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Attributes (Mental, Physical, Social) (Parentheses when transformed)
Power: Intelligence 1, Strength 3, Presence 3
Finesse: Wits 3, Dexterity 2, Manipulation 3 (4)
Resistance: Resolve 2, Stamina 2, Composure 2

Academics 1, Computer 1, Investigation 1, Occult 2, Politics 1, Science 1

Athletics 1, Weaponry 3 (Improvised)

Empathy 2 (Calming Nerves), Expression 1, Persuasion 2, Socialize 2 (Carouse), Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 2

Defensive Combat (Weaponry) 1, Improvised Weaponry 3, Multilingual 1 (English, Quechua), Royal Tongue 1, Small Framed 2, Striking Looks 2 (Smol)

Willpower: 4
Belief: 7
Size: 4
Speed: 10
Health: 6 (0 bashing, 0 lethal, 0 aggravated)
Initiative: 4
Inner Light: 1
Wisps: 5/10

Fuoco: 3

Life of the Party (1)

Small Providence (1, Practical)

Fair Welcome (1)
Love Conquers All (w/ Mutual) (2 + 1)
Open Heart (1)

Bull and China Armory (1) (Custom Charm)

Razzle Dazzle (1)

Aspirations and Vocation
Aspiration 1: Further develop my relationship with Andrea
Aspiration 2: Start settling down in (starting area)
Aspiration 3: Start training as an LCSW
Vocation: Reduce the local crime rate significantly

Breaking Points
What does the Princess believe a world redeemed from Darkness would be like?
Suyana believes such a world would be one where people mingle without prejudice or hesitation. Where no one looks down upon another or visits violence upon them just for being different, or for any other reason. One where peace, love, and understanding reign.
Breaking Point: When she can do nothing to stop discrimination she witnesses.

Who has given shape to the Princess’ character and convictions?
When in moral crisis, Suyana thinks of what her brother would do, and then does the opposite. At the least, she would avoid what he would do whenever she could. Suyana could not bear the thought of being anything like her brother.
Breaking Point: When her own actions reveal she is more like her brother than she thought.

What did the Princess experience that prepared her for her Blossoming?
A long journey where she started and left behind many relationships, learning about the differences between people, and how those differences didn't make them not people. Every single person she met mattered to her.
Breaking Point: When people act as if their relationships to others don't matter, and Suyana cannot remedy it.

What did the Princess experience that made her doubt her cause, or her fitness to be a Princess?
In her mind, Suyana abandoned her family. Others might call it justifiable, but it will never not haunt her.
Breaking Point: Suyana leaves behind an ally or loved one, whether by choice or if forced.

Who (or what) does the Princess care for, beyond her duties to the Light?
Suyana still loves her family, and every boyfriend and girlfriend she had along the way to the United States. They may not be in her life anymore, but she keeps mementos and thinks of them often, whether in a positive or negative light.
Breaking Point: The life of a loved one is endangered, and she can do nothing about it.

Backpack, Basic Rations, Duct Tape, Fashion (Availability 1, various), Flashlight, Kevlar Vest (1/3 armor), Smart Phone (Availability 1), Water Canteen

Basic Statistics
Height: 4' 9”
Weight: 91lb
Gender: Female (cis)
Nationality: Bolivian
Ethnicity: Mestizo (Hispanic/Quechua)
Virtue: Loyal
Vice: Impulsive

Mundane: Suyana is short at 4' 9”, with a compact but curvaceous frame. She could almost be confused for a teenager at a distance, but up close it is clearer she is in her early twenties. She has complete heterochromia iridum, right eye a striking blue and the left a dark brown. Suyana has a white forelock of hair, with a streak of pale skin on her forehead, contrasting with the rest of her dark skin. Her nails and mostly-black hair are kept long. She does not wear or need makeup, but her nails are often painted whatever color strikes her fancy at the time. Suyana generally wears clothes fit to party in, just barely enough to cover her up, along with a backpack.

Transformed: The Princess that Suyana truly is stands slightly taller, at just shy of 5'. Her right eye is even more striking, the left eye soothing in its darkness. The pale streak of skin runs down her entire face, with frills of white hair perched atop her head. The rest of her hair is even longer, and almost flows around her like water. While transformed, she wears a short but frilly dress of white and red, along with white thigh boots. Her phylactery is a small, folding makeup mirror.

Common Rolls and Defenses
Armed Defense: 6
Unarmed Defense: 3
Social Defense: 2

Improvised Weapon Attack (assuming use of Always Armed): Attack 7, Damage +0, Initiative -1, Size 1, Durability 2, Structure 4
Improvised Weapon Attack (Always Armed, exceptional): Attack 7, Damage +1, Initiative -2, Size 2, Durability 2, Structure 4

Determine Intention: 5
Detect Deception: 5
Soothe Nerves: 6

Fast Talk: 5
Pleas: 5
Seduction: 5

Carouse: 6
Get Attention: 5
Fit In: 5

Find a Shortcut: 5
Word on the Street: 5
Work Black Market: 5

Conceal emotions: 4
Disguise: 5
Lying: 5

Suyana came from a family of bankers in La Paz, Bolivia. Both her parents were mestizo, with no small amount of Incan heritage. As she grew up, she was taught both Spanish and Quechua. They also expected her to become part of the business, which involved dealing with foreign investors who often spoke English. A life was started.

Her family was fairly wealthy. They grew up with the kind of luxury afforded by many in the upper middle class of the United States, of which she heard many stories. She wanted to, at least one day, visit the US, and perhaps many other places, as well. Her parents did not look kindly on her wanderlust. She did not want to put down roots anywhere. Yelling matches were had.

Suyana knew she was different from a young age. She got crushes on boys and girls, and hid neither from her family. Her parents did not care, but her older brother did. Being different made her vulnerable in his eyes, and he knew what to do with vulnerable people. When she tried to tell her parents, they did not believe her. He was only a few years older, but he knew enough to not strike when they were around. She did not fight back, at first, because she believed family wasn't supposed to hurt family. Violence was suffered.

One day, as Suyana was trying to fend off her brother, her father walked into the room. Her brother stopped immediately, but she did not notice her father. For the first time, she struck back, grabbing a wine bottle and cracking it open on her brother's skull. He was taken to the emergency room, where he was diagnosed with a concussion. The family almost tore itself apart arguing over what was to be done. Innocence was lost.

Her family afforded her few privileges after that event. The only mercy is that she was never left alone with her brother again. She missed out on the "typical teenage experience", spending much of her time outside school cooped up with a tutor, someone to further her education and keep an eye on her. To be diplomatic, her talents did not lay in the mental arena. Yet, she put up with it because family, she was taught, was the most important thing. A life was made miserable.

When she was eighteen, she snapped. During one of the rare times she was home alone, she simply packed up some supplies and left for the streets. With a combination of fighting talent, a knack for navigating the rough streets, and a silver tongue, she earned herself a living for a few months. Independence was gained.

Yet, it came at a cost. She still loved her family, and felt horrible for abandoning them. Who would run their business? Her brother, who hadn't the temper for numbers or hard work? Her cousins, who lived far away? What would her parents think when they came home to find their beloved daughter missing? These questions and more plagued her mind on a daily basis. She had been taught over and over again that family was to be cherished above all things. Principles had been betrayed.

It did not stop her from wandering. She hopped from city to city, rarely staying in the wilderness in between. Her home was the urban jungle, not the natural one. Yet there were still horrors in the urban jungle, beyond some mugger in a back alley. One late evening, as Suyana was looking for a safe place to sleep, she was set upon by a strange, pale man. His unnatural strength made it trivial for him to overpower her, and he sunk a pair of fangs into her neck. When he was done, he used some strange power to make Suyana forget, but there was still an impression left on her. She did not feel safe on the streets anymore. Fear was learned.

She began making more use of her silver tongue, making friends and couch surfing across entire countries. Yet, each friend she made was one she had to leave behind, and each time it hurt more than the last. She at least made sure their lives were better when she left than when she arrived. Hope was blossomed.

Eventually she made it to the United States, the place about which she heard so many stories. It was no small chore making it across the border, and at one point she was caught by an unsympathetic patrolling civilian. Warning shots were fired.

He then pointed a gun at her face. No one was around for miles. She realized, for perhaps the first time, that she could die. Yet, she did not back down. Light suffused her form as she spoke with more passion than she ever had before. The man was made to be ashamed.

She figured out her strange new powers pretty quickly. There were some who took notice, but not all of them were bad people. One such person guided her through the Dreamlands. There, she met the Queen of Swords. Fealty was sworn.

Then she traveled deeper into the United States, into places she'd scarcely heard of. There, she found a woman who was her opposite in some ways, and always seemed odd to her. Yet, feelings developed quickly. She even had some of the strange power that she had. A bond was made.

Suyana experienced an end to her wanderlust. The world wasn't safe, and she couldn't just run away from her troubles any more. She had to settle down, like she had once been loathe to do. This would let her focus on bettering lives, one by one, instead of leaving them behind. She would be loyal now, not some drifter without friends or family. A purpose was accepted.