has royal status.

Personal Notes

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