Space Quest:Convergence

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Business As Usual

As we join our hero, Roger Wil--er, ahem. I mean, as we join our heroes, MP-X301 and Ada, we find them puttering around Meat and Metal Medical, the small combination clinic/maintenance/occasional catering service (don't ask where the food comes from) that the inseparable duo have opened in the wake of their first big adventure (mostly for lack of anything better to do).

The duo have started to make a name for themselves providing medical and repair services to individuals and small businesses throughout Xenon City (mostly those who can't afford more professional care).


After their adventures last time, MP-X301 and Ada opened up their own little shop fixing anyone, squishy or mechanical, who was willing to pay. But it looks like they might find themselves on a new adventure again before long...


Status: Current


Main Characters