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Name: Findley "Pronghorn" Sykes

Description: 8ft 3in and 690lb (including augmentations).

Pronghorn, like his nickname suggests, has a pair of horns like an adult, male pronghorn. He is a troll of a relatively slim build with bruise-purple skin and black hair kept in long braids. His cybereyes are styled as a pair of pince-nez shades.

Like many trolls, Findley had a rather ignoble childhood. He was born into a street gang of city trash and tribal outcasts, and neither of his parents had ever done an honest day's work. Like many street gangs, however, Findley's was eventually busted by the law for drugrunning.

Findley survived, but his gang and his family were scattered, virtually destroyed. He didn't have enough talent for running in the shadows, and he wasn't willing to sink low enough to make it on the sprawl alone. "Civilized" people distrusted him and looked down on him for his metatype, and the street gangers knew he was weak enough to bully around.

When Findley's family first came to the city, not all of them ended up in the gang. One of his cousins, going only by the name "Mr. Faust", managed to climb his way up in a local bioware corp. He was searching for the rest of his family for years, and eventually he found Findley and offered him a deal. He would get him wired up and replace his weak body if he would run in the shadows for him.

It was barely a choice for Findley. He'd rather lose his humanity than his pride.

Priority A: Resources

Priority B: Metatype (Troll)

Priority C: Skills

Priority D: Attributes

Priority E: Magic

Body: 6 (8 for resisting damage)

Agility: 5 (7)

Reaction: 4 (6)

Strength: 7 (9)

Willpower: 2

Logic: 2

Intuition: 2

Charisma: 2

Edge: 1

Essence: 1.95

Physical Limit: 10

Mental Limit: 3

Social Limit: 3

Physical Monitor: 11

Stun Monitor: 9

Overflow: 6

Skill Groups: Firearms 4

Active Skills: Armorer 2, Computer 1, Gymnastics 3, Palming 3 (Concealment +2), Perception 5, Pilot Ground Craft 1 (Bikes +2), Running 1, Sneaking 2, Survival 1, Swimming 1, Throwing Weapons 1, Unarmed 4

Languages: English (Cockney) N, Blackfoot (Southern Piegan) 3

Knowledge Skills: Firearms Trivia 2 (Interest), Sprawl Life 1 (Street), Street Drugs 1 (Interest), Tribal Culture (Blackfeet, Street) 2

Qualities: Addiction (Cram, minor), Code of Honor (Akichita), Distinctive Style (Rhyming Slang), Guts

Contacts: Corporate Executive (Loyalty 4, Connections 6). A corporate wannabe-fatcat looking to make some extra money on the side. He is an executive of moderate power in a local bioware corporation.

Augmentations: Synaptic Booster (Rating 2), Muscle Augmentation + Muscle Toner (Rating 2 each), Implanted commlink (Transys Avalon), Internal Air Tank (Rating 1), Bone Lacing (Aluminum), Platelet Factories, Datajack, Cybereyes Rating 2, Image Link/Camera, Flare Compensation, Smartlink, Thermographic Vision, Vision Magnification), Cyberears (Rating 1 Sound Link/omni-directional microphone, Damper, Spatial Recognizer), Tooth Compartment (w/ Kamikaze)

Weapons: Colt M23 (w/ Gas Vent 3, Shock Pad, Smart), Defiance EX Shocker (w/ Internal Smartgun System), HK 227 (w/ Gas Vent 3, Underbarrel Weight), Remington 950 (w/ Smart), Remington 990 (w/ Foregrip, Gas Vent 3, Shock Pad, Smart), Ruger Super Warhawk (w/ Smart), Survival Knife

Armor/Clothing: Armor Vest, Ballistic Shield, Cheap Suit (300), Clothing (5 sets at 50 each, 250), Trollface Helmet, Lined Coat (Rating 2 Chemical Protection, Fire Resistance, Insulation, Nonconductivity), SecureTech PPP (Arms Kit, Legs Kit, Vitals Kit)

Firearm Accessories: Concealable Holster, External Smartgun System, Gyro Mount, Hidden Arm Slide, Infrared Flashlight, Sling, Spare Clips (x5 for Colt M23, x5 for HK 227, x6 for Remington 990)

Ammunition: 400 Assault Regular, 90 Heavy Pistol Regular, 118 Shotgun Flechette, 40 Shotgun Gel, 80 Shotgun Slugs, 560 SMG Regular, 140 SMG Gel, 40 Sniper Gel, 40 Sniper Regular, 33 Taser Darts

Grenades: 1 IED, 2 Flashbangs, 2 Flash-Paks, 3 Smokes, 2 Thermal Smokes

Other Equipment: Antidote Patches (x2, Rating 6), Armorer Kit, Biomonitor (in Commlink), Earbuds (Capacity 3 – Select Sound Filter 3: Footsteps, Metahuman Speech, Heavy Vehicles), Climbing Gear, Cram (8 doses), Doc Wagon Contract (1 year, basic), Flashlight, Geko Tape Gloves, Kamikaze (1 dose, tooth compartment) Long Haul (2 doses) Medkit (Rating 6), Metal Restraints (x3), Micro Flare Launcher (w/ 3 Micro Flares), Plastic Restraints (x12), Rappelling Gloves, Stim Patches (x2 Rating 3, x2 Rating 6), Subvocal Mic, Survival Gear, Yamaha Growler

Fake SIN: Richard Ainsworth (Rating 4)

Licenses: Concealed Carry, Hunting, Possession of: Augmentations, Ballistic Gear, Firearms, Non-lethal Grenades, Restricted Substances (All Rating 4)

Lifestyle: Low (Obscure, 1 month)

Nuyen: 21,954

Karma: 11