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Welcome to the Triangle Island background, for our first campaign, the Pyramid of Triangle Island!

The campaign takes place on the Triangle Island, one of the Geometric Archipelago, a series of islands shaped like basic geometric figures. Within Triangle Island, there is a large triangle-shaped lake that spans a good deal of its land.

Legend has it that a pyramid created by an ancient civilization once rested at what is now the center of the lake. It had so many powerful magical artifacts that rather than risk all that power falling into the hand of looters, the ancients sent the pyramid far down, creating a massive valley with the pyramid at it’s center. That valley has since flooded and is now known as the Triangle Lake.

Over the past 200 or so years of the current royal family’s dynasty, 12 attempts have been made to penetrate the lake and pyramid that lies beneath. In 7 cases, the questors were killed before even attempting to sail the lake. In 3 cases, the questors obtained the items necessary to attempt to restore the pyramid but could not figure out how to use them. In one case, they simply disappeared as they tried to reach the lake’s center. And in what is arguably the most famous case, 47 years ago, Attempt #11, the pyramid was believed to have been raised successfully, but in actuality a demon known as Zorc had created a pyramid illusion and when the questors attempted to retrieve the artifacts, nearly ended up destroying the world.

In more recent history, Marcus was a great wizard who was said to rival the powers of the ancients. His amazingly fast and powerful spellcasting in the defense of Triangle Island during the Three Weeks’ War 15 years ago is still talked about today. However, his memory has faded in recent years and he is not nearly as robust as he once was. Still employed with the island’s royalty, they feel bad for him and feel the time is right to make another attempt at accessing the pyramid, since the legend states that one of the artifacts in the pyramid could refocus one’s mind as if they hadn’t begun to feel the effects of aging.

The questor chosen this time around is Brellius, renowned Psychic Warrior. His abilities should allow him to withstand the assault the task has on people’s minds. He will be accompanied by the wizard Marcus himself, as well as one Dusty Bivi, a cleric from a nearby island who managed to spectacularly catch the attention of Princess Ashley the morning of the attempt. There is a rumor that someone will attempt to sneak in to the palace and commit horrible crimes while the royal family is distracted handing out this quest. This rumor is not, however, taken seriously. The Princesses Ashley and Lilly will be the ones present to present the quest, as their mother, Queen Caroline, has gotten a severe illness that no one can seem to halt, which is another reason for the Princesses’ urgency. It is unknown how much time the Queen would have left.