Space Quest:Exodus

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In the Beginning...

The Captain shouts to make himself heard above the crowd. "What in the hell is going on? Someone get in touch with the bridge, and--"

The PA suddenly crackles to life. "This is Ensign Sykes to all hands! We are under attack! All hands to battle stations! I repeat, we are under atta--" *KSSHT!* With a burst of static, the intercom goes dead.

The crowd pauses thoughtfully for a moment as they consider this, then begins to scream and panic even more. Roy grunts as his target runs away in the frenzy.

MP-X301 looks for injured people to help, and for the Doctor. "Doctor Stafford?!"

Ah'Choo shouts, "Please, remain calm! In the event of an emergency, your seats can be used as a flotation device!"


Another jolt, bigger than the first, rocks the ship again. Dinner plates go crashing into the walls (and various passengers).

MP-X301 flies around crashing into walls and passengers. Roy and Ah'Choo get shaken to the ground again.

"Where is Doctor Stafford?" MP-X301 shouts. "We've got injured people to deal with here!"

Suddenly, the light in the room grows dim. Outside the transparent roof above, the distant stars are blotted out by a *massive* shape moving past.

Ah'Choo and Roy try to make out the shape from their respective vantage points on the floor. The sheer size of the... thing, coupled with the angle of the light, makes it difficult to make out clearly. It is definitely very big, however. Very, very big.


Join the adventures of Ada Babbage, Phoenix "Roy" Dark, Bioo, Lombard and MP-X301 as they try and stop the evil Sariens from implanting mind control devices into the brains of hapless cruise ship survivors!


The original manual is being reproduced onto the Wiki for reference purposes. It will be superceded for the next SQ RPG installment.

Status: Completed


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