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(INT) (Scout, Tech Droid)

Can't tell a chunk of Orium from a Divalium crystal? Use this skill to figure out what an object could be, and more importantly, what it might be worth.


(DEX) - Armor penalty (Scoundrel)

This skill bestows the ability to walk without tripping over your own feet. Advanced practitioners can pull off even more amazing feats of agility.


(WIS) (None)

The galaxy's a dirty place, and someone's got to clean it up. Use this skill to take on the scum of the universe... one stain at a time.


(STR) - Armor penalty (Soldier, Scoundrel)

This is the skill to use when you want to move up or down a vertical surface in blatant defiance of gravity. Take THAT, laws of physics!

Computer Use

(INT) (Scout, Battle Droid, Tech Droid)

Those who possess this skill can successfully operate a floppy drive, navigate SubNet, hack into foreign computer systems, and write 3D animated adventure games.


(INT) - Trained only (Scout, Tech Droid)

This skill allows you to translate writings in an unfamiliar language, or to attempt to break a written cipher. Depending on your skill ranks and check result, you may only be able to understand part of a message, even with a successful check.


(INT) - Trained only (Soldier, Battle Droid)

Are you the sort of person who just can't say no to a good explosion? Then this is the skill for you! Use this to plant (and remove) mines and demolition charges without them blowing up in your face.

Escape Artist

(DEX) - Armor penalty (Scoundrel)

Sometimes you just can't help but get caught. This skill is for those who wish to escape the bonds of... uh... bondage.


(WIS) (Soldier, Scout)

Every adventurer eventually ends up on the wrong end of a laser blast. This skill can be used to keep an injured friend from dying, and also makes medical items more effective.


(DEX) - Armor penalty (Scoundrel)

For the craven cowards out there, this skill is useful for escaping notice by those heavily-armed thugs who've been asking about you.


(CHA) (Soldier, Battle Droid)

Sometimes the mere threat of impending pain can be just as persuasive as the actual thing.


(STR) - Armor penalty (Soldier, Scoundrel)

This skill is useful for clearing pits and fences, grabbing overhead rails, and pole-vaulting over crevasses full of molten magma.


(INT) - Trained only

So, you think you know it all, do you? Well, this skill will determine just how much you really DO know.

Each Knowledge skill covers a specific area of study, including but not limited to:

  • Architecture (buildings and structures) (Scout, Tech Droid)
  • Biology (the mechanics of living creatures) (Scout)
  • Geology & Meteorology (planetary tectonics, weather, other natural phenomena) (Scout, Tech Droid)
  • Planets (a specific world's geography, history, and culture, must specifiy planet name) (All)
  • Physics (all that complex stuff Stephen Hawking keeps going on about) (Scout, Tech Droid)
  • Tactical (combat strategy) (Soldier, Battle Droid)
  • Technology (machines and sci-fi googams) (Scout, Battle Droid, Tech Droid)
  • The Galaxy (the galaxy in general, including current events) (All)
  • Weapons and Defense (weapons, armor, and combat-related technology) (Soldier, Battle Droid)
  • Xenology (alien species, both sentient and non) (Scout, Tech Droid)

Untrained checks are only allowed for common-knowledge subjects.


(WIS) (Scout, Scoundrel)

This skill improves your chances of hearing the footsteps of the approaching alien stormtroopers bent on your destruction. Run away!


(DEX) - Trained only (Scoundrel)

Has some inconsiderate jerk barred your way with a locked door? Use this skill to show him a thing or two.


(CHA) (None)

Fancy yourself the next Galactic Idol? Use this skill to bust a move, croon a tune, or lay down some phat beats.


(CHA) (Scout, Scoundrel)

This skill represents your ability to bring others around to your way of thinking, be it through emotional appeals, expertly-chosen words, or blatant lies.


(DEX) - Trained only (All)

This skill is needed to drive everything from aircars to starships to sit-n-spin floor waxers. If you can't fly a ship in this day and age, you'd better know someone who can...


(INT) - Trained only (Scout, Battle Droid, Tech Droid)

Use this skill to patch up a damaged vehicle, open a stuck door, or repair something in desperate need of fixing. This skill also governs the effectiveness of droid recovery items.


(INT) - Trained only (Scoundrel, Tech Droid)

Use this skill to disarm a trap, jam a door, or break something in desperate need of un-fixing.


(INT) (Scoundrel)

Use this skill to find secret doors, hidden traps, easily-overlooked details, or the car keys you lost in the sofa cushions last week.

Sense Motive

(WIS) (Scoundrel)

This skill represents your immunity to fast-talking and other forms of B.S. It also represents your ability to tell how trustworthy an individual is.

Speak Language

Trained only (All)

This skill represents your ability to speak alien languages. A character automatically knows Standard and his species' native language, plus an additional number of languages equal to his Intelligence modifier. Instead of gaining ranks, you gain the ability to speak another language. You do NOT make skill checks with this skill; you either know a language or you don't.


(WIS) (Scout, Scoundrel)

This skill is useful for seeing the craven coward who's been trying to escape your notice.


(DEX) - Armor penalty (Scoundrel)

So you've heard the alien stormtroopers approaching? Use this skill to sneak away before they hear YOU.


(STR) - Armor penalty (Soldier)

This skill is for traversing liquid environments without succumbing to waves, undercurrents, and the occasional Swamp Slurpie.


(DEX) - Trained only, Armor penalty (Scoundrel)

For those who seek economic and social equality through proactive redistribution of wealth.


(DEX) - Trained only, Armor penalty (Scoundrel)

Roll, flip, and somersault your way through danger, and maybe the occasional arcade sequence.