Geometric Archipelago:Gangs of Octagon Island/Chapter 10

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Ten: By Any Other Name

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

<mainstreet> The chamber you all find yourselves in appears to be a sort of small storeroom. Well, it would be a storeroom is if was actually storing anything. It’s not, so it’s just a small, empty room -- the only thing to note is the open doorway in front of you. Brian starts pulling the floating cart along and out the door.

Capn_Ascii waves to Brian. "Heya! We made it."

<mainstreet> Brian nods and waves at you to come out.

Kanzel follows

Brellius tags along

Capn_Ascii proceeds.

Jarn calmly walks in, following the party closely

<mainstreet> You find yourselves inside a fairly large hallway. To your right, the corridor sweeps off in both directions. You can’t make out the ends of the corridors in that direction. All along the corridors, however, are doors. You notice that the room you were in, did, in fact, have a door, but it was open. To your left, a large, intricately carved double-door looms. You notice the handles appear to be made of solid ruby. Four women stand guard, two on either side of the door, one hand on their swords, dressed entirely in red, and all with dark red hair.

<mainstreet> Brian mutters something to himself, then walks up to the door. He looks at one of the guards and smiles. "The usual for Madame, and also I have a few travelers with a potentially very beneficial proposition for her."

Jarn whispers to Brellius, "Quite interesting what they've got on guard here"

Brellius nods a little

<mainstreet> The guard laughs. "Our Leader doesn’t take audiences from just anyone... but that would be why they're trying through you, I suppose. Yeah, they can go in with you, as long as they understand that no laws apply inside that room but the Leader's, and if her time is wasted, she won’t be pleased. I'm not helping, and neither are my girls." The other guards nod solemnly, almost in unison. "The door isn't locked, so go ahead."

<mainstreet> Brian rolls his eyes slightly and graps the door handle, pulling it downward, and opening the door.

Capn_Ascii salutes the guards, and follows in the most dignified and respectful manner he can.

<mainstreet> The door opens, and the room can be seen thus: a large red wood desk dominates the room, stacks of papers meticulously laid out on it. (And that’s red wood, not redwood -- that would just be wrong.) In addition to the door you came in, another door is in the far-left corner. A woman looking and armored identically to the ones outside is in each corner of the room.

<mainstreet> Two empty chairs are conveniently angled in front of the desk. Behind the desk lies a *large* chair, easily able to accommodate three normal-sized people. You blink, and realize that it is, in fact, accommodating three normal-sized people. At each end, a well-muscled, shirtless man sits complacently and vacantly.

<mainstreet> It is the middle, however, that your attention eventually settles on. The infamous Madeline Rose, dressed (as far as you can see) completely in red, with rubies and garnets scattered all over her clothing. Her hair, similarly, is a dazzling flame-red, and she has apparently taken the time to scatter jewels into *that* as well. You also note a necklace, earrings, and what must be a dozen rings, all either ruby or ruby and diamond, scattered throughout her fingers. Despite all the ostentation in her appearance, she has a well-defined and quite beautiful body, which is not at all difficult to notice.

<mainstreet> Madeline smiles at the sight of her brother. "Brian, it’s always good to see you," she proclaims softly. "But what have we here?"

<mainstreet> "A few travelers who have an interesting proposition for you. I thought it might be worth your while, unless it’s not what I was led to believe," Brian replies.

Capn_Ascii tries his best to pick his jaw up off the floor without making it obvious.

<mainstreet> Madeline smirks at that. "Well, I think I can handle what they have to offer. And they don’t look Green, so anything’s worth a shot. And if my time is wasted... well then." She pauses briefly. "Send that into the vault," she commands, pointing at the cart, "then head back, Brian. I’ll have these... others... escorted out, when the time is right."

<mainstreet> Brian nods and opens the door behind Madeline. He quickly pulls the cart along and the guard at that corner closes the door immediately afterward, before you can see anything.

<mainstreet> After a minute or so of staring upwards at the ceiling, Madeline finally lowers her eyes to meet you eye level. When she speaks, her voice comes out much louder and colder than it did when she was speaking with her brother. "What do you want?"

<Kanzel> "We want Eralia."

<mainstreet> "I do too. Preferably on a stick. This isn't news," she replies. "The question is... why are you coming to *me* about this? You obviously know we have the same goal, fair enough, but... what do you think you can do about it?"

<Kanzel> "We came to you because we knew we had similar interests. We want to capture Eralia, if possible. We have a plan that may lead to green's downfall, or at least hinder them enough that a complete usurptation may be possible."

<mainstreet> Madeline doesn't reply in words, but stares straight at Kanzel.

<Kanzel> "We intercepted a delivery of uniforms and weapons bound for the green territory. Our plan is to give them to you, and maybe you could help us capture Eralia using these uniforms as disguises.

<mainstreet> Madeline rolls her eyes. "That is *such* an unoriginal plan. It's not hard to acquire uniforms, as Circle Industries doesn't exactly check who they're selling to, and why would they? The uniform will *not* work, unless you also know the passcodes."

<Kanzel> "We can find those out, probably. We just need able, willing people."

<mainstreet> "What's wrong with yourselves?"

<Kanzel> "What, just the four of us? All by ourselves? Think about it. Claiming the green territory for the reds."

Jarn steps forward, "We are but four people, and although we are able-bodied, a search of one person will take too long with just us four."

Jarn looks at Kanzel, "Oh, sorry, continue."

<mainstreet> Madeline blinks at Jarn, not understanding what he said, then shakes her head a bit and addresses Kanzel. "That wouldn't improve the situation. If we got that much larger overnight, we would be targeted by all the others. Green is trying that, and they more or less are. They're aggressive enough to succeed so far, under their new leadership. I am not an aggressive woman at heart. I have always

<mainstreet> desired an equitable balance for everyone."

Jarn looks off and retracts back behind the group

<Kanzel> "If we snatch eralia, as is our plan, then that leaves green with a new leader. Albeit, a bit more disorganized, but that still leaves you with a gang to take care of. Imagine taking care of them now. If you refuse to help, we'll do the job we came to do, but you will not have the element of surprise. they will be expecting more."

<mainstreet> Madeline raises an eyebrow. "Once Eralia's gone, it is likely that the Green Team will return to their traditional methodology and balance, which as I have just stated, would be eminently acceptable to me at this time."

Capn_Ascii, mesmerized by her beauty, can't resist the urge to let something stupid slip out of his mouth. "Balance? Uh...they may not be in a position to do that just yet..." He quickly clams up.

<mainstreet> "Meaning what?"

<Capn_Ascii> "We...ah, may have...*cough* kindasortakilledoneoftheirmatriarchs. *cough*"

<mainstreet> Madeline shakes her head. "I don't speak Spanish. At least, that was so fast it *sounded* like Spanish, and as I said, I speak English. Er, Common."

<Brellius> "We killed one of their matriarchs."

<Capn_Ascii> "She. She killed one of their matriarchs." He points at Kanzel.

<Brellius> "Well, we were nearby when it happened."

<mainstreet> Madeline laughs, a bit maniacally at first, then calms down. After a couple of seconds, she breathes, then starts speaking. "Sorry, the demise of an enemy is always good to hear... who was it? Please tell me it was one of the Gabriels sisters, that would make my week."

<mainstreet> As Madeline finishes speaking, Brian reappears through the door he left. He nods at you all, then continues out the large door without a word.

<Kanzel> "It was Yolanda."

<Capn_Ascii> "Who's Gabriel?"

<mainstreet> Madeline winces a bit. "Yolanda has been a worthy adversary for decades, and likely would've been my preference for a smooth transition once Eralia gets kicked out. But I guess that won't happen. That's fine though. It still weakens them immediately. You've done the rest of us a service, though that's off the record." Madeline informs them.

<Kanzel> "We also severed a connection they had inside Circle industries, for what it's worth."

<mainstreet> "As to your question... the Gabriels sisters... they rose through the ranks as quickly and mysteriously as Eralia herself did. They're more or less her puppets on the Green's Council of Mistresses. Theresa and Veronica... I know very little about them, as I said, they don't have much impact in and of themselves, but simply support Eralia unconditionally."

Kanzel blinks. "I could have sworn one of them was dead."

<mainstreet> "Well, they're very much alive right now. I did hear a rumor about that... but it made no sense, and I discounted it."

<Kanzel> "Rumor?"

<mainstreet> "Something about some spell that made it so those two couldn't permanently die while Eralia was still alive. I also heard that if Eralia dies, they'll die in short order because of this. I don't know of any spell that could do this, however."

<mainstreet> "As such, I wasn't inclined to believe it true."

<Kanzel> "Interesting. That makes capturing her alive exceedingly difficult."

<Capn_Ascii> "Huh? We were going to capture her alive?"

Kanzel mutters to Ascii "that was the original plan, yeah..."

<Capn_Ascii> "Since when? I was just gonna smash her head in and call it a day."

<mainstreet> Madeline coughs distinctively. "Banter on your own time," she commands, narrowing her eyes.

<Brellius> "Aw, the banter is half the fun..."

<mainstreet> Madeline glares at Brellius, looking like she wants to leap out of her seat. One of the men seated next to her runs a finger down her arm, and she settles down a bit.

<Kanzel> "Fine. change of plans. We kill the Batma-- Err, the Eralia."

<Capn_Ascii> "Look, right now we just need to *get* at her."

<mainstreet> "If I had a way to do that, I would've done it already."

<Capn_Ascii> "We can worry about what to do then if we get that far. Besides, I highly doubt she'll let us capture her this time around - we'll probably have to kill her just to stop her."

<mainstreet> "I'm listening to you because I presume you have an idea. If you don't, then kindly remove yourselves from my presence so I can return to business."

<Kanzel> "Well, did have an extension of the plan I mentioned earlier. One of us disguises ourselves as Yolanda, and goes in with a bunch of undercover new members that include some of your people."

<mainstreet> "The question remains: Why do you need my people for this?"

Jarn steps forward again, "I think I speak for the team here when I say we find your people useful to use for our cause. I personally believe that your people would benefit us strongly. We surely ask not for your entire military force, but a reasonable fraction of it for support."

<mainstreet> "Words. Empty words. You did not answer my question."

<Jarn> "I did answer your question"

<Jarn> "Let me put it this way. Compared to Eralia and whatever forces are behind her, us four are next to nothing. However, with your forces, we stand more than a chance against her."

<mainstreet> "I am only going to say this once: When I tell you you didn't answer, you didn't answer. That was more empty words. I do not appreciate my time being wasted. Unless you have a meaningful answer, do not speak."

Jarn sighs, "My words speak stronger than my team-mates, no offense to them. But what I say is the truth. We are like two halves; your forces require us to take down Eralia, and we require your forces to take down Eralia."

Capn_Ascii leans over and whispers. "Shut up, Jarn. You're digging yourself deeper into the damned hole."

Jarn straightens up and nods, "Sorry, I spoke out of turn. Forgive me."

<mainstreet> Madeline stands up quickly, and sits back down slowly after the request for forgiveness. "I will forgive. Once."

<Capn_Ascii> "Pardon my friend, Ma'am. Sometimes he tends to speak before he thinks." Ascii produces the papers he took earlier. "For what it's worth, I think we may have a plan after all, but first, maybe you should see this."

Capn_Ascii shows her the papers. "Not sure if you're aware of this, but Green is planning an assault on Red and Yellow."

<mainstreet> Madeline sighs at Ascii. "I believe the appropriate word here is 'duh'," she informs him. After a second's thought, however, she nods, and nudges one of the men at her side. He stands up, and takes the papers from Ascii, carefully feeling them before handing them to Madeline. She starts flipping through them. "Hmmm... interesting. This could help with... Alright, this is somewhat useful in

<mainstreet> describing tactics. It still does not, however, produce anything resembling a plan from you. I'm still waiting."

<Capn_Ascii> "No, but it does indicate that a move against Green in the near future would be prudent. As for a plan...we killed Yolanda, yes. But, we still have her body, intact. She can be revived - and possibly bargained with. Perhaps you could convince her it would be in the best interest of herself, the Greens, and the island in general for her to help us take down Eralia."

<Capn_Ascii> "She's not likely to listen to us, but if she's the worthy adversary you claim, perhaps you could reason with her."

<Kanzel> "Plus, we can't afford to bring her back..."

<mainstreet> "Reviving an Exalted Mistress... that's an interesting idea, but... I'm not entirely sure this is wise... it could lead into constant reviving of everyone... things might get bloodier than they already are..."

<Capn_Ascii> "Well, they don't know she's dead yet. I think."

<Capn_Ascii> "If we can revive her and convince her to help us, then return her quickly to their fold, they might not know anything's happened."

<mainstreet> "You're certain no one saw her die?"

<Capn_Ascii> "Two people witnessed it, but as far as we know, they have no reason to tell anyone. They'd both be marked for death by Green if word got out."

<mainstreet> "Her personal guards? Hmm, that could be interesting... they've probably left the city..." Madeline contemplates to herself for a minute, holding up a hand to forestall discussion.

<Capn_Ascii> "Seeing as how they sort of allowed it to happen."

<Capn_Ascii> "Well, *a* guard. A squad leader. The other was apparantly an informant-slash-swordrunner who worked for Circle."

<mainstreet> Madeline nods but doesn't comment as she thinks.

<mainstreet> After that minute, she points at three of the four corner guards. "You three, out. I'll summon you again when I need you." After they leave, she addresses the remaining guard. "Emily, you aren't hearing this. This discussion is not happening. If they try anything on me, go fetch the others. And stand at the door, to make sure you can't be stopped." Emily nods, and swings herself into position.

Capn_Ascii tries his best to look non-threatening.

<mainstreet> Madeline looks at you. "Alright... we can do it. Where is the body?"

<Capn_Ascii> "Hidden at the temple. Not the best hiding spot, but I don't think anyone knows about it."

<mainstreet> Madeline smiles. "Good. Can you perform the revival spell yourself?"

<Capn_Ascii> "Yes, if I have the material components."

<Capn_Ascii> "But it will take until tomorrow."

<mainstreet> "Take until tomorrow... what for?"

<mainstreet> "I can provide the materials, that's a non-issue."

<Capn_Ascii> "I don't have the spell readied."

<Capn_Ascii> "I might could have it ready by this evening..."

<mainstreet> "Ah, I see... I believe tonight is the full moon, which might allow for some interesting things tonight in Green territory, if they're daring enough... and should buy us time. So I am willing to wait. However, let us be productive today. Would you be willing to move her body, and your stuff, into here in this mansion for the night?"

<mainstreet> Kanzel, Jarn: You sense that she is simply concerned with security, and doesn't want to risk someone coming upon the body by happenstance.

<Kanzel> "It would be awesome if we could use the portal we came here by.."

<mainstreet> "Yes, feel free to do that. In this direction, it should open simply by touching the wall. Brian knows how to open it coming back."

<Kanzel> "Okay. We'll be right back then."

<mainstreet> "Emily, escort them into Brian's office, but don't proceed into the Temple," she commands. "And bring the others back in when you go." Emily bows low, and opens the door, gesturing at the Party to follow her out.

Kanzel follows

Capn_Ascii bows, and heads back.

Brellius tags along

Jarn follows the party closely

<mainstreet> As you all leave, the other three guards return to the room. Emily leads you into the room you entered in, then punches the wall. Hard. A blue light weakly flashes a couple of times... then the portal opens fully. Emily points at it.

<mainstreet> "After you."

Kanzel jumps back through it

<Capn_Ascii> "Percussive maintainence?"

<mainstreet> "We don't want it triggered accidentally."

<Capn_Ascii> "Ah." He heads through.

Brellius carefully steps through

Jarn walks through nonchalantly

<mainstreet> Emily coolly follows, and you all find yourselves in Brian's office again. "These peopel need to retrieve some items out of one of their rooms for Madame," Emily informed Brian. "Please go with them, and make sure they come back. I will wait for you."

<mainstreet> Brian visibly gulps. "Right, yeah... uh... I'll, uh... follow the rest of you."

<Capn_Ascii> "Alright, then." Ascii leads the way to his room.

Kanzel follows.

<mainstreet> Brian follows as well. When you arrive at the room in question, Brian pauses. "I'll let you grab what you need to. I know enough to know I don't want to know more. Please make sure the materials are hidden as we walk back through the Temple, but I'll wait here."

Brellius continues tagging along

<Capn_Ascii> "No problem. We'll be right back." Ascii unlocks the door and heads on in.

Kanzel follows, drags Jarn and Bre inside and closes the door.

Kanzel checks the boxes for the heavy one with a body in it.

Kanzel takes all the others off the cart and throws the sheet back over it. "Ascii, can you push again?"

<Capn_Ascii> "Sure, no problem." He pushes the cart out, waits for the others, then re-locks the door.

<Capn_Ascii> "Alright, here it is." Ascii begins leading the way back to the office.

Kanzel gets on the cart and rides in style.

Brellius walks alongside the cart, happy with his usual level of style.

<mainstreet> Brian follows, and they return to the Records office without incident. Emily stands there waiting. "Brian, please re-open the portal." Brian nods, walks over to his desk, and does something you can't see. "Please don't use the portal as a thoroughfare, it'll wear out eventually. When you come back, you're back."

<mainstreet> The portal does, however, open.

<Kanzel> "Okay."

<mainstreet> Emily points at it again.

<mainstreet> "Go on, then."

Capn_Ascii pushes the cart through.

Jarn walks behind the cart, his robe draped around him in such a way that it appears that he floats along.

Brellius continues walking alongside the cart

<mainstreet> Emily follows through, and you are in the room you started in. You all proceed out to the corridor, and the large doors. The doors, however, are not opening for you. One of the guards explains. "Emily, She has ordered you to escort these four and their cargo to room 12. You are discharged from office duty and assigned to them for the remainder of the day." Emily sighs, turns around, and waves for you to follow her back down the corridor.

Capn_Ascii does that.

Kanzel points in the direction Emily heads "Onward!"

Jarn stops and turns around gracefully without his robe twirling too much, and then follows.

Brellius tags along in this new direction

<mainstreet> Emily leads you down the corridor, past the room you entered the mansion, down the corridor as it trails to the left. You see another corridor, at the end of which appears to be some large, open space. Shortly, you arrive at your destination, a wooden door with the number "12" written on it. "In here," Emily commands, opening the door.

Capn_Ascii in theres.

Jarn swiftly follows Ascii into the room

Brellius walks into the room

<mainstreet> The room itself appears to be fairly spacious, but bare. A single bed is sitting in the corner, and in the opposite corner lies a small dresser or sorts. You can easily all fit in here, but it's not the most comfortable of rooms.

<Capn_Ascii> "So, now what?"

Jarn stands in a corner, his hood over his face, but one eye shines blue beneath the shadow of the cloth

<Brellius> "Rest, probably."

Jarn mutters, "Sounds reasonable."

<mainstreet> Emily shrugs. "I've been assigned to you for the day, which means that I can't let you split up or leave your sight. And I won't take you into restricted areas. Beyond that, you're free to walk around a bit, as long as you stay respectful."

<Capn_Ascii> Ascii rolls his eyes at the overly-dramatic Jarn. "Sheesh." He turns to Emily. "Thank you, Emily. I'll start preparing my spells shortly, but in the meantime...what's for lunch?"

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---