Trinsic:Mission of Mercy

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A Letter of Summons

October 7

Dear Brother Ascii:

Praise be to Pelor and all such religious platitudes. It is with heavy heart that I request your presence at the Trinsic City Council meeting scheduled for October 8th, 7PM at the Trinsic City Offices.

A disaster has befallen our sister city of Merrytowne and we are mobilizing disaster relief supplies. Unfortunately, the primary supply route between Trinsic and Merrytowne is a long route through the Provincial Capital of Farre Pointe. We will be sending a large amount of our city stores of food and supplies through this normal northern route.

However, the need for food and supplies in Merrytowne is immediate. As such, we are requesting your services to escort an initial load of supplies through the most direct route straight through the White Mountains. Further details will be provided during the meeting.

Ulysses Olaf Perry
Mayor, City of Trinsic
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When the port city of Merrytowne is hit by a terrible flood, it's up to Cleric Ascii and his intrepid band of talented and carefully selected warriors to escort an inventor and her priceless cargo of special food supplies from Trinsic over the dangerous mountain pass to the beleaguered city...


Status: Completed


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