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Name Calling Queen Player
Andrea Martinez Seeker Diamonds mainstreet
Beats Experiences Luminous Beats Luminous Experiences
0 0 0 0
Mental Physical Social .
Intelligence @@@OO(@OOOO)
Resolve @@@OO(OOOOO)
Strength @@OOO(OOOOO)
Dexterity @@@OO(OOOOO)
Stamina @@OOO(OOOOO)
Presence @@@OO(OOOOO)
Manipulation @OOOO(OOOOO)
Composure @@OOO(OOOOO)
Mental Physical Social Specialties
Academics @@OOO(OOOOO)
Computer @@@@O(OOOOO)
Investigation @@OOO(OOOOO)
Politics @OOOO(OOOOO)
Science @@OOO(OOOOO)
Athletics @OOOO(OOOOO)
Firearms @@@OO(OOOOO)
Larceny @OOOO(OOOOO)
Stealth @OOOO(OOOOO)
Weaponry @OOOO(OOOOO)
Expression OOOOO(OOOOO)
Intimidation @OOOO(OOOOO)
Persuasion @OOOO(OOOOO)
Socialize OOOOO(OOOOO)
Streetwise @@OOO(OOOOO)
Subterfuge OOOOO(OOOOO)
  • Computers: Hacking
  • Firearms: Handguns
  • Larceny: Alarms
Advantages Merits Invocations Charms
Inner Light @OOOOOOOOO
Wisps 5
Willpower @@@@@OOOOO
Belief @@@@@@@OOO
Size 5
Speed 10
Health 7
Initiative 5
Defense 3
  • Resources @@@
  • Palace @@
  • Common Sense @@@
  • Multilingual (Spanish, Quechua) @
  • Takes One to Know One @
Acqua @@OOO
Fuoco @OOOO
Lacrima OOOOO
Specchio OOOOO
Tempesta OOOOO
  • Passion's Light @ (Practical Charm)
  • Wellspring @
  • Questing Mind @@
  • Palladion @
  • Keen Observation @ (Unerring @)
  • Touch of Fortune @@
Weapon 1 Weapon 2 Armor Other
Name Pistol, Light
Damage 1
Init Mod {{{InitMod1}}}
Other Range 20/40/80, Clip 17+1
Name Hatchet
Damage 1
Init Mod {{{InitMod2}}}
Other For emergencies only

Kevlar Vest (1/3 rating, torso coverage, no mods)

  • Personal Computer (Avail. 4, Dur. 2, Str. 2, Size 2)
  • Communications Headset +2 (Avail. 2, Dur 0., Str. 1, Size 1)
Sensitivity sensitivity
Virtue Honest
Vice Greedy

List of aspirations, in wiki markup

Breaking Points
  • What does the Princess believe a world redeemed from Darkness would be like?
  • Darkness is at its core, the world hidden. Redemption from Darkness is a world in which everyone can see the world as it really is, and to do so without fear. Redemption is a world which facts and reason rule above fear. Our society currently exists in a state where people are manipulated by fear, no one knows what the truth is, and science is actively suppressed. Breaking Point: Someone deliberately ignoring facts she has provided in such a way that it furthers the cause of Darkness.
  • Who has given shape to the Princess’ character and convictions?
  • Andrea first has her parents. Her mother is a teacher and consistently helped shape her towards learning and finding truth. Her father worked in a law office (though not as a lawyer), and opened her eyes to both the good and bad of how our society treats people. Her brothers tended to get into quite a bit of trouble, and her father shielded them to a great degree. Also, the fictional characters that I mention as my own inspirations for her would likely still be characters, and ones she’d admire. Breaking Point: A personal failure to spread her knowledge when asked, especially if that knowledge will help someone.
  • What did the Princess experience that prepared her for her Blossoming?
  • Watching the world actively accept fear, a scene repeating throughout the world – in America, in Britain, in Southeast Asia. None of the fears people accepted had any basis in fact. This offended Andrea’s basic sense of truth, as well as caused pain in itself. More than that, in America it was fear against *her* and people like her. There are real horrors in the world, and people focus on things like place of origin. Even generations back. And now the world is led by the mad… or perhaps vampires. She’s had her suspicions… but in either case, she felt the need to take on the challenge herself, to do what she could to help. Breaking Point:
  • What did the Princess experience that made her doubt her cause, or her fitness to be a Princess?
  • During her last year of high school, she stopped an imminent school shooting by hacking the network to overload a fuse box as the shooter was walking past it, killing him -- which wasn't her intent necessarily, just to stop him. And, while no one knows it was her, people condemning "the hacker", because people didn't realize he was coming to kill people, so it looks like pure murder. Breaking Point: Someone discovering this event was done by her. (Unlikely, so here’s another) Breaking Point: Taking another life in a non-combat asymmetry, especially if it would be unclear to the world why the person needed to die.
  • Who (or what) does the Princess care for, beyond her duties to the Light?
  • She cares for her family. While her parents are self-sufficient, her brothers tend not to be, and she always tries to help them as best she can – without enabling their trouble. She is also connected to her community, being somewhat active to do what she can to make sure the Latina community has a voice, even through the rampant racism that has flared up. She tries to be available as often as she can to educate people on the issues that affect everyone, and to help make sure they have a chance. Breaking Point: Community needing help due to attempts to destabilize or harm it, including mundane events like increased/arbitrary ICE raids.
  • Andrea stands 5’8”, with black hair cascading to her chest and calm brown eyes framed by a nice pair of glasses. She has a nicely curved, deep brown frame that many find attractive. She usually wears a t-shirt and jeans. Sometimes, a holster lies at her hip, containing her pistol. She will usually have a bag of some sort as well.
  • When transformed, Andrea grows 4 inches, has a shield with a blue diamond symbol appear on her left arm, and her clothing is covered in the sparkling of gemstones.

Character’s backstory, in wiki markup if desired