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18 CHA, all in cute.

Loralove (Janagu Holly Wandi Aliatra) Shortcloak is an archaeologist and inventor with a sunny disposition, who is a member of a clan of divinely-blessed knowledge-gatherers.

Although still young (by Gnome standards), she has a decent bit of experience under her belt, and, like most of her clan, knows at least a little bit about almost everything. She enjoys spending her time both testing out quirky scientific theories and sticking her nose into unusual places; old ruins, temples, and similar archaeological sites. She dreams of being the one who finally solves her clan's age-old mysteries, but also loves using her knowledge to help others.

Loralove has a bright-eyed wonderment about everything and tends to be cheerfully optimistic. She has a playful sense of humor and loves teasing, joking, and pranking people.

Her curiosity is insatiable, with a tendency to poke her nose into places angels would fear to tread and ask questions she probably shouldn't. She's not above "convincing" people to let her poke her nose into places she oughtn't be.


She eventually took a year-long break from her explorations to set up shop in the city of Trinsic not too far off from Whispy Forest and concentrate on her theoretical talent for a while. She got herself on contract to the city for various projects, and relished the chance to both use her knowledge to help people and trade information with the greatest scientific and magical minds in the area.

One of Loralove's theoretical designs, a compact meal-storage product dubbed "Vialable Victuals", ended up coming to practical fruition, beating out several of her more "knowledgeable" peers. Her design was brought to the attention of Trinsic's Mayor and City Council and she was summoned before them and told the timing was very fortuitous, since word had just reached Trinsic that the city of Merrytowne had been hit by an earthquake. Normally this would not be an issue for food, but since Merrytowne was also a coastal port of some significance, the earthquake also caused a great deal of flooding, including the destruction of their food storage facilities. She was then charged to produce 1000 Vialable Victuals for immediate transport to Merrytowne as disaster relief.

After making quick and great strides in methods of mass production, Loralove produced an initial shipment of Vialable Victuals. She was given a transport wagon and a local notable personality, Ascii, Cleric of Pelor, and his team as an escort over the treacherous mountain pass to Merrytowne...

Clan History

Many moon ago, when men were real men, Gnomes were real Gnomes, and Drow Priestesses of Lolth were still pretty much reviled by everybody, a young Gnome named Jeronan Shortcloak was charged with a holy quest by the Watchful Protector himself, Garl Glittergold. He was blessed with a knack for both the Art and for learning, gifted with a sacred riddle book, and instructed to use the information found in the riddles of the book to find a special artifact of great import. Young Jeronan accepted the quest, and used his newly granted powers to travel far and wide across the planes solving the riddles of the book. He saw many great vistas, learned many great things, and generally was making pretty darn good progress, until one fateful day...

While taking a break at a tavern in the Lady's Ward of Sigil, Jeronan found himself approached by a noble-looking gentleman who was interested in the fine book he was studying. The two set to talking and drinking as the mysterious gentleman slowly wheedled the details of Jeronan's quest out of him. The gentleman then invited Jeronan to join his weekly game of poker.

Several hours and more drinks later, it came down to a duel between Jeronan and the mysterious gentleman. Jeronan was well-soused and feeling pretty lucky - he'd drawn into a nice full house, aces and eights. He felt sure he could win this hand, but the gentleman wanted to raise the stakes, and Jeronan was running out of things to bet. The gentleman leaned across the table and offered a solution: if he lost the hand, he would use his vast resources to provide Jeronan with the rest of the information he needed to finish his quest. But if Jeronan lost, he would have to hand over the riddle book...

Jeronan studied his cards and considered the situation, and, after a bit of... coaxing... from the gentleman, agreed to the high-stakes bet. He laid his eights full of aces on the table with a flourish... but the smile was soon wiped from his face as the mysterious gentleman produced a set of four aces...

Flash forward to present day in a cozy underground corner of Whispy Forest in Western Province of Lazryzort. Therein lies the hub of a modestly-sized clan of Gnomes, all of whom possess at least some level of magical and intellectual prowess. To them, the tale of how Jeronan came back to his original homeland, dejected and derided by the other Gnomes for losing the riddle book and failing his quest, but had pity taken on him by a lass who convinced him that maybe the quest was not lost after all, is centuries-old, yet still shapes the clan today.

The Shortcloak Gnomes travel in different circles of the multiverse, using their skills to gather knowledge in different fields and places, then return once a year to Whispy Forest to compare notes in the hope they'll one day find a way to recover either the lost riddle book or the artifact itself. So far only a moderate amount of luck has been achieved in that regard, although some clan members forced to give up active adventuring for one reason or another have used the vast store of clan knowledge gathered to aid the rest of the Gnome community.

Shortcloak Clan Members

  • Have at least 12 INT - they tend to be above-average intelligence.
  • Have at least one spellcasting level - usually sorceror-like, sometimes wizard-like, a very few divine casters - they all have at least a little magic talent, but are usually too tied to the clan and their existing holy quest to be dedicated enough to take up other holy duties.
  • Have jobs that give them an excuse to spend at least some time gathering knowledge, if not having that be the main focus of their job.
  • Try to go back to Whispy Forest once a year to swap notes at the Annual Clan Gathering.
  • Are usually Good-aligned, though a few are Neutral-aligned.

Character Information

Basic Statistics

Name Player Race Height/Weight Hair/Eyes Class
Loralove Shortcloak Jeysie Gnome 3'0"/37 lbs. White-Blond/Blue
  • Level 9 Beguiler

Size Gender Age Skin Alignment/Allegiance Deity
Small Female 68 yrs. Tan Chaotic Good Garl Glittergold
Stats Saves Attacks Misc. Languages
STR 10 +0 INT 16 +3
DEX 14 +2 WIS 8 -1
CON 14 +2 CHA 18 +4
Fort +5
Ref +5
Will +5
Melee +5
Missile +7
Grapple +0
Speed 20ft.
Initiative +2
Armor Class 18
Hit Points 47
  • Common
  • Draconic
  • Elven
  • Gnome
  • Orc
Feats Class Features Racial Features


Skill Name Bonus Skill Name Bonus Skill Name Bonus
Appraise +3 Hide +6 Open Lock +5
Balance +2 Intimidate +6 Perform +4
Bluff +10 Jump +0 Profession -1
Climb +0 Know (Arcana) +10 Ride +2
Concentration +2 Know (Arch. & Eng.) +9 Search +14
Craft +10 (alchemy) Know (Dungeoneering) +6 Sense Motive -1
Decipher Script +15 Know (Geography) +3 Sleight Of Hand +4
Diplomacy +6 Know (History) +9 Spellcraft +17
Disable Device +6 Know (Local) +10 Spot -1
Disguise +4 Know (Nature) +9 Survival -1
Escape Artist +2 Know (Nob. & Royal.) +3 Swim +0
Forgery +3 Know (The Planes) +7 Tumble +2
Gather Information +11 Know (Religion) +7 Use Magic Device +16
Handle Animal +4 Listen +1 Use Rope +4
Heal -1 Move Silently +2    

Spells Known

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7





Item Location Qty
"Running People Out
of Town on a Rail
Bag of Holding 1
"The Hangman's Bible" Bag of Holding 1
Acid Bag of Holding 2
Alarm wand Bag of Holding 1
Backpack Bag of Holding 1
Bag of Holding Back 1
Bedroll Bag of Holding 1
Chalk Bag of Holding 10
Crossbow Bolts Quiver 11
Crossbow Bolts Bag of Holding 8
Crowbar Bag of Holding 1
Cure Light Wounds potion Bag of Holding 9
Cure Moderate Wounds potion Bag of Holding 1
Decanter of Endless Water Bag of Holding 1
Everburning Torch Bag of Holding 1
Fishhook Bag of Holding 1
Flint and Steel Bag of Holding 1
Flour Bag of Holding 2
Grease wand Belt 1
Hammer Bag of Holding 1
Ink Bag of Holding 2
Item Location Qty
Inkpen Bag of Holding 1
Magic Weapon oil Bag of Holding 9
Magnifying Glass Bag of Holding 1
Masterwork Thieves' Tools Bag of Holding 1
Paladin Paul/Swiftrider dolls Bag of Holding 1
Parchment Bag of Holding 20
Piton Bag of Holding 2
Ray of Frost wand Belt 1
Scroll Case Bag of Holding 1
Sewing Needle Bag of Holding 1
Signal Whistle Neck 1
Silk Rope Bag of Holding 1
Sling Bullets Bag of Holding 1
Small Steel Mirror Bag of Holding 1
Soap Bag of Holding 0.9
Spell Component Pouch Belt 1
Thunderstone Bag of Holding 2
Tindertwig Bag of Holding 5
Trail Rations (per day) Bag of Holding 11
Vial (empty) Bag of Holding 2
Waterskin Bag of Holding 3


Player's Handbook II Class Features

  • Advanced Learning: You can add a new spell to your list, representing the result of personal study and experimentation. The spell must be a sorcerer/wizard spell of the enchantment or illusion school and of a level no higher than that of the highest-level spell you already know. Once a new spell is selected, it is forever added to your spell list and can be cast just like any other spell on your list.
  • Armored Mage: Normally armor of any type interferes with an arcane spellcaster's gestures, which can cause your spells to fail if those spells have a somatic component. A beguiler's limited focus and specialized training, however, allow you to avoid any chance of arcane spell failure as long as you restrict yourself to light armor. This training does not extend to any other form of armor, nor does this ability apply to spells gained from other spellcasting classes.
  • Cloaked Casting (+1): Your spells become more effective when cast against an unwary foe. You gain a bonus to the spell's save DC when you cast a spell that targets any foe who would be denied a DEX bonus to AC (whether the target actually has a DEX bonus or not.)
    • Cloaked Casting (+2 vs. SR): You gain a +2 bonus on rolls made to overcome the spell resistance of any affected target.
  • Surprise Casting: When you successfully use the Bluff skill to feint in combat, your target is denied its DEX bonus (if it has one) to AC for the next melee attack you make against it or the next spell you cast. You must remain in melee with the target, and the attack must be made or the spell cast before your next turn. The target is not considered flat-footed and therefore can make attacks of opportunity against you if you do not cast defensively.
    • Surprise Casting Level 2: You gain the ability to feint in combat as a move action instead of a standard action. If you have the Improved Feint feat, you can now feint in combat as a swift action.

Races of Destiny Feats

  • Able Learner: You have a great aptitude for learning. All skill ranks cost 1 skill point for you to purchase even if the skill is cross-class for you. The maximum number of ranks you can purchase in a cross-class skill remains the same. This feat does not affect the skill point cost to learn a language or to gain literacy (for a barbarian or other illiterate character).


Young-ish adult female of moderate build, with short, curly white-blond hair (think Shirley Temple-esque), tan skin, and large light blue eyes. She's still slightly little-girlish-looking.

She generally wears a "poofy" light brown blouse with ruffled sleeves that is decorated with white embroidered runes at the neck, hem, and cuffs, and caught at the waist with a white braided belt with several pouches attached to it. Under that is a set of dark brown trousers with numerous pockets, and over that a pair of knee high black leather boots. She also has a simple hooded dark green cloak.

Places Lived in and Visited


The Shortcloak clan members (about 2 dozen-ish, scattered here and there throughout the multiiverse, with a few permanently in Whispy Forest.)