Geometric Archipelago:Gangs of Octagon Island/Chapter 06

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Six: The Sounds of Battle

<Interstate-5> ---BEGIN SESSION---

<Capn_Ascii> Ascii whispers to Brellius. "Okay, look, we both know that I'm going to be about as useful as a screen door on a biodome sneaking around, so I'm going to stay here and keep an eye on this...whoever she is. Go help Kanzel if you can."

Brellius whispers back. "I'm not exactly a spy, either."

<Interstate-5> Kanzel, apparently following alone, tails Eric.

<Interstate-5> Kanzel quietly and quickly follows Eric all the way to... yep, you guessed it, the Circle Industries office.

<Interstate-5> Eric looks around, and pulls out a keycard. He admits himself into the complex, despite the fact that it has apparently closed for the night.

Kanzel hurries through the door before it closes.

<Interstate-5> You continue following Eric. He shortly enters one of the massive warehouses off to the side of the complex, using the small door. He quickly closes it, preventing Kanzel from entering that way. (At least, without opening the door again.) He is, however, still visible through the window... for the moment.

<Interstate-5> Ascii, Brellius: The lady seems content to enjoy her night at the Rainbow Squirrel, at least for now.

Kanzel peeks through the window of the warehouse

<Interstate-5> Kanzel: You see that he has a wand out, and he seems to be using it to move heavy boxes around, and onto some sort of cart.

Kanzel tries to see a label on one of the boxes

<Interstate-5> Kanzel: All of the boxes have the Circle Industries logo prominently displayed, and also have some sort of code stamped on the side that you can't make sense of. You probably could if you worked at the place, but you don't, so, you don't.

Kanzel just sits and watches

<Interstate-5> Kanzel: Eric loads about eight or so boxes. You notices that 5 of the boxes are square and and one distinct code. The other 3 are elongated and have a different code.

<Interstate-5> After he does this, he looks around, sighs, and starts to open the large warehouse gate. He only opens it about halfway before he starts dragging the cart along. Fortunately it is a wheeled cart, but it still seems like hard work for Eric.

<Interstate-5> As soon as the cart makes it outside, he closes the gate.

Kanzel sneaks over and closely inspects the labels on one of the boxes.

<Interstate-5> Kanzel: You notice the exact coding. "C12028" and "W20950" are on the square and elongated boxes, respectively. There is more writing underneath the coding, but it's too small for you to make out.

Kanzel tries again to read the tiny print.

<Interstate-5> Kanzel: You make out "Int. Dest.: Com. Dist." on the W boxes. The small print on the C boxes is not forthcoming.

Kanzel goes back to following at a relative distance.

<Interstate-5> Eric pulls out a large tarp and throws it over the boxes. He then starts the cart moving, back towards the entrance of the complex.

<Interstate-5> He reaches the gate. Rather than flashing his keycard at it, he instead leans into an embedded crystal. "Cart Eight. Five boxes, C12028, scheduled transport."

<Interstate-5> "State transport scheduling code or override authorization code," a disembodied voice intones.

Kanzel sneaks up to the gate ready to jump through when it opens.

<Interstate-5> "Transport schedule override EP81069-Alpha."

<Interstate-5> "Override confirmed and recorded," the disembodied voice entones. As it does so, the cart vanishes!

<Capn_Ascii> Ascii drinks another ale, and eyes the bar crowd to see if anything interesting is going on. And also to remind himself that he's still relevant to the RP.

<Interstate-5> Eric, apparently expecting this, simply punches the crystal. Hard.

<Interstate-5> An alarm begins to sound. "BREEET--BREEET--Transport Crystal Tampered With. All Logs Assumed False, Facility will Lockdown in 30 seconds. BREEET--BREEET."

<Interstate-5> Eric quickly kicks the door open and runs out.

<Interstate-5> "Weak door... easy enough when you've been working on it for weeks."

<Interstate-5> Eric comments, seemingly to himself.

Kanzel follows quickly

<Interstate-5> You notice that the cart has apparently only been teleported a handful of feet, as it is now waiting outside the walls. Eric grabs it and starts it rolling.

Kanzel keeps following

<Interstate-5> Eric walks and walks for a long while, heading into the south of the city.

Kanzel lets the invisiblity fade and keeps her distance, sticking to the shadows.

<Interstate-5> Kanzel, ever the Mistress of Stealth, easily makes it all the way in the shadows of Eric's footsteps, all the way into the heart of Green territory.

<Interstate-5> Ascii, Brellius: The lady has begun to walk out of the tavern, accompanied by a few other Greencoats.

<Capn_Ascii> "Hmm. Do we try to follow her? I'm not keen on getting spotted when she's got an honor guard..."

<Brellius> "I've got some stealth elixirs, but I can't guarantee I'd find anything interesting."

<Capn_Ascii> "Well, don't waste them just yet. Let's just hang back and follow them from a distance, see where they're headed in general."

<Brellius> "They might still notice us."

<Capn_Ascii> "Well, yes, but as long as they don't realize we're following them..."

<Capn_Ascii> "Look, just grab a mug of ale and come with me. If they see us, act like you're sh*tfaced drunk and don't know where you are."

<Brellius> "Worth a try..."

Brellius retrieves the necessary money and buys a mug of ale for himself. "Okay, ready."

<Interstate-5> The waitress collects all the necessary money, including getting Kanzel's tab from Brellius, and moves on.

<Interstate-5> The Greencoats exit the tavern. If you're going to follow without being obvious, it should probably be very soon. (Like, now, soon.)

Capn_Ascii waits a beat for them to get outside, then stands up and follows, executing his well-practiced Drunken Stumblebum style of martial arts.

Brellius tags along, imitating that graceful style

<Interstate-5> Your act is bought for some time, as you manage to make it all the way to the edge of Green territory.

<Interstate-5> However, the act isn't bought forever. Eventually, one of the ladies accompanying the one you're following turns around and stares straight at Ascii. "Take your drunk friend and get out of here. Your kind isn't necessary here."

Capn_Ascii immediately grins lecherously at her, hoping to keep up the deception long enough to walk away without suspicion. "Hey, *hic!* baby, why don'cha ditch your friends and you n' me go hit the pub crawl?"

<Interstate-5> The lady responds by resting her hand on her sword. "Why don't you get out of here before I cut your head off for your insolence and disrespect to a Green Team Squadron Leader."

<Capn_Ascii> "Buh? Fine, I ken take a *hic!* hint. C'mon, buddy, lesh go." He stumbles away around a nearby corner.

<Brellius> "Awww..." Brellius stumbles after him

<Capn_Ascii> Ascii drops the act once they're out of sight. "That was too close. I guess it's obvious we don't belong in Green territory."

<Interstate-5> Kanzel: Eventually, that same group that the rest of your party just cowed away from dissipates into just the older lady and the Squadron Leader. While you hide from Eric and the cart, they approach him. "You have the materials?" the older woman asks.

<Interstate-5> "Yes, ma'am. Everything's here. All nine boxes, as promised."

<Interstate-5> The Squadron Leader takes off the tarp and starts to pry open the W boxes. "Greatswords, good... more Greatswords, good, so this one is... yep, good. At least that wasn't screwed up," she mutters, pulling out one of the items for inspection. It looks to be a long, thin rod. She smiles, and pockets it. She then works her way around to the C boxes, opening them up slightly, nodding without

<Interstate-5> comment, then grabs a tiny box from the middle. She tosses it to the older lady without opening it, who herself opens it, takes a quick look, and pockets it, satisfied.

<Interstate-5> Kanzel: You notice the Squadron Leader has moved herself directly behind Eric, while the older lady is distracting him by counting money. The Leader has pulled out the rod she obtained and seems to be aiming with it.

Kanzel quickly pulls out her want and makes the Circle industries guy invisible, and quickly turns the wand on herself, making herself invisible too.

<Interstate-5> The Squadron Leader looks around quickly. "What the..."

<Interstate-5> The older woman opens her eyes wide. "Squadron Leader, seal the streets, immediately. I can handle myself."

<Interstate-5> The older woman grabs a pair of rods from the same box and starts tracking, looking for a threat.

<Interstate-5> "Uh... ma'am? What's going on?" a disembodied voice (Eric) vacantly asks. "Can I just get paid?"

Kanzel, who was sliding slowly closer to Eric while they were looking for him, suddenly jumps on the older lady, stabbing her.

<Interstate-5> The Squadron Leader, who was about to turn and leave, opens her mouth. "Uh... I don't think sealing the streets will be necessary, Exalted Mistress," she comments.

<Interstate-5> Kanzel leaps and slashes into the Exalted Mistress, and she goes down with a quick thud.

Kanzel reappears and quickly disappears again

<Interstate-5> "Oh... crap..." the Squadron Leader comments. She turns tail and runs.

Kanzel grabs where she thinks Eric is. "Don't panic. They planned on killing you. I wanted to help prevent that."

<Interstate-5> A minute or so later, she starts running to the side street where Ascii and Brellius are located.

<Interstate-5> Eric reappears, and glares at Kanzel. "How do you know that? I was expecting a payment... well, I suppose I can just take all the cash she had on her now as payment. Then I'm getting out of Moondale, fast."

<Interstate-5> "You should too."

<Kanzel> "That's fine, but I'm keeping what she bought off you, if you don't mind."

<Interstate-5> The Squadron Leader starts to run past said side street...

Brellius summons his halberd, having heard the squadron leader coming, and swings it down out in front of her like a menacing tollbooth arm

<Interstate-5> The halberd connects, slowing her to a stop.

<Interstate-5> The woman says a word not fit to repeat and pulls out her sword.

<Interstate-5> She spots you and glares at you both. "Why are you bothering me *now*? Didn't I make it perfectly clear that I am *not* someone to tangle with?"

<Capn_Ascii> Ascii grins, beating his mace lightly against his shield. "Hey, who said we're tangling? We're just a couple of drunks who don't know any better."

<Interstate-5> "If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you got."

<Capn_Ascii> "Bring it on." Ascii lowers his shield, raises his weapon, and barrels toward the woman at high speed, continuing the oft-used freight train analogy.

<Interstate-5> Ascii slams into her, causing her to fall back onto the ground, as well as feel considerable pain.

Brellius lifts his halberd up, and then flails it around like a food processor

<Interstate-5> Flails it around is right... the swings wildly miss the opposition and hit the ground harmlessly.

<Interstate-5> The woman responds by swinging the rod still in her off-hand and sending it at Ascii.

<Interstate-5> She also takes a swing with the sword.

<Interstate-5> The rod fails to penetrate Ascii's thick armor. The sword, however, does.

<Capn_Ascii> Ascii winces. "It's just a flesh wound!"

<Capn_Ascii> He ignores the blood spurting from the side of his shoulder.

<Interstate-5> ---END SESSION---