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MP-X301 is a questionably good/evil Medic/Pilot droid and former MedBay slave on the S.S. Contrived Extravagance under lead physician Dr. Broderick Stafford.

Currently operating under the alias P-007 due to having a bounty on his head (though considering how adept he's been at dispatching every bounty hunter who's come after him, one wonders why he's worried about it).


MP-X301 has had a storied history prior to his arrival on the S.S. Contrived Extravagance. Originally built and sold to the Xenon Planetary Medical Center as an experimental ambulance driver, MP-X301 had a good run of service for about 9 years, using his ambulance to perform rescues in harsh environments unsafe for normal first responders... vacuum of space, explosive gas environments, city slums, Government offices, etc. That was when the hospital changed to a new provider for their lubrication products, including MP's gear oil. The first batch was contaminated... how, nobody is sure. But, his next mission, he wrecked the ambulance into the Xenonian Ambassador's personal space yacht.

Forcibly removed from service, he floated to and from a couple of minor jobs, unable to get anything that actually made use of any of his skills, garbage collection, a stint as a telemarketer, preschool teacher, then finally landed a job on the Contrived Extravagance as Assistant Medical Technician. Sounded like good work until he realized it meant spending a lot of time changing colostomy bags and cleaning bed pans for geriatrics.

Ship's Unofficial Log

StarDate 54382.1, Acting Chief Medical Officer/Pilot MP-X301 recording.

It has been one day since we managed to save the Contrived Extravagance from the Sariens. We have managed to identify among the deceased the Captain, the entire bridge crew, the transporter crew, and all the patients in MedBay except Jenkins. It appears that the entirety of the security forces stationed aboard have been killed as well. The remainder of the passengers and crew are presumed kidnapped by the Sariens with the exception of myself, Engineer's Mate Ah'Choo, and passenger Phoenix Dark, AKA Roy.

The ship is primarily operational, due to the amazing efforts of our now acting Chief Engineer Ah'Choo. The Sariens destroyed our shield generators, blew up the corridor outside MedBay with a grenade, and knocked the Light Speed Engines off-line. Thankfully, the shuffleboard is entirely undamaged. Ah'Choo has brought the engines back online, patched a coolant leak in the reactor, and gotten our primary systems online. Coolant reserves are dangerously low, making interstellar travel problematic at best. External damage includes at minimum the punctures from the Sarien boarding tubes and the damage left by the Sarien probe on impact. Before the Sariens left, they ejected all the escape pods except the Captain's personal pod.

We managed to make it to the planet JNC-92F-34. Repeated hails to StarCon's closest facility have been particularly frustrating, since the only Ensign to answer thus far has been drunker than a droid on bad gear oil. Our distress calls have also gone unanswered, much to our chagrin. Thus far, hails to the planet below have also been fruitless. Our primary concern is the well-being of the passengers and crew of the Contrived Extravagance, but we are unable to get help from StarCon, and unable to pursue the Sariens ourselves. With any luck, we will at least be able to return this vessel to the cruise line company.

I have just received word that the Captain's personal escape pod was launched. The occupant only sent back a single message, "So long, suckers!" I am puzzled as to why a surviving crew member or passenger would evacuate this fully-operable vessel, but perhaps Ah'Choo or Roy might be able to enlighten my data processors on this matter. Either way, we must risk the planet below in hopes of obtaining supplies and assistance...

Character Information

Basic Statistics

Name Player Race Height/Weight Hair/Eyes Class
MP-X301 "P-007" BLusk Hovering Droid 4'6"/145 lbs. None/Red LED

Size Gender Age Skin Alignment/Allegiance Deity
Small Neuter 11 yrs. Metal Neutral N/A
Stats Saves Attacks Misc. Languages
STR 12 +1 INT 18 +4
DEX 13 +1 WIS 14 +2
CON 11 +0 CHA 12 +1
Fort +2
Ref +6
Will +4
Melee +6
Missile +6
Grapple +2
Speed 20ft.
Initiative +1
Armor Class 20
Hit Points 27
  • Standard
  • Andromedan
  • Binary
  • Vulgar
  • Xenonian
Feats Class Features Racial Features
  • HP/Lvl: 1d6 + CON
  • Skill Points/Lvl: 6 + INT
  • Feat Progression: Medium
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • No dmg from Pulseray
  • Ion weapon vulnerable
  • Poison/disease immune
  • No air needed
  • Run 24 hrs on 1 charge
  • Shutdown mode


Skill Name Bonus Skill Name Bonus Skill Name Bonus
Appraise +14 Know: Arch. +10 Perform +1
Balance +1 Know: Biology +4 Persuade +6
Clean +2 Know: Geo. & Meteo. +10 Pilot +11
Climb +1 Know: Physics +6 Repair +8
Computer Use +11 Know: Planets +4 Sabotage +14
Decipher +14 Know: Tactical +4 Search +4
Demolitions +4 Know: Technology +8 Sense Motive +2
Escape Artist +1 Know: The Galaxy +6 Spot +2
Heal +12 Know: Weap. & Def. +4 Stealth +1
Hide +1 Know: Xenology +14 Swim +1
Intimidate +1 Listen +2 Theft +1
Jump +1 Lockpicking +1 Tumble +1


Item Location Qty
Nightstick Inventory 1
Droid Bedpan Cleaning Attach Inventory 1
Laser Arm Rifle (Lv 1) Inventory 1
Surgical Kit Inventory 1
Translator Chassis 1
Cleaning Rag Inventory 1
Medkit Inventory 7
Stimpack Inventory 7
Laser Pistol Inventory 1
Suitcase w/ Formal Wear Inventory 1
Screwdriver Inventory 1
Cruise Director Badge/Notepad Inventory 1
Plug and Cord Inventory 1
Toolbox Inventory 1
Droid Upgrade +1 INT Chassis 1
Item Location Qty
Heavy Laser Repeater Inventory 1
Electronic Notepad Inventory 2
Lighter Inventory 1
Pulserray Pistol Inventory 1
Weapon Proficiency Upgrade Inventory 1
Beret Inventory 1
Flashlight Inventory 1
Laser Cutter Inventory 1
Map of Polysorbate LX Inventory 1
Comp I-face Relay (+2 Comp Use) Equipped 1
SprayPaint (Red Permanent) Inventory 1
Cattle Prod (EMP On Touch) Inventory 1
Laser Rifle Inventory 1
Moddie Mold Inventory 1
Droid Med Armor Plating lvl 1 Chassis 1



4'6" in overall height, 145 lbs, large hoverdeck, no legs, cylindrical body with compartments, detachable mechanical arms, red LED eyes, triangular olfactory sensor. Painted flat black with silver pinstriping.


10 years, now expired.

Skills Avoiding/Focusing

  • Avoiding
    • Computer Use
    • Repair
    • Know: Tech
    • Know: Galaxy
    • Know: Physics (1/2 ranks max)
  • Focusing
    • Appraise
    • Sabotage
    • Heal
    • Pilot
    • Know: Xenology
    • Know: Architecture
    • Know: Geology/Meteorology
    • Decipher