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Cadellin is a cleric.


Once upon a time, there was a young dwarf named Cadellin. His parents were gentle dwarf farmers. As with many dwarves in their area, they often paid tribute to the goddess Thalysis. From a young age, Cadellin—affectionately called Cade by his mother, although he hated it if anyone else tried to use the name—was entranced by anything made of stone, from the most ordinary to the rarest specimens. He wanted to be a stonemason, but his parents urged him to look into training as a healer, since the village’s last healer was getting very old and none of the other young folk were interested either. Begrudgingly, he began the healer training despite his passion for stone. Then one day a wandering psycho from a far-off land passed through the area; he was a human called Fred the Wristslitter. Living up to his nickname, the Wristslitter would tie his victims’ hands and feet, then slit their wrists, leaving them to die slowly as they bled out. The Wristslitter attacked Cadellin’s farm and five other farms in the area. After the Wristslitter had wreaked his damage and left for the next farm, Cadellin used his newly acquired healing skills to stop his own bleeding. The Wristslitter had, however, tied him to the heavy stove, his father to the stone table, and his mother to the giant TV, errr, I mean fireplace, so that none of them could reach the other. Cadellin found he could not break the ropes. After much effort, he found he could inch the stove slightly across the floor. Making an agonizing choice between his parents, he inched the stove over to his mother and tried to save her. By then, she was almost dead. With tied hands, and having already used his meager healing skills on himself, he found himself not up to the task of healing another. As he watched, his mother and father slowly bled out before him and died. Hours later another villager came to check on them. She freed Cadellin and he buried his parents. In the following weeks, news arrived that a band of dwarf adventurers, led by a cleric of Thalysis, had caught the Wristslitter and put him to death using his own favored means. But the damage to Cadellin’s life was done. Vividly haunted by his failure to heal his mother, he resolved that NO ONE HE LOVED WOULD EVER DIE AGAIN, and put all his effort into learning healing skills as a cleric of Thalysis.

Character Information

Basic Statistics

Name Player Race Height/Weight Hair/Eyes Class
Cadellin annafirtree Dwarf 4'2"/160 lbs. Brown/Brown

Size Gender Age Skin Alignment/Allegiance Deity
Medium Male 59 yrs. Light Neutral Good Thalysis
Stats Saves Attacks Misc. Languages
STR 16 +3 INT 14 +2
DEX 15 +2 WIS 17 +3
CON 16 +3 CHA 12 +1
Fort +8
Ref +4
Will +8
Melee +8
Missile +7
Grapple +8
Speed 20ft.
Initiative +2
Armor Class 22
Hit Points 52
  • Common
  • Dwarven
Feats Class Features Racial Features
  • HP/Lvl: 1d8 + CON
  • Skill Points/Lvl: 2 + INT
  • Alignment: (Any)
  • Medium size
  • Base speed: 20ft.
  • Native language: Dwarven
  • Darkvision
  • +2 saves against poison, spells, spell-like
  • +2 CON/-2 CHA (already applied)


Skill Name Bonus Skill Name Bonus Skill Name Bonus
Appraise +2 Hide -8 Open Lock +2
Balance -8 Intimidate +1 Perform +1
Bluff +1 Jump -7 Profession +3
Climb -8 Know (Arcana) +2 Ride +2
Concentration +13 Know (Arch. & Eng.) +2 Search +7/+9
Craft +2 Know (Dungeoneering) +2 Sense Motive +3
Decipher Script +2 Know (Geography) +2 Sleight Of Hand +-8
Diplomacy +1 Know (History) +2 Spellcraft +2
Disable Device +2 Know (Local) +2 Spot +3
Disguise +1 Know (Nature) +2 Survival +3
Escape Artist -8 Know (Nob. & Royal.) +2 Swim -17
Forgery +2 Know (The Planes) +2 Tumble -8
Gather Information +1 Know (Religion) +2 Use Magic Device +1
Handle Animal +1 Listen +7 Use Rope +2
Heal +16 Move Silently -8    

Spells Known

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7





Item Location Qty
Travel Cloak Worn 1
Ring of Mystic Healing Ring 1
Restful Crystal Neck 1
Healer's Kit Inventory 1
Potion of Invisibility Inventory 1
Item Location Qty
Healing Belt Waist 1
Hair Shirt of Suffering Torso 1
Wand of Cure Light Wounds Inventory 1
Potion: Neutralize Poison Inventory 1
Miscellaneous minor items Inventory 1