Finals at the Academy:Campaign

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This is Your Final Test

Our story begins inside the Grand Assembly Hall of the Devon Aidendale Academy For Aspiring Adventurers. It is structured rather like your typical school auditorium, with a high stage set in front of many rows of chairs with an aisle in the center, and two sets of large double doors at the back. The stage's large red velvet curtain is closed for today's proceedings, hiding whatever lies behind it. In front of the curtain is a wooden podium flanked by two tall lit candles in holders, awaiting the presence of the Headmaster to speak at it. The walls of the auditorium are fitted with many lanterns providing light, interspersed with decorations of various sorts, ranging from some weapons and shields to paintings to tapestries to scrolls with pithy sayings. A set of utilitarian chandeliers with lit candles suspended from the ceiling provide even more lighting.

All of this surrounds the seating area, with enough rows of seats to accommodate the backsides of a few hundred of the Academy's students and faculty. At this current early hour of the day, however, the seating area is only holding a mere eleven people... ten would-be adventurers awaiting their instructions for the Final Test they need to pass before graduating, and one Professor there to keep order during the proceedings.



Status: Cancelled


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