Trinsic Tales:Hell's Bells

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The city of La Mesa, home of the kingdom's seat of power. Inside the throne room of the royal castle, a covert meeting is taking place

"I have a little adventure I need handled... about 20 miles in the woodlands to the northeast, there's an old dungeon that in theory, is empty. Nonetheless... there were some recent rumors of some sort of powerful artifact there or something, and a few days ago, my eldest daughter Meredith took off in search of it. Her Highness has not returned to us... Her Majesty and I are concerned, and we would like you to go in and retrieve her."


Campaign In-Progress
July 18, 2014 to --

Pre-Game Instructions

Level: 12 - 66,000 EXP
Stats: 5d6, drop lowest 2 dice, reroll 1s.
Gold: 88k

Current Experience Status

Current Level: 12
Current EXP: 6,100 / 12,000 - 50.01%


Chapter Title Played EXP
Chapter 01 The Descent July 18, 2014 1,000
Chapter 02 Cheaper by the Dozen July 25, 2014 500
Chapter 03 You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter August 1, 2014 1,000
Chapter 04 Snakes and Ladders... Er, Stairs August 8, 2014 600
Chapter 05* The Magic Word August 15, 2014 500
Chapter 06* This Floor Is Feeling Useless August 29, 2014 1,000
Chapter 07* Slim Pickings September 5, 2014 500
Chapter 08* You Got Served September 12, 2014 1,000
Chapter 09* Not Played Yet September 19, 2014 0

[*] Unedited/Missing Logs. [+] Level up for Player Characters.


Player Characters

Character Level Class Player
Ember Nilarith 12 Duskblade Zaniel
Luna Jalen 12 Shaman Zaniel
Marilyn Kiradan 12 Rouge/Swashbuckler/Swordsage mainstreet
Rodrigo Del Oso 12 Barbarian/Bear Warrior mainstreet
Juro & Boza 12 Swordsage/Monk Iethloc
Desoria 12 Avariel/Fighter/Sorcerer Intyalle

Non-Player Characters

Name Last Known Location Status
Count Lucas Kiradan Palace, Kingdom of Belcadar Alive
Queen Evelyn Kiradan Palace, Kingdom of Belcadar Alive
Salamander 9 Ruins of El Cajon, B20 Alive
Naga 2 Ruins of El Cajon, B20 Alive
Xyzzy Ruins of El Cajon, B19 Alive