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Character Information

Character of Trinsic Tales: Ships Ahoy! played August 9, 2013 to January 17, 2014

Name Player Race Height/Weight Hair/Eyes Class
Ashling Chrysalis Zaniel Moon Elf 5' 4"/84 lbs. Hair Color: Gray & Red
Eye Color:Pink
  • Level 1 Wizard
  • Level 3 Beguiler
  • Level 6 Ultimate Magus
    • (500 / 12,000) - 00.00%

Size Gender Age Skin Alignment/Allegiance Deity
Medium Female 125 yrs. Silvery-White Chaotic Neutral None
Stats Saves Attacks Misc. Languages
STR 10 +0 INT 22 +6
DEX 17 +3 WIS 13 +1
CON 14 +2 CHA 14 +2
Fort +7
Ref +8
Will +13
Melee +3
Missile +8
Grapple +5
Speed 30ft.
Initiative +7
Armor Class 13
Hit Points 71/71 **
  • Abyssal
  • Celestial
  • Common
  • Draconic
  • Elven
  • Gnomish
  • Sylvan
  • Undercommon
Feats Class Features Racial Features
* Blank Slot

Skill Tricks:


  • Immunity to Sleep
  • Low-Light Vision
  • Darkvision: 60ft
  • Light sensitivity
  • Vampiric Qualities
    • Bite, Glutenous Lethargy
  • 5 Feet Secret Door Sensitivity

  • 8 skill Points Per Level
  • Next Feat: Level 12


Skill Name Bonus Skill Name Bonus Skill Name Bonus
Appraise +6 Hide +3 Open Lock +3
Balance +12 Intimidate +2 Perform +2
Bluff +13 Jump +0 Profession +1
Climb +0 Know (Arcana) +11 Ride +3
Concentration +14 Know (Arch. & Eng.) +6 Search +19
Craft +6 Know (Dungeoneering) +6 Sense Motive +1
Decipher Script +17 Know (Geography) +6 Sleight Of Hand +8
Diplomacy +2 Know (History) +6 Spellcraft +17
Disable Device +6 Know (Local) +6 Spot +3
Disguise +2 Know (Nature) +7 Survival +1
Escape Artist +10 Know (Nob. & Royal.) +6 Swim +0
Forgery +8 Know (The Planes) +6 Tumble +3
Gather Information +2 Know (Religion) +6 Use Magic Device +13
Handle Animal +2 Listen +3 Use Rope +3*
Heal +1 Move Silently +14    
[*] Situational Modifiers may apply. View source for more information.

Spells Known

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3


  • Prestidigitation


  • Acid Splash
  • Acid Splash
  • Caltrops
  • Detect Poison
  • No Light
  • Stick


  • Dancing Lights
  • Daze
  • Detect Magic
  • Ghost Sound
  • Message
  • Open/close
  • Read Magic
    • Remaining: 6/6


  • Unseen Servant


  • Magic Missile (50)
  • Summon Monster (50)


  • Benign Transposition
  • Blockade
  • Create Trap
  • Feather Fall
  • Grease
  • Mount
  • Endure Elements
  • Wall of Smoke


  • Charm Person
  • Color Spray
  • Comprehend Languages
  • Detect Secret Doors
  • Disguise Self
  • Expeditious Retreat
  • Hypnotism
  • Mage Armor
  • Obscuring Mist
  • Rouse
  • Shield
  • Silent Image
  • Sleep
  • Undetectable Alignment
  • Whelm
    • Remaining: 8/8


  • Alter Self
  • Chain of Eyes
  • Fox's Cunning
  • Listening Lorecall
  • Rope Trick
  • Seeking Ray
  • Web


  • Blinding Color Surge
  • Blur
  • Daze Monster
  • Detect Thoughts
  • Fog Cloud
  • Glitterdust
  • Hypnotic Pattern
  • Invisibility
  • Knock
  • Minor Image
  • Mirror Image
  • Misdirection
  • Phantom Foe
  • See Invisibility
  • Silence
  • Spider Climb
  • Stay the Hand
  • Touch of Idiocy
  • Vertigo
  • Whelming Blast
    • Remaining: 8/8


  • Alter Fortune
  • Dimension Step
  • Phantom Steed
  • Summon Monster III
  • Fly
  • Water Walking


  • Arcane Sight
  • Clairaudience/clairvoyance
  • Crown of Veils
  • Deep Slumber
  • Dispel Magic
  • Displacement
  • Glibness
  • Halt
  • Hesitate
  • Hold Person
  • Inevitable Defeat
  • Invisibility Sphere
  • Legion of Sentinels
  • Major Image
  • Mage Armor, Greater
  • Nondetection
  • Slow
  • Suggestion
  • Vertigo Field
  • Zone of Silence
    • Remaining: 7/7
Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7


  • Polymorph
  • Celerity
  • Dimension Door
  • Solid Fog
  • Stone Shape
  • Wall of Sand


  • Charm Monster
  • Confusion
  • Crushing Despair
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Improved Invisibility
  • Invisibility, Greater
  • Locate Creature
  • Mirror Image, Greater
  • Phantom Battle
  • Rainbow Pattern
  • Solid Fog
  • Whelm, Mass
    • Remaining: 7/7


  • Dimension Shuffle
  • Draconic Polymorph
  • Mass Fly
  • Teleport
  • Wall of Stone


  • Break Enchantment
  • Dominate Person
  • Etherealness, Swift
  • Feeblemind
  • Friend to Foe
  • Hold Monster
  • Incite Riot
  • Mind Fog
  • Rary's Telepathic Bond
  • Seeming
  • Sending
    • Remaining: 5/5


  • Call of the Twilight Defender
  • Freezing Fog
  • Wall of Gears


  • Dispel Magic, Greater
  • Mislead
  • Overwhelm
  • Repulsion
  • Shadow Walk
  • Suggestion, Mass
  • True Seeing
  • Veil
    • Remaining: 1/1


  • Spell DC = 10 + 6 (INT) + Spell Level + 2 (Arcane Spell Power) + 1 (If Conjuration)


  • 211 Gold 8 Silver
Item Location Qty
Arcanist's Gloves Hands 1
  • Caster Level: 3rd Aura: Faint; (DC 16) transmutation Activation: Swift (mental)
  • When you activate Arcanist’s Gloves, you add 2 to the caster level of the next 1st level arcane spell you cast before the end of your turn.
  • Arcanist’s Gloves function two times per day.
Armbands of Elusive Action Arms 1
  • Caster Level: 3rd Aura: Faint; (DC 16) transmutation Activation: Immediate (mental)
  • An armband of elusive action allows you to protect yourself from the hazards of battlefield chaos. When it is activated, the band allows you to avoid provoking a single attack of opportunity that your actions would otherwise incur.
  • An armband of elusive action functions once per day.
Arrows Quiver, Haversack 40

Ammunition - Hardness: 5 Size: Medium

  • An arrow used as a melee weapon is treated as a light improvised weapon (–4 penalty on attack rolls) and deals damage as a dagger of its size (1d4)(critical multiplier ×2). Arrows come in a leather quiver that holds 20 arrows. An arrow that hits its target is destroyed; one that misses has a 50% chance of being destroyed or lost.
Auran Mask Haversack 1
This mask fits over the character's nose and mouth. The bulk of the item is a cloth packet holding a porous, sponge-like substance. It requires a move action to put on or remove, and once a single breath is taken through the mask, its benefits last for only 1 hour (or less if taken underwater).
A creature wearing an auran mask receives a +5 circumstance bonus on Fortitude saves against inhaled toxins. In addition, the wearer can breathe underwater as if under the effect of a water breathing spell, though immersing the auran mask in water reduces its remaining duration to 10 minutes (or less, if less than 10 minutes remain).

Bedroll (Sleeping Bag) Haversack 1
You never know where you're going to sleep, and a bedroll helps you get better sleep in a hayloft or on the cold ground. A bedroll consists of bedding and a blanket thin enough to be rolled up and tied. In an emergency, it can double as a stretcher.
Bell Haversack 2
Makes noise.
Blanket, Winter Haversack 2
It keeps you warm or something.
Blessed Bandage Haversack 5
Applying a blessed bandage immediately stabilizes the recipient (but heals no damage).
Blessed Book Haversack 1
  • This well-made tome is always of small size, typically no more than 12 inches tall, 8 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. All such books are durable, waterproof, bound with iron overlaid with silver, and locked.
  • A wizard can fill the 1,000 pages of a blessed book with spells without paying the 100 gp per page material cost.
Boots of Landing Haversack 1
  • Caster Level: 3rd Aura: Faint; (DC 16) transmutation Activation: --
  • While wearing boots of landing, you land on your feet no matter how far you fall, and you take 2 fewer dice of damage from the fall than normal (thus, a fall of 20 feet or less deals you no damage).
Bucket Haversack 1
It's a bucket.
Candle, Insectbane Haversack 10
This heavily scented candle smells pleasant to humans and humanoids but is repellent to insects. Nonmonstrous vermin will not approach within a 5-foot radius of a burning candle. It burns for 1 hour.
Chalk Haversack 10
Draw stuff.
Cloak of Resistance Shoulders 1
These garments offer magic protection in the form of a +1 to +5 resistance bonus on all saving throws (Fortitude, Reflex, and Will).
Collar of Perpetual Attendance Neck 1
At will, the wearer of this collar can call an unseen servant, as the spell, to attend and clean up after him or another creature he designates. The unseen servant performs such mundane tasks as cleaning up hairballs and policing the wearer's litter box. It also grooms the wearer on command, removing burrs, smoothing tangles, and ensuring that the wearer's fur remains soft and well-tended.
Darkwood Tower Shield Around 1
It's a shield.
Defoliator Haversack 1
Untangle stuff.
Earplugs Haversack 1
Made from solid sponge or cork,

earplugs grant a +1 circumstance bonus on saves against sonic attacks, but they also impose a –4 penalty on Listen checks when worn.

Expandable Pole Haversack 2
This sturdy but hollow bamboo rod is 1 foot long and capped at each end. By removing the caps, the user can slide out up to five additional sections from each tip. When extended and rotated into “locked” position (a move-equivalent action), each of these sections adds 1 foot to the total length of the rod. Since each end can produce the same number of extensions, the pole can be set at any 1-foot increment up to 11 feet. The usual settings are 5 feet, 7 feet, 9 feet, and 11 feet. Collapsing the pole back to its original 1-foot length requires twisting each section to unlock it, then sliding it back inside the next larger piece (a move-equivalent action).

Ring of Feather Falling Finger 1
This ring is crafted with a feather pattern all around its edge. It acts exactly like a feather fall spell, activated immediately if the wearer falls more than 5 feet.
Feather Token, Swan Boat Haversack 2
A token that forms a swanlike boat capable of moving on water at a speed of 60 feet. It can carry eight horses and gear or thirty-two Medium characters or any equivalent combination. The boat lasts for one day.
Fishhook Haversack 10
Find food.
Floatation Baldder Haversack 3
This item, used to aid in swimming, consists of two sealed, oiled leather sacks attached with a piece of rope. Each sack can be inflated by blowing air into it through a small metal valve as a full-round action. Once inflated and placed under the arms, a flotation bladder grants a +4 bonus on Swim checks to rise to the surface or remain at the surface. The bladder also imposes a –4 penalty on Swim checks to descend deeper into the water. Additional bladders do not grant further bonuses on Swim checks, but the penalties stack.
Flour Pouch Haversack 10
Reveal invisibility.
Handy Haversack Back 1
hold stuff.
Healing Belt Waist 1
+2 to heal, 2d6, 3d6, 4d6, for charges.
Ink Haversack 10
Draw stuff.
Inkpen Haversack 2
Draw stuff.
Marbles Haversack 3
  • About two dozen assorted glass, flawed rock crystal, or clay spheres in a leather pouch. They are commonly used as toys but are also useful for checking the slope in a dungeon corridor (just set one down and see which way it rolls), or as a nondamaging alternative to caltrops. One bag covers an area 5 feet square. Creatures moving through or fighting in the area must make Balance checks (DC 15). A creature that fails is unable to move for 1 round (or may fall; see the Balance skill description in the Player’s Handbook).
  • The DM judges the effectiveness of marbles against unusual opponents. Creatures that are Huge or larger tend to crush the marbles into dust, while those with multiple legs, like carrion crawlers, can scramble along without falling.
Metamagic Rod of Extend, Lesser Belt 1
The wielder can cast up to three spells per day that are extended as though using the Extend Spell feat.
Mirror Haversack 1
Reflect stuff.
Needle Haversack 2
Sew stuff.
Pouch, Belt Haversack 1
Holds stuff.
Quarterstaff Haversack 1
Hit stuff (1d6)
Ring of Prestigitation Finger 1
Prestigitation at will.
Rope, Silk 50ft Haversack 1
Climb stuff. +2 on Use Rope.
Rubber Ball Haversack 3
Throw it into stuff
Sack Haversack 5
Hold stuff
Short Sword Haversack 1
Atacck stuff (1d6)
Shortbow Main Weapon 1
Shoot arrows (1d8)
Shovel Haversack 1
Dig stuff
Sling Haversack 2
Shoot rocks and stuff
Smuggler's Boots Haversack 1
Hide stuff in them. Contains: 1 dagger each.
Soap Haversack 2
Clean self or slick surfaces.
Spellbook Haversack 2
100 sheets, blank
Spellcraft Component Pouch Haversack 1
Components for spells
Sundark Goggles (Glasses) Haversack 1
Sundark Goggles in the form of glasses.
Thread, Spool Haversack 1
Spool of black thread.
Travel Cloak Haversack 1
Create food and water, transforms into tent.
Twine, Roll 50ft Haversack 10
When rope is too bulky.
Vest of resistance Torso 1
+1 to all saves.
Wand of Magic Missile Belt 1
Wand of Summon Monster I Belt 1


  • Ariel (Coure Eladrin)
  • Cas (Musteval Guardinal)
  • Dean (Musteval Guardinal)
  • Navi (Lantern Archon)
  • Avra (Coure Eladrin)
  • Sam (Musteval Guardinal)
  • Sapphire or Kella (Coure Eladrin)
  • Tael (Lantern Archon)
  • Tatl (Lantern Archon)