Trinsic:Chaos Reigns

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You Can Fight [For] City Hall

Scattered throughout the continent of Lazryzort, in every bar, tavern, hotel, motel, NexTel and doghouse, a notice appeared that would catch the attention of all. And we should know... it says "ATTENTION: ALL" at the top.

"Citizens of the City of Trinsic and all of Lazryzort: The City of Trinsic has an emergency situation that we have not been able to resolve. Innocent people and the city as a whole are in a desperate need for assistance. Unknown magical forces have been attacking the city with no known pattern or reason.

"Any who would help, please come right away. The briefing will be held September 22nd, 353, midmorning. Pray we will still be alive then.

"Ulysses Olaf Perry, Mayor
"City of Trinsic

Just ten days later, a crowd begins to gather in front of the City Hall. The doors have not yet opened.




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