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Character Information

Character of Trinsic Modern: The Galactic Wide Web played February 1, 2013 to --

Name Player Race Height/Weight Hair/Eyes Class
Ryelle Zylar Zaniel Human 5' 2"/110 lbs. Blue/Green
  • Level 8 Fast Hero
  • Level 5 Gunslinger
Size Gender Age Skin Alignment/Allegiance Deity
Medium Female 24 yrs. Fair Lawful Neutral (N/A)
Stats Saves Attacks Misc. Languages
STR 10 +0 INT 14 +2
DEX 19 +4 WIS 10 +0
CON 14 +2 CHA 10 +0
Fort +5
Ref +11*
Will +5
Melee +9/+4
Missile +16/+16/+13/+11/+11


Grapple +9
Speed 40ft.
Initiative +8
Armor Class 24**
Hit Points 83/95
  • English
Feats Class Features Racial Features
  • Increased Speed
  • Imrpoved Increased Speed
  • Evasion
  • Uncanny Dodge 1
  • Close Combat shot
  • Weapon Focus: Plasma Pistol
  • Lightning Shot
  • Occupation: Investigative
  • Current Action Points: 106/112


Skill Name Bonus Skill Name Bonus Skill Name Bonus
Balance +4 Handle Animal +0 Perform (Act) +0
Bluff +10 Hide +17 Perform (Dance) +0
Climb +0 Intimidate +0 Perform (Keyboards) +0
Computer Use +16 Investigate +2 Perform (Perc.) +0
Concentration +2 Jump +0 Perform (Sing) +0
Craft (chemical) +2 Know (Arcane Lore) +2 Perform (Stand-Up) +0
Craft (electronic) +2 Know (Art) +2 Perform (Stringed) +0
Craft (mech.) +13 Know (Behave Sci.) +2 Perform (Wind) +0
Craft (pharma.) +2 Know (Business) +2 Pilot +4
Craft (structural) +2 Know (Civics) +2 Profession +0
Craft (visual art) +2 Know (Current) +2 Repair +2
Craft (writing) +2 Know (Earth & Life Sci.) +2 Research +2
Decipher Script +2 Know (History) +2 Ride +4
Demolitions +2 Know (Phys Sci.) +2 Search +16
Diplomacy +0 Know (Pop Culture) +2 Sense Motive +0
Disable Device +2 Know (Streetwise) +2 Sleight of Hand +15
Disguise +0 Know (Tactics) +2 Spot +10
Drive +4 Know (Technology) +2 Survival +0
Escape Artist +4 Know (Theo. and Phil.) +2 Swim +0
Forgery +2 Listen +0 Treat Injury +0
Gamble +0 Move Silently +15 Tumble +15
Gather Information +0 Navigate +2 Wealth +0


  • 110 Galactibucks
Item Location Qty
9mm Ammunition Glock 17s, Pack 145
This caliber is generally used in pistols or submachine guns, and is sold in boxes of 50 bullets each.
A'Void City -- Deadrock Road Atlas Guy's Apt 1
Upon closer examination of the book, you realize it's a... map. Specifically, something approximating a road atlas. "A'Void City -- Deadrock" is written on it.
Basic Electrical Tool Kit Guy's Apt 1
This collection of hand tools and small parts typically includes a variety of pliers, drivers, cutting devices, fasteners, power tools, and leads and wires.
Concealed Carry Holster Armpit 1
A concealed carry holster is designed to help keep a weapon out of sight (see Concealed Weapons and Objects). In most cases, this is a shoulder holster (the weapon fits under the wearer's armpit, presumably beneath a jacket). Small or Tiny weapons can be carried in waistband holsters (often placed inside the wearer's waistband against his or her back). Tiny weapons can also be carried in ankle or boot holsters.
Glock 17 Concealed Holster 2

Damage: 2d6 Critical: 20 Type: Ballistic Range: 30 ft Rate of Fire: Single Magazine: 17 Size: Small

The Glock is typical of 9mm self-loading pistols carried by many police officers and military personnel. Due to its high quality of manufacture, the Glock 17 is always considered a mastercraft weapon. As such, it grants a +1 bonus on attack rolls.

Current Ammunition: 18/17 & 18/17

Hacking Implant Pack 5
Searching the Android in detail yields: an implant that would appear to aid in computer hacking. How is uncertain at this time.
Knife (Balisong) Boot 1

Damage: 1d4 Critical: 19-20 Type: Piercing Range: 10 ft Size: Tiny

This category of weapon includes hunting knives, butterfly or "balisong" knives, switchblades, and bayonets (when not attached to rifles). A character can select the Weapon Finesse feat to apply his or her Dexterity modifier instead of Strength modifier to attack rolls with a knife.

Krad'Dark Special Knives Pack 4

Damage: 1d8 Critical: 19-20 Type: Piercing Range: 10 ft Size: Medium

Lethal things -- light weapons that deal full-sized weapon damage. Essentially, they are short swords that do longsword damage

Laser Pistol Pack 2
Mineral Sensor Guy's Apt 1
You take a look at the handheld device, and... it seems to be a sensor of some sort. Something to do with... minerals
Oversized Range Pack Back 1
This lightweight black bag has a spacious inner compartment capable of holding roughly 12 pounds of gear and can hold an additional 6 pounds in six zippered external compartments. A range pack easily holds several pistols, a submachine gun, and disassembled rifles.
Plasma Pistol Pack 1
Power Pack Pack 8
  • 50 shots each
Scout Armor Body 1
Scout armor is similar in many ways to light combat armor, but with a few notable exceptions. Scout armor is painted with camouflage patterns: woodland, desert, winter (primarily white), urban (gray patterned), and black are available. When worn in an appropriate setting, the armor grants a +2 bonus on Hide checks.
Additionally, scout armor lacks the kneepads and legwear of the light combat armor, increasing mobility but decreasing protection to the lower body. Scout armor more often incorporates survival gadgets as fits the terrain for which it is designed.
Slay-O-Matic Laser Pistol Main/Off 2
2d10+1 each
  • Main hand: 50 Shots left
  • Off hand: 50 shots left

Equipped with Illuminator, and Laser Pointer Sights

White Orb Help 3
Searching the Android in detail yields: a strange white orb of some sort
Gizka Orb Pack 1
Some orb thing
Mooncorp ID Card Pack 2
Lockpick Set Pack 1
Duracable Pack 1
150 feet.
Bolt Cable Pack 1





Campaign Notes

Your agent ID number is: 15246512353DVNER

Your account can be found at: KevloDefenseForce/Friends/Pigeon

'KevloDefenseForce' *Tab* 'YourMotherIsAKevlo' *tab* 'Pigeon' *tab* 'Kevlo' *tab* 'Ryelle Zylar' *tab* '24' *tab* 'Kevlian human' *tab* '8' *check* *check* and hits enter

Low Grav Enviro: +5 feet to speed, carrying capacity doubled, +10 to STR-based Skill Checks, -2 to all attack rolls, falling damage is d4 not d6