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Kevlo is the name of the campaign setting and primary planet of many campaigns run by the Dead Pigeons' Society. It runs on Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 (with one series exception) and typically has races and classes from throughout many of the various D&D settings. Dungeon Masters tend to allow more or less any class, and have (to this point) not applied penalties for multiclassing, though certain class combinations and choices have been vetoed.

Campaign Series

  • Trinsic Past
  • Trinsic Modern -- d20 Modern, takes place several thousand years after the others
  • Trinsic Tales
  • Geometric Archipelago

Dungeon Masters

Miscellanous Details

  • Calendar: The Calendar is nearly identical to the Greyhawk Calendar, except Kevlo only has one moon, so the small lunar cycle is ignored.
  • Item Usage: Magic Items are easier to use on Kevlo than elsewhere. In general, Use Magic Device is a deprecated skill and items can be used with a reasonable expectation of how-to knowledge.
  • The Milky Way: Kevlo is a planet in the familiar Milky Way Galaxy, sharing the galaxy with thousands of other inhabited worlds. It is likely that other classical campaign settings can also be considered to be worlds within the Milky Way. While there is undoubtedly a classical D&D-style cosmology (though somewhat homebrew), and the deities are the same as in the core material, the presence of the galaxy eliminates the need for alternate Material Planes.

Locations: Planet Kevlo (D&D Time)

Locations: Kevlo's Cosmology